Top 5 Men’s Brim Hats You Should Definitely Own


The true gentleman always knows how to pull off the right hat, and a few years back, smartly styled men began sporting brim hats. The classic style features a short front peak with a gentle curve below the chin, ending in a low profile, narrow brim. This style also has a broad back that’s often flat and straight. The hat is made of stiff felt and material and ranges in color from neutral to bold. Those in the know often pair the hat with one of their favorite fedoras or fur hats.


Today’s most popular brim men’s hats come in trendy colors like blue and white and offer classic seasonal looks—from browns to khaki shades. They’re great for spring and summer, and they’re also perfect if a ball cap or hood shades your brows. Something about the best men’s brim hats is that they inspire confidence in the wearer. Here’s a list of the top 3 brim hats that every gentleman should own.


Fedora Hats

Fedoras are the classic brim hat worn by men out there, and the popularity of the hats has seen it up to almost twenty different styles. The hat has a wide band that tapers down to a fancy feather on each side. The hat’s crown ranges from about 1-2 inches high and usually features a black band or trim.


Sometimes, there is a tiny brim cushion around each ear, but most people opt to buy one without it. The brim is usually blunted (laterally curved), but some are unbent, especially if they’re not worn with a lot of hair underneath them. A fedora with a suit was once a pillar of the business world. In any case, the fedora cap has widened in request throughout its long residency. To recognize these once in a while well known men’s dress caps, search for the indented crown with a the long way wrinkle squeezed close to the front on the two sides, alongside a delicate edge of around 2.5 inches or more.


The Panama Hat

The modern Panama hat is lightweight, semi-curly straw, and most men opt for a dark brown or black color. This hat is worn in the summertime, and it has a center crown that’s a flat and shallow profile on the sides. It’s usually just above your eyebrows and comes up to about half an inch higher than the front of your nose.


These hats go well with everything from casual business attire to t-shirts and button-down shirts. This style is also fabulous with any unusual hairstyle or beard requiring extra cover. The crown can have a few different shapes, too: They can be round; they can be rectangular, or they can be square. Produced using plaited leaves, the Panama cap has turned into an absolute necessity have extra for shoreline and tropical objections. Panamas are made for daylight and blue skies, so don’t attempt to shake this cap in winter. They are light in shading and weight, breathable, simple to wear, and impeccably fit with a laid-back ocean side style.




Trilby Hats

The trilby hat is a type of hat that’s made to look like a top hat, but it’s got one smaller peak rather than the two large ones. It’s made of straw, and it has a wide band that tapers down to a tiny brim, usually about 2 inches tall. Men usually wear these hats in the summer months, but they’re also perfect for winter. The trilby has become perhaps the coolest cap for men and one of the more socially satisfactory bits of headwear. At the point when you observe a trilby with the right shape, fit and extents, it looks pretty damn fine.


The hat’s crown ranges from about 1-3 inches high on top, and there is usually no brim cushion. Instead, there’s a silk hatband. The crown should be a little bit lower than the front of your eyebrows, and it should keep your ears protected from the sun.



The bowler is one of the most unique and interesting men’s hats around, as it has a classic look and a unique and classic shape. Today’s bowler is made from felt and has an overall shape similar to what you’d see on an Australian bush hat, although it’s flatter. The crown is about 1-2 inches high, and it’s usually pretty straightforward.


The bowler cap is one of the most notorious things of British style, made well known by striking entertainers like Charlie Chaplin, Curly Howard, and John Cleese. It is a hard, felt cap with a thin edge and is additionally usually known as a derby. This cap is a number one of the upper, center, and middle class the same, however we would avoid wearing it nonchalantly. The brim can lie flat against the top of your head, but some men prefer to have it roll over the top in a proper “brim” fashion—something that wasn’t exactly popular before 1800. The low crown and round crown make this hat ideal for any kind of haircut, whether you want to keep your hair short or long.


Cowboy Hats

Another men’s hat similar to the bowler is the cowboy hat. It has a relatively low crown (1-2 inches high) and a squared, upward-pointing crown that resembles an S. It usually has a brim that’s about 2 inches high at its highest point, and it’s usually rolled over at that point. These hats are a bit more expensive than other men’s hats, but they’re made of quality felt and leather.


If you’re looking for something that makes a statement and has impressive practicality, the cowboy hat is an ideal choice. They can be either black or brown, depending on which style you choose. Some cowboy hats even come with a bit of horsehair under the brim. The hat’s shape is also perfect for those with long hair, as the crown can be worn low and flat against their brows while still protecting their ears from the sun.


These are the top 5 brim hats that every man should own – the Fedora, Panama, and Trilby. These hats come with versatility and are perfect for any season. They’re also of kind pieces that can be worn at any event or occasion.



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