Top 5 NFT Gaming Trends in 2022

top nft gaming trends

Blockchain technology has stunned everybody with its amazing contribution. Recently one of the greatest uses of Blockchain is in non-fungible tokens commonly known as NFT tokens. It is the most recent cryptocurrency that signifies ownership. 

What is most exciting about the future of NFT games is the excitement of trending NFT games among people. So, we’ve listed the top 5 popular NFT gaming development trends to help you stay updated. You can hire an NFT gaming development company and get maximum benefits from these trends for your business.

NFT Gaming Trends 

Everyone knows the term NFT today. It is not only a buzzword in modern life but also a great tool for almost anyone who wants to enter the metaverse and gain revenue. Whether you use NFTs or not, some of the upcoming trends in 2022 could change the way we experience the web, products, purchase and sell art, and even create and listen to music.

The 2021 year was undoubtedly the light moment of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that took the world by storm. However, NFTs quickly entered the market and are now considered mainstream.

There is a common belief that NFTs are entirely new. However, the first type of these tokens that hit the market was “Coloured Coins” in 2012 – a bitcoin token providing extra functionality. The weekly NFTs sold revenue is $10-$20 million worth. With a total market revenue of $250 million, it can be clearly seen that this industry is flourishing.  

This market is gaining immense popularity due to the interest among numerous people, brands, and companies. Since NFTs represent almost anything from the first tweet to artworks. Therefore, the position of NFTs is efficient and stable today, without any signs of slowing down.

Top 5 Popular  NFT Gaming Trends in 2022

Play-To-Earn (P2E)

Earning money from the game has been the privilege of content creators, and PlayTo-Earn NFT lets every player make money out of their gaming time. This is done by purchasing or selling game NFTs or performing some other task to earn token rewards.

This will soon become an exciting new trend in the marketplace. Binance is regarded as the top leader in P2E gaming, offering an extensive selection of gaming products and the first Initial Game Offering (IGO) platform to release gaming-related games. 

New Blockchain Gaming Platforms

Blockchain platforms at present can be slow, and they limit the number of possible transactions to be handled at any specific moment. They also do not allow native NFT trading, increasing the dependence on third-party platforms. So, this has caused the development of multiple blockchain-specific platforms. 

One platform is Ardor which provides advanced privacy features and customized customization that address the security concerns of current platforms. It will allow developers to make use of built-in transactions to facilitate the wide range of NFT functions, including mining, registration, trading and transfers. 

Release of Big Trending NFT Games

The rise in blockchain technologies has led to the development of NFT games. In the last few years, we’ve seen the launch of a variety of trending NFT games as developers try to make money from the enormous demand for gaming systems that are decentralized. So, you can also hire an NFT gaming development company and use this opportunity. 

Soccer Manager Elite is among the most played games launched during this period. It’s completely distributed and serverless in order to offer greater transparency and security for the game’s assets. A number of huge trending NFT games are scheduled to launch later in the year, such for Illuvium as well as Sipher.

Illuvium is an open-world game of role-playing, which will include an earn-to-play model that will let players win prizes. Sipher is an exciting game that’s main goal is to make an exciting open-world experience.

Rise of Play-to-earn

This is also among the best NFT gaming development trends. The majority of traditional games have an economy that is centralized, meaning that the developers hold all rights to the game’s economy. The developers are able to distribute the game’s assets however they want without apprehension from players. 

If a player purchases an item in a game, the game’s developer confers the right to hold the asset. If the developer decides to shut down the game or eliminate elements of the game that affected the skin that the player owns and the player is left with no recourse, the skin disappears.

However, with the introduction of the play-to-earn system players have full ownership of all digital assets they hold. Play-to-earn games utilize blockchain technology, which allows players to earn rewards while engaging in the games. In this way, trending NFT games reward players for their efforts by giving them valuable digital assets.

Traditional franchises Hopping on the Trend

Many believed that NFTs would be a trend that would only attract small-scale developers who wanted to experiment with blockchain technology. However, it was the major franchises that quickly jumped on the trend. 

Ubisoft and Konami are among the most well-known franchises to announce their full support for blockchain as well as NFT. Ubisoft introduced microtransactions while Konami created many Castlevania JPEGs to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the game.

The NBA Top Shot video game is providing NFTs an enormous boost. It was developed by Dapper Labs then published through Animoca Brands. NBA Top Shot’s take on collecting cards is causing the game to reach $100 million in revenue, just five months after its release to an international public. 

The top revenue of the game for one week was $60 million. This was based on only 60,000 players. Comparatively, Dapper Lab’s CryproKitties has been selling 40 million in the first year since it was launched in the year 2017. So, this is also among the best NFT gaming development trends.

Some Last Words

The NFTs have become a hit in the modern world. They offer a possibility to anyone who has experience in the field of gaming, music, or art. Like all innovative technology in this speed-paced industry, NFT also has its trends and allows its users to get into the top industry in the best possible time.

If you are looking to make money by NFT gaming then this is the right time to hop into the trends. Just hire an NFT gaming development company with skilled developers and get started with your project.

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