Top 5 Gift Choices for 40th Birthday

gift choices for 40th birthday

No matter what your age is, people always find gifts and surprises attractive. Occasional gifts make people feel loved and noticed. Be it their anniversary, birthday, or promotion at work; you can lighten their mood and cheer them up with your friendly gestures. When somebody turns 40, it calls for a celebration with all grandeur and splendor. Four decades of gathering wisdom – more than two decades of adulting – 40 could mean different things from person to person. But we all agree that it is the milestone birthday where you step into your middle age with fear and exhilaration. So, we bring you the most incredible, most meaningful 40th birthday gift ideas for the young quadragenarian in your life.

Though, choosing a gift for someone is a tricky job. You need to know the person very well to know what they would like. Also, you can ask casually what they need so you can gift them that. But be careful; you won’t be happy to drop a hint before the surprise. We understand that it might be confusing to choose a gift for your loved one. To help you out, we have discussed what you need to keep in mind before buying a gift for someone who just turned 40. 

What to look for while choosing 40th birthday gift ideas for men and women?

  • Not chasing the money anymore – a person turning 40 would have clear perspectives on life. It would be a stage where the person might appreciate the value of the gift and its relevance more than the price tag. So, do not fuss about the budget. Focus instead on choosing something that will feel relevant to the person’s lifestyle.
  • After a dose of maturity that the 30’s bring with it, most 40-year olds reach a stage of saturation in terms of the “maturity” quotient. This is an age when most individuals might not take life too seriously anymore. They would start exploring their fun side and be more open to adventures. So, this would be the time when you can give some fun gifts instead of the traditional and commonplace gifts.
  • A 40-year old knows the importance of self-care. After witnessing the first silver hair strands and the first visible wrinkles, most 40-year olds start focusing on self-care. So, they would love to add a self-care basket to their collection. This is a vast area to explore while picking their birthday gifts.
  • By the time someone turns 40, the person might mostly have found a stable career in life. So, you can also choose a gift that would feel relevant to the gift recipient’s profession.

Top 5 Gift Choices for 40th Birthday

  1. A cool t-shirt

This is one of the most incredible 40th birthday gift ideas for husband, friend, and colleagues. Also, T-shirt gifts are classic choices. There are various kinds of t-shirts available in the market. Ask them casually or notice what kind of t-shirts they wear or love to wear and get one that’s comfortable yet stylish. You will surely impress your husband or friend on his 40th birthday.

Many brands make personalized t-shirts with messages or pictures of that person. These could be funky and lovely gift ideas for your loved one. As they proudly step into their 40’s a tee like this will be just what they need to keep up their effortlessly cool style in fashion. It would be a great gift to remind them how beautiful they get with age.

Also, if they are Marvel or DC fans, you can get a t-shirt with their favorite superhero on it. They will not only love it but will happily remember you whenever they wear it. Also, if they are comics fans, you can bring printed t-shirts with their favorite characters. For example, I would love to get a Tintin t-shirt on my 40th as a gift. 


  1. Smartwatch

For a person who has survived through an era where television was considered a luxury, being able to answer calls or send text messages from a wristwatch would be a great fascination. A smartwatch is not only a funky toy to play with; it will serve its purposes efficiently. A 40-year old today is likely to be a gadget fanatic already, and so he would already know his way around most of the smart gadgets. But if they are not, still a smartwatch is an excellent addition to their life. It will help them call, text, see maps, and many more. Plus, it would be a bold and exceptional style statement for them. If you want to combine luxury with practicality, pick a smartwatch for your loved one’s 40th birthday.

The fact that it can work seamlessly both with Android and iOS devices is a huge plus. While tracking his everyday activity levels and monitoring his health parameters like heart rate, intelligent gadgets like this one also help him stay connected to his loved ones wherever he is. Also, with their growing age, they will monitor their health and work on their fitness efficiently.


  1. Adulting journal and copy

There is a popular saying that life starts at 40. However, adulting is hard, even with the twenty years of experience that this quadragenarian might have. But do not assume that adulating is terrible. With growing age, people seem to find peace within themselves and life is much more sorted than before. But now that the person might have learned to take life less seriously and live life on their terms, a funny yet helpful journal and illustrated book will help them keep track of their lives. Also, they will be able to note down every single detail of their daily life. 

This book would remind the person that senior years are not far away, but one would grab them in style when one is mentally prepared for what lies ahead. It embraces old age, for people are still children at heart, more so as they get older. Anyone who grew up reading the best works of Dr. Seuss would love this comical take on aging. Here is a fun idea: there are lots of journals like this available in the market. You should get one with an illustrated cover that they can carry anywhere they travel or work. 

  1. An elegant coffee mug

For the fabulously forty people in your life, a pretty yet useful coffee mug would be a great choice. Most of these come with a lid, spoon, and coaster along with a card to deliver your message. Also, many printing shops will print your friend’s picture on the cup. Plus, magic mugs are widely available too. These are blank when it is cool. But the moment you pour coffee or milk into it, it will glow with some hidden images. These cups are funky and very useful.

Your friend might be glad to add this lovely personalized mug to her collection or even flaunt it in her ornate dinnerware display. Try to get one with proper insulation to take with them at work or while on a road trip. If your friend loves coffee, I think this might be the best gift idea for them. 

  1. Games

There is no better way to celebrate the 40th than with a fun party game. A party game gift like this would feel like the most relevant thing to give your friend. He would be able to bring it out to entertain his party guests.

The funny brain-teasing questions in this pack of cards would help your friend travel down his memory lane fondly.

You can gift party games to your friend that involve more people so that they can get back to their wild college days with some good memories and lots of fun.

Also, if the person is young at heart and loves to play video games, you can gift them original DVDs of computer games like FIFA, Assasin’s Creed, or Need For Speed. 

Also, you can gift them board games. If your partner or friend is in love with board games, you can buy them a set of a chessboard. Chess boards come in various versions, like wooden or glass-made ones. These look elegant and stylish. Also, there are numerous board games to gift, like Cards, Foosball, Monopoly, etc. 


There are lots of funny and funky ideas for gifts for someone who just turned 40. Though, in my opinion, the above-listed things are the most thoughtful presents you can gift them and bring a smile to their faces. Some other ideas for the perfect gifts are: beer mug, makeup box, sponsoring a road trip, a jukebox, stylish purse, tote bag with messages on it, and the list goes on. I would suggest you casually ask your friend what they prefer and gift them the thing. It would be helpful for them and far better than mindless gifts. Also, not to forget, books are always a great option as a gift—happy shopping for your loved one. Wish your loved ones a happy birthday and bring a smile to their faces.  

Which one is your favorite? Do let us know in comments below.


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