Top 6 Things To Consider While Estimating The Future Demand Of Android Development

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Demand for Android Development

Android Development can be used to create anything from a simple application to a complex game, and this has led to Android being the most popular platform among developers. In fact, it currently accounts for about 87% of all mobile applications.

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in use today, with a market share of over 75%. There are more than 2 million apps on the Google Play store and the number of Android devices in use has increased by over 5 billion. Thus, anyone taking up an Android Course is set for a bright future ahead. 

What is Android Development? 

Android Development is the process of developing an Android application. It is a software development process that consists of designing and coding.

The design phase includes everything from the user interface, to the way data, is displayed, to how the app responds when you touch it, to what happens when you rotate your phone from portrait to landscape mode. The coding phase includes everything from setting up the app’s architecture, to writing functions that make things happen in response to user actions, to adding in all those cool graphics and animations.

Benefits Of Android Development 

Android Development is a great way to get a start in the world of programming. It is a popular language that can be used for many different purposes, from developing apps to creating games.

Android Development is one of the most popular platforms for mobile apps. It is a powerful and versatile operating system which can be used to create all kinds of mobile applications, from games to social media apps.

It is open-source, meaning that it can be modified and customized by developers. It has a large market share, meaning that there are more people using Android devices than any other operating system. And lastly, it has a large developer community which means that there are plenty of tutorials and resources available to help you learn how to develop for the platform.

Another benefit of Android Development is that it’s free for anyone to use. There are no hidden costs or fees and you can access all updates for free, which means that you’re not spending a lot of money on a phone or phone service.

Job Roles 

Android Software Engineer

Android software engineers are responsible for designing and developing the Android-based software. They are also responsible for the applications that run on Android phones. The job of an Android software engineer is to work on the design and development of the Android operating system and its applications. They need to understand how a device’s hardware interacts with its software, as well as how they can use these interactions to create new features or solve problems.

Android Developer (Mobile)

An Android developer is a programmer who specializes in the development of applications and software for the Android operating system. Android developers can work on a variety of projects, including developing new apps, updating existing apps, or troubleshooting problems with a device. The duties of an Android mobile developer are to design and implement an app that will run on the Android operating system. They also need to test their app before publishing it to make sure it works as expected.

Software Engineer Android 

The key responsibilities of a Software Engineer Android Job Description are to develop and maintain Android applications, design and implement user interfaces, and to optimize the performance of applications. A software engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software programs that can be used on computers or mobile devices. This is done by analyzing customers’ needs and then determining the best way to meet them.

Salary Range 

  • According to statistics compiled by Glassdoor, the average annual salary for an android developer is Rs 400000.
  • According to statistics compiled by LinkedIn, the average monthly income of an android developer is Rs 25,000.
  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual pay for Android freelancers is between Rs4,87,822 and Rs5,23,786.

How to learn Android Development? 

There are various ways to learn how to develop Android apps. One can start with reading books and tutorials, then move on to online courses and finally attend classes at an institute.

The best way to learn Android development is to get a good understanding of Java and the Android framework. Once you have that down, you can start learning about the layout and UI components of an app.

Here are some options for you to consider based on your preferences:

  • Self-Guided Websites and Courses
  • Books
  • Virtual Classes
  • Non-Virtual Classes
  • Starting Your Own Projects

Where to learn Android Development? 

LearnVern’s Android Development Course is a great way to learn the basics of Android app development. It covers all the topics that you need to know to get started with Android development. The Android Development course is an online course that teaches students how to create Android apps. This course is designed for students who want to learn how to develop Android applications, but are not looking for a degree in computer science.

Thousands of people are enrolling in LearnVern’s online course to quickly learn and master Android development! With LearnVern’s fun and interactive lessons, you’ll be able to get up-to-speed with the most popular programming language in just a few minutes per day.


Enrolling in an Android application development course will help you to develop the technical skills and knowledge needed to progress into an Android Developer. The prevalence and quality of Android Certification are increasing these days. Android developers, without a question, will have a bright future.

There are several reasons why Android Development is such a popular career choice. One of the most important reasons is that it provides an opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and build innovative applications that solve real-world problems.

One of the most important things about Android Development is that it’s an open platform, which means that any developer can use it to create new and innovative apps.

Android Development is one of the most in-demand technologies in the world. It is a highly sought-after skill and the demand for Android developers has increased exponentially.


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