You’re stuck with outdated nail colours that no longer thrill you. Red, coral, and pink are apparently universal hues that look good on everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with them when you can try out the trending nail polish colours that will make you famous among your squad, college, and even at work. That’s why we’ve put up a list of some of the most beautiful and popular nail polishes to try.

Following the trend isn’t always a smart idea, unless the nail polish colours are so stunning that you can’t take your gaze away from them. The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of top-notch nail colour options that will look stunning on your lovely hands.

If you’re anything like me and have an insatiable need to try out new nail colours and even collect every nail polish colour you can find, then baby treasure is on the way. Because these current manicure colours include captivating, one-of-a-kind nail paint hues that you must attempt to adorn your long, beautiful nails.

I believe it is past time to learn about the latest nail colours in order to present yourself in the best light possible.

You Must Try These 7 Trending Nail Polish

Do you ever look down at your nails and wonder what colour you should try next? However, your mind is not open at that time to come up with fascinating and fresh nail paint colours, and you eventually abandon the dream of having lovely nails.

If you’ve ever suffered from the same tragedy, here are some of the greatest and most popular nail polishes to try.

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1. Dior Incognito

You’re looking for neutral nail paint that goes with everything in your closet. For you, Dior incognito is the perfect option. It’s a dusky pink with a tinge of grey that looks more like a nude.

On your neatly sculpted nails, the modest colour looks captivating. The Dior incognito has a creamy texture that glides on your nails like magic and dries to a blend of matte and glossy finish.

Secret Tip: If you’ve determined that Dior Incognito is the right decision for you, then here’s a secret tip: choose the best nude matte lipstick for your lips since it’ll form a killer combo that will make you appear more gorgeous.

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2. Zoya Megan

Another neutral manicure colour with grey undertones and a dash of purple that looks great on nails. Its smooth and creamy matte finish complements most outfits and eliminates the need to change your nail colour.

Zoya Megan nail paint covers completely in one stroke, however, you may go for two if you want your nails to be a bit deeper grey.

Secret Tip: So you think Zoya Megan is the best nail paint for you, but seeing as how wearing attractive trending nail polish won’t do everything for you, finding the perfect combination of lipsticks and nail paints can be a miracle, isn’t it? If you have decided on Zoya Megan for your nails, you should go with baby pink lipstick for your lips.

3. Orly Moonchild

You’re on the lookout for the ideal nail colour to beautify your nails with. Orly Moonchild is a beautiful nail colour that seems like it’s been combined with white gold and glitter to create a stunning effect on your manicured nails.

The best part is that Orly Moonchild has a nourishing formula that maintains your manicured nails healthy and doesn’t peel off or discolour them. Make it a beautiful day by getting your nails painted with Orly Moonchild.

4. Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet by OPI Infinite Shine

If you’re looking for long-lasting gel colours for your nails, look no further. OPI’s infinite shine nail polishes come in a variety of mesmerising glossy colours. But first, let’s talk about the trendy bright yellow colour, which with its glossy vibrant yellow colour instantly puts you in the spotlight.

OPI Infinite Shine Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is a brilliant yellow with a glossy finish that shines without the need of artificial or natural light.

5. Essie Glossy Shine Finish Good As Gold Nail Polish

For an outgoing style, use this enticing manicure polish to embellish your lovely shaped nails. It’s made up of small simmers that doesn’t overpower your look with too many glittering little lights, but instead offer you a magnificent look to complement your lovely hands.

Essie nail paint glossy shine has a runny texture that glides effortlessly over your nails and provides complete coverage in just one stroke. It does not peel or damage your beautiful nails.

6. Blue Cream

You might say that blue has become the new black during the previous several fall and winter seasons. And the patterns indicate that this autumn will be no different. The beautiful adaptability of galaxy and midnight blue as crucial colours can be credited with this. However, when the weather cools, we recommend starting with a lighter, more dreamlike mani before diving into the deep end of the range. This milky blue mutes down to seem powdered and tidy, which you’ll love. This colour has the softness of a cloud. It’s also great for layering with chambray or white denim, and it’ll give your workplace clothes a new lease on life. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, a set of milky blue nails will complement any nail shape and set the tone for your fall day.

7. Soft Red

This fall, juicy reds are soaring up the fashion charts. But why is this making headlines? You’ll note that the most delectable red nails are the ones that are easy on the eye and have more romantic undertones, since they are liked by discriminating fashionistas. We’re not saying that chilli peppers and other bright reds don’t have a place in the kitchen. A delectable pair of cranberry nails or a drop of claret have risen to the top of our colour options for a more current, up-to-the-minute style. Remember that every hue may be used to your lips to enhance the attractiveness of your hands. Soft red is a versatile hue that looks well on short nails, long claws, and a pout.


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