Top 5 NodeJS Development Companies in USA

Top 5 NodeJS Development Companies in USA

Node.js has been one of the premier web technologies used to develop web applications for custom and enterprise purposes. The JavaScript runtime system has allowed the development of a multipurpose code structure for both server-side and client-side scripts.

Node.js primarily supports JavaScript. The compatibility of the development environment can go beyond with the utilization of compile-to-JS programming languages such as CoffeeScript, Dart, TypeScript, ClojureScript, etc.

Hiring a Node.js development company for your web app project can be a challenging task.

Hence, we have made some efforts to list the top five NodeJS development companies in USA to turn your idea into a robust web app.


Founded in 2007, SparxIT is a well-established web development company based in New York. With a large and extensive portfolio of more than 15,000 projects, the company has earned a name in the market.

They have a team of 220+ professionals on multiple technologies, including Node.js.

They have handled web development projects from a variety of industries including EdTech, eCommerce, Healthcare, Hospitality, Entertainment, SaaS, etc.

Some big names in their extensive clientele include Coca-Cola, HCL, HP, Pfizer, Intel, Amdocs, etc.


Founded in 2009, CSSChopper is a dedicated web development company based in New York. They have been handling web development projects from diverse industry domains such as eCommerce, hospitality, healthcare, travel, and more.

With an extensive clientele, they have handled 9,000+ web development projects so far. Most of these projects have been accomplished using Node.js technology.

Their clientele includes leading business giants like Necco, D-Link, Stoli, Duracell, etc.


Fingent is a New York-based custom software development company that provides custom software solutions. The company was founded in 2003 and has offices in the UAE, Australia, and India.

From custom Software, cloud native apps, ERPs, RPA, AR/VR, SAP to several important types of web applications, they provide services for extensive industry domains.

Esteemed customers in their clientele include Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Asteco, PwC, ImpactXM, NEC, etc.


Based in Northville, Michigan, 10Clouds has been a well-acclaimed digital solutions provider. The company has been a team 200+ professionals designing and developing result-oriented applications that meet the evolving industry demands.

The companies are using technologies like Node.js, Machine Learning, and DevOps to leverage futuristic web solutions to bring augmented results.

The company has handled projects in healthcare, education, and most particularly the eCommerce industry.


Rootstrip is a well-known Node.js development agency based in West Hollywood, CA. The company has gained popularity for its work in the web development market in the last few years as it handled projects using Node.js with an amalgamation of advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Blockchain.

The company has delivered 750+ digital products so far for clients from the USA, Uruguay, Argentina, and other countries.


Before you hire a Node.js development company, you must consider your requirements respective to the possible deliverables offered by the service provider.

It is your chance to consider utilizing the best opportunities provided by a wide range of Node.js development companies in your region.


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