Top 7 Worth Living Cities In Canada In 2022 For Expats


Any experienced Expat will know that for relocating successfully, acquiring sufficient knowledge is crucial. Keeping this in mind, here we have listed the top 7 livable cities in Canada. If you are moving to Canada, these places surely have to be your top choice. 

Top 7 cities worth living in Canada

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is a big city with big opportunities. Also, it is well-known for its happening nightlife around the globe. The city has many amazing educational institutions, and thus if you are moving to Canada for education, Vancouver is the perfect pick. 

Several big companies in Canada have set up their base in Vancouver, and thus there are always openings available. If you are moving with a family, worry not the city offers something or the other for everyone. All the positive points of Vancouver have made it achieve the 34th best city in the world rank. 

  1. Toronto

Toronto is one of the most popular choices amongst international students. It is well-known as one of the best cities to study and live in in Canada. The cost of living here is a bit higher, but with the strong network of public transport, you can choose to live in a location affordable to you. Furthermore, moving to Toronto becomes easier if you just refer to any to-do checklist when moving to Canada.

  1. Ottawa

It is the capital city of Canada and offers a lot to its residents. There are several big businesses in the city, and thus there is no shortage of job opportunities. All in all, Ottawa has a lot to boast about. 

  1. Quebec

If you love nature, Quebec is where you got to settle. The city is breathtakingly beautiful. Many international students prefer moving to Quebec because the education and job opportunities here are great, as well as the cost of living is comparatively cheaper. 

  1. Montreal

There are plenty of reasons why Montreal is ranked the 41st best city in the world. It is one of the best and biggest cities in Canada. There are properties with unique architecture throughout the city. With many good universities for an international student to explore, and several outdoor activities to engage in, Montreal is just perfect to start a new chapter of your life. 

  1. Calgary

Calgary is considered the energy capital of Canada. The city is well-known for its efforts toward revolutionizing fossil fuel consumption in the world. There are several well-known universities here that offer quality education and better placement opportunities. 

  1. Edmonton

If you want to live a happening life around the year, Edmonton is the perfect pick for you. After all the city is lovingly addressed as the ‘City of Festivals’. A large number of events are organized around the year, and thus you can expect zero dull moments. Besides, the city offers plenty of job opportunities and hence is ideal for students and immigrants. 

Every city in Canada is more inviting than any other city in the world. There are just so many benefits offered to residents in Canada that not considering the idea of moving here is impossible.


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