TOP 5 RAS Coaching in Jaipur 2021 – Guide

RAS Coaching in Jaipur

Are you looking to get into the civil services of Rajasthan? Do you want to crack the RAS examination on the first attempt? Are you in need of some elite coaching centers in Jaipur?

In this article, I will tell you guys some of the best coaching institutions for Rajasthan Administrative Services located in Jaipur itself.

But before we get to that, let us discuss what RAS is.

RAS is the highest form of civil service for the state of Rajasthan. Almost everyone in Rajasthan wants to become a RAS officer, and why shouldn’t they? It comes with many perks, and there is a lot of scope for learning for the officers. It is a respected profession throughout the state.

It is similar to the Indian Administrative Services when it comes to the syllabus and format, even though the IAS is comparatively much tougher to crack given the clearance rate. On the other hand, RAS can be cracked on the first attempt with proper time put in and dedication, and of course, some great coaching. There are many great coachings available in Jaipur but today in this article we will discuss top 5 RAS coaching in Jaipur.

 So, let us get on with the topic:

The Thought Tree (T3)

Best RAS Coaching in Jaipur
RAS Coaching in Jaipur

The Thought Tree is the go-to coaching center for most RAS aspirants. It is easily one of the best coaching institutions in the country for RAS preparation, given its students’ things. Here are a few points about T3’s RAS coaching:

Highly professional English-speaking faculty with experience. Provides a free mentorship program to students, and in fact, gives it even after the course is over till the student cracks the exam.

  1.  The level of attention each student receives is high, and special doubt-solving classes are conducted for the students.
  2.   The nature of the RAS exam is highly dynamic because, after all, it is mainly based on current affairs and general knowledge. T3 knows this so well that the nature in which they teach is highly dynamic as well. The study material provided to the students is highly researched upon. It is parallel to the curriculum provided by RPSC.
  3. Regular tests, quizzes, doubt solving and discussion, writing practice, and comprehensive feedback analysis. What more do you want? On top of that, T3 conducts collaborative learning, where they arrange meetings with experts and veterans and even active officers. T3 provides an open library as well.
  4.   A comprehensive and holistic approach towards competitive exams. T3 provides these approaches throughout all the stages of RAS examination. They believe in concept building from zero, i.e., from basic to advanced levels. Current affairs are covered thoroughly, as I mentioned before.
  5. Education for everyone. T3 provides special provisions for Economically Weaker Sections’ students. A badge that they wear with honor. Apart from this, they also take their students on trips to NGOs and such organizations to give them a taste of their future as an administrator.
  6. The batches are perfectly populated, with neither too many students nor too little. The sweet upper limit of 35. This helps in maintaining a cheerful environment and at the same time keeping it composed so that the students learn and grow together. 

Let us now talk about fees.

It is a sheer amount of ₹70,000 and lasts 10-12 months, and the mentorship till selection. The duration of each class is 2-3hrs, 5-6 days a week.

T3 provides scholarship options and installment options too.

They have regular discount offers running as well where the fee goes down to ₹45,000. An additional scholarship for EWS students is provided. The above points makes T3 the best RAS coaching in Jaipur.

You can contact The Thought Tree at


Address: Plot no.3 Chandra Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Pin Code-302019

Phone Number: +91 9999090136

Email Address: [email protected]

Rau’s Study Circle

Best RAS Coaching In Jaipur 1

Rau’s Study Circle was established in 1953 by Dr.S. Rau. It has been at the pinnacle of education for many years. They are known as one of the most specialized institutions of their type in the whole country. Let us look at a few points:

Rau’s Study Circle has been around for 7 decades, and it has been constant in giving results. It has a lot of experience, being one of the oldest coaching centers. Not to mention that the faculty is highly professional.

  1.   Rau’s provides students with the best infrastructure. Air-conditioned classes and an open library. The study material provided is of excellent quality. Rau’s publishes a magazine named “Focus,” which contains all the current affairs.
  2. Rau’s identifies a student’s potential by recognizing their talent and character. Rau’s helps them develop their potential and shape it according to the requirements of the RAS examinations.
  3.   Rau’s staff focuses primarily on developing a student’s learning capacity and tries to develop it. So, in a way, they teach the students about learning. 

 What is the fee, you ask?

On-campus fees of Rau’s will set you back a good ₹1,75,000.

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Online fees will cost you ₹1,50,000, which may not be feasible for everyone.

SMS Coaching Institute

SMS Coaching Institute was established in the year 1997, and since then has been one of the best coaching institutes in all of northern India for RAS exam preparation. Let us peep some points of them:

  1.   The faculty that teaches at SMS Coaching Institute is highly seasoned and professional. They believe in covering the essential knowledge first then bring in the add-ons.
  2.   Personal guidance from the industry experts and includes civil service toppers and working officers. This makes sure that the students are exposed to priceless advice and lessons from those experts.
  3.   SMS Coaching Institute provides its students with an excellent infrastructure that includes air-conditioned and fully furnished rooms. Students can sit for hours and study comfortably.
  4.   The staff at SMS believes in conducting tests on a regular cadence, and in addition, they even conduct writing tests, mock tests, essay writing, and so on.

The fee for preliminary is ₹25,000, and it buys you four months; you will have to pay more for additional classes.

Classes last from 8 A.M – 10 A.M

Zenith Education

 RAS Coaching in Jaipur
RAS Coaching in Jaipur

This institute was established in 1998 and has been a leader in coaching students for competitive exams since then.

Zenith strives to help the students in achieving excellence and help them in fulfilling their dreams. Zenith is one of the leading RAS exam preparation institutes in Jaipur. Now let’s see some of the key points of Zenith institute.

  1.   A professional staff with high levels of experience in coaching for competitive exams. So, naturally, the classes are highly result-oriented.
  2.   Zenith, being modern, provides live classes on the famous online platform YouTube. So, the students can go to the Zenith channel and study.
  3.   Tests are conducted on a strict and regular basis. Apart from these regular tests, the faculty also conducts mock examinations.
  4. Teachers focus on current affairs and provide a booklet of the current monthly affairs. Zenith’s staff focuses primarily on developing a student’s learning capacity and tries to develop it. So, in a way, they teach the students about learning. 

The fees charged by Zenith will leave you ₹50,000 below your current bank balance and gives you ten months of coaching.

 For more details you can visit their website on contact them on 083024 50450

Parishkar Coaching Institute

 RAS Coaching in Jaipur
RAS Coaching in Jaipur

A part of the well-known Parishkar Group of Institutions, this coaching institute was formed in 2017. Parishkar Group of Institutions is one of the best colleges in the state of Rajasthan for degree courses. The main aim of this institute is to provide education at a large scale, which makes it an esteemed hub for education. Let us see some points on Parishkar’s way of teaching:

  1. The faculty at Parishkar is highly seasoned and known for its highly student-oriented sessions, i.e., they drive their learning techniques into the student in such a way that the grasping power of the student will increase.
  2. Everything from the subject knowledge to the technical knowledge to the current affairs and general knowledge is covered in the resources provided. They are based on the books of NCERT, which are the books that the government board publishes.
  3. Tests are conducted regularly, with regular feedback. 
  4. The batch size is small so that teachers can focus on every student. Current affairs are regularly discussed in the class.

Let us talk about the fee structure. 

Fees for 3 months is ₹10,000, and additional if you wish to continue. 


That is it for now. I hope you caught something of your use from this article. There are many other coaching institutes, but I listed the best of the best RAS caoching in Jaipur here. Visit the websites of these institutes in case you want any further details or clarifications on these coaching institutes.

Every coaching institute has its specialty, but I will highly recommend The Thought Tree because of its approach towards the teaching pattern. They teach according to the syllabus and focus on every student. They also provide free mentorship to the students and help the students till they get selection in Rajasthan Administrative Services.

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate it.





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