Top 8 Benefits of Buying an Apartment in London


Many reasons are there to get a property in London – England’s capital and largest city globally. London has become one of the most popular places of investment for proprietors in the last few years. Evening Standard reported about the UK property market:

“London will grow by five to ten percent this year, and by 35 percent over the next five years.”

Ultimate tips for buying an apartment in the UK

Are you confused about whether you should buy luxury apartments for sale in London or not? Well, don’t worry. Here are some benefits of deciding why should you opt for one.

1. Patent Capital Growth

The return on the capital of London property is undeniable. According to the nationwide report, London house prices hit 76% since the end of 2008. On average, prices have increased by 45.6% since the beginning of 2010. Today, as of September 2021, prices crawled up 1.2 percent. If this forecast operates out the same, the average value of a London home will hit £714,000 in 2026. It is a justifiable return considering other investment categories.

2. Interest Rates and Access to Funds

The UK economy is robust, especially compared to other European and international cities. Till 2015, the Bank of England’s base interest rates were low. Since then, their mortgage products have been on the rise. Thus, the mortgage brokers suggest new homeowners fixed interest rates for a long. It is also worth noting that many new lenders are entering the market. With over 17,000 mortgage assets available, there is a massive demand for competitive accessibility to funds to start a new project.

3. Government Support

To regulate capital growth and foreign investment, government authorities have maximized the opportunities for property buyers. Many people are taking advantage of government support-to-buy incentives. As a result, we are seeing more potential tenants entering the sales market to grow wisely. These schemes may not always be suitable for the London marketplace. Yet, the price variations change every year, being active and extremity work will always help buyers. Finally, investment in London properties is open for foreigners seems good news in all respects to invest all over the globe big opportunity for them.

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4. Supply and Demand

At the time of writing, I studied the clear difference between the two market supplies of London. One is the Prime Central London (PCL), and the other is the Outer Prime London (OPL) market. Currently, the average number of purchasers registered in PCL is 11 – a little less than 12 as of 2015. On the other side, the number of property purchasers in OPL was 17 (before 14). Of course, if the demand is high, the price will go up. Certain parts of London provide this vibe. For example, in Clapham, you will find zero mitigation, with an annual increase of 10.5%. When demand is low, Clapham provides buyers unique opportunities for massive property values.

5. Real Estate Hotspot

Whether you are buying a house or an immediate ROI, you want to make correct decisions. All parts of London offer generous long-term benefits. But, some areas indeed provide more exciting benefits than others do. London territories that have seen very sharp price increases over the last few will strive for a notable eye.

6. Well-Developed City

There is always a great demand for real estate in London as prices soar. London has a well-developed infrastructure with significant transportation and hospitals. London has several shops and attractions that make it a perfect investment choice. Anyone can find investment spots in various domains like commerce, hotels, and housing new developing projects are on the way.

For example, Peckham Rye and Shepherds Bush are the only assets hotspots for a couple of years. It is because these two locations have created various business opportunities for foreigners. Residents of these places can enjoy restaurants and bars that can accommodate tourists.

7. Increase Traffic & Transportation Connections

London is a very well connected city due to its transport connections. Its smooth transportation system provides ease of commute within and outside the city. There are train routes that passengers take to reach different parts of the country. Eurostar also takes people to other parts of the UK.

There are also several airports in the city, including Heathrow and City Airports. The high-speed routes help people reach different locations quickly. These include London Gatwick Airport and London Stansted Airport. So, you can expect the business opportunities in the city to endeavor.

8. Great Place to Live

For many people, living in the capital is a daunting task. It is easy to forget that life is precious. Let me remind you of some of the reasons that make London the most liveable place in the world.

Today, London represents 270+ nationalities and speaks 300+ languages. This diversity makes London the capital of the world of culture. Through iconic museums and galleries, the old culture of London alive for 2000 years.

Further, London has the best schools and universities on the international leader boards. It means your children are open to legitimate education easily.

Additionally, if you are a football fan, London is a go-to place. There are the most football clubs in any city in Europe, and there are ten teams in the two best British leagues.

Moreover, with so many properties, everyone can enjoy and find the one that suits their needs. From distinctive old buildings to stylish, modern property, you can buy any property.

40% of London has a green space; 60% is open space to enjoy the fresh air and nature.

Finally, London is a great place to work and relax with friends. There are plenty of bars and traditional English pubs in every corner, thus no shortage of hangouts. And Don’t worry, London is one of the 20 safest cities to live in!

Final Thoughts

So are you looking forward to buying or looking for real estate in London? It is advisable to research and analyze the price and location of your investment.

You can find a lot of information on the internet about different areas and properties there. But choosing the one may puzzle you. You can always seek help from professional consultancy before heading an investment.


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