Top 5 Tips for Brands on Snapchat


To provide tips and tricks that work best on Snapchat, we turned to Everette Taylor who shared the most important information on how Snapchat can help your business.

1. Diverse content adds value

With Snapchat, you need to give value to whatever content you share, Taylor explains:



When creating content, it’s important to remember who your audience is on Snapachat –45% of Snapchat users are under the age of 25.

In a time when radio and television reigned supreme, if you missed an entertainment program, you couldn’t watch it again, unless it was videotaped or available on-demand programs. It’s similar with Snapchat Public Profile – if your story was available for 24 hours, it disappears forever after that.

To keep your content interesting and engaging, create a publishing plan so that your followers know they have something to wait for:

2. Create your own Snapchat KPI

Measuring the effects of activities in social media can be difficult at times, especially on newer platforms. There are currently no ways to get analytics or other data from a Snapchat account.

So when it comes to being measurable on, Taylor notes that  “a bit of ingenuity is essential”:

In addition to VPS, Taylor also recommends following the account’s followers and screenshots:

And that brings us to our next tip …

3. Make sure your users expect important messages

One of the biggest barriers to brands joining Snapchat work flow is understanding how it can affect their brand. One of the best ways is to get important messages and news from Snapchat.

If you are passing an important message on, for example, sharing a link that you would like users to follow by asking them to take a screenshot, this can be a great way to encourage interaction.

When it comes to screenshots, Taylor advises you to announce followers what is coming soon:

4. Use other social media to promote your Snapchat account

Snapchat has no publicly available updates from your friends or a mechanism to show which people your friends are following and with whom they interact. Therefore , a great way to build an audience base is to promote through the use of already gathered fans on other social media . Taylor explains:

Taylor also recommends that you save screenshots of your photos and videos and then share them on other social media:

Here’s another example of Pepsi that promoted its filters on Facebook:


5. Create your content to promote Snapchat

Creating Snapchat-focused content and posting it outside of is a great way to promote your account:

You can also use your Snapcode, username, and profile link in your content as a way to get new fans:

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Creating a geofilter

Anyone can create their own geofilter , and Snapchat encourages artists and designers to take advantage of this opportunity and bring their own style to the Snapchat community.

Here are the Snapchat guidelines for creating geofilters:

  • Filters must be optimized for web publishing, transparent in PNG format
  • The PNG file should be 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high
  • The size of the PNG file cannot exceed 300KB

Sponsored geofilters are currently being promoted by selected partner brands and Snapchat itself is currently working on expanding the selection of filters this year..

Snapchat accounts to watch (and why)

One of the most difficult things about starting your social media adventure is knowing who to follow and who to get inspiration from. Therefore, I would like to share a list of a few accounts that reign supreme at the moment:

Vaynermedia (@vaynermedia)

What they are snapping about:  Vaynermedia’s Account takes users behind the scenes of a marketing agency and shows a day in the life of their teammates.

Why It Works:  Snapchat is a great medium to show the human side of the company and the people behind the brand. By showing off what’s happening during the day on Snapchat, Vaynermedia can forge a stronger, more authentic bond with fans.

Gary Vaynerchuck believes that this approach to this application has two main benefits: “it improves morale in the agency and attracts people from other offices, and makes my employees the best examples of practitioners in their field”, as he revealed in his YouTube video.

NBA (@nba)

What they snap about: Behind  -the-scenes footage, match teasers, TV program (so you always know what you can watch), and more.

Why it works:  Sports fans love to have insight into what is happening off the pitch, and Snapchat is the perfect app for the NBA to share real behind-the-scenes footage from a variety of events that fans would not normally have access to.

Casey Neistat (@caseyneistat)

What he snaps on:  Casey Neistat is a famous Youtuber and filmmaker. His Snapchat stories are remarkably engaging, akin to vlogging, where he invites his fans to follow him for the rest of the day.

Why It Works:  Neistat’s Snapchat stories are genuine. It makes every story create naturally. Instead of jumping straight to the climax or the most exciting moment of the day, it builds up tension as the action unfolds.

Check out his snaps below:
[youtube width = ”650 ″ height =” 355 ″] [/ youtube]

DJ Khaled (@ djkhaled305)

What he snaps on:  DJ Khaled is the King of Snapchat! Through his stories, Khaled will entertain its fans by sharing “the keys to success”.

Why It Works:  DJ Khaled is a hit on Snapchat because his personality is shining through the snaps. It also provides content that focuses on a fixed topic – “success”. This means his fans know what to expect when they start following his account.

PS: DJ Khaled’s account became legendary when he shared the story of how he got lost at sea while riding a jet ski.

Bonus: 5 additional people and brand accounts worth following

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)
  • Eva Longoria (@realevalongoria)
  • Product Hunt (@producthuntteam)
  • Major League Soccer (@mls)
  • Lewis Howes (@lewis_howes)

Share your thoughts on Snapchat with us. Are you actively using this app? Have you tried to use it as a brand? Any tips or tricks you would like to share? Write in the comments below the article!

In the era of social media, where saving and capturing moments has become the norm, Snapchat has found a way to break that convention.

With Snapchat, every moment is fleeting. What is shared is rarely saved. It’s about capturing moments.

In its basic form, Snapchat allows us to share fleeting, self-destructive photos, videos and messages (also known as snaps). Photos and videos last from 1 to 10 seconds , and users can embellish them with subtitles, drawings, filters. As soon as the snap is displayed, it disappears forever.

While the volatile nature of Snapchat may seem strange when you think about how we communicate with others on a daily basis, Snapchat mimics this behavior the most faithfully of all social media platforms

Geofilters on demand

Snapchat has just introduced a third type of geofilter. On-Demand Geofilters allow you to pay Snapchat to have your own unique geofilter available at a specific location for a specific period of time.

According TechCrunch report :

This is extremely exciting and opens up wide opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to use Snapchat as their marketing channel.

Imagine you are running a restaurant and creating a filter to show off a new dish that is coming to town. The local cinema may also run a geofilter for a new movie just coming out. There are many possibilities.


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