Top 5 Facebook Review Widgets For Website


It is not easy for people to trust any brand and product quickly, and therefore they go through reviews and feedback on the internet. But, unfortunately, it is difficult to find an authentic platform, as often these platforms deliver spam and fake reviews. So, in pursuit of genuine and honest reviews, people often surf Facebook. And this social media giant manages to conquer this field as well.

People show a lot of trust in Facebook customer reviews, as the platform allows users to post detailed reviews, even post pictures and videos with their feedback. Moreover, even businesses show great belief in Facebook reviews and display them on the website by using Facebook review widgets, which eases their task to embed Facebook reviews widget on the website.

Considering the popularity of Facebook customer reviews, the market is filled with various tools that help businesses in embedding Facebook reviews to their website. To make your task of choosing the tool easier, we have listed the 5 best tools in this article. These tools are very efficient and reduce your cost.

Best Facebook review widgets to add on your website

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is considered the best and free social media aggregator for websites in the market; it provides social widgets for all social platforms. Here you can get a dedicated Facebook review widget that helps you gather all reviews and feedbacks from your Facebook page and displays them on your website.

Other than Facebook, it is compatible with 15+ social media platforms and provides a smooth functioning in collecting the feeds from all social media platforms to display them on the website.

What makes Tagembed’s Facebook review widget the best in the market are its amazing features at minimum cost. Some of the features of the widget are:

Moderation: Facebook provides freedom to its users to share their opinion on any particular brand and product. While many access this freedom in the true sense, they provide their honest opinion and provide in-depth details as to what they liked or disliked about the product. At the same time, others misuse this freedom and provide obscure reviews about the business or, in most cases, provides one word or one line review which are sometimes irrelevant for businesses. With the help of the moderation feature, you can filter out all spam or irrelevant content from your website, hide word, and one-line reviews as they do not contribute much to a brand. Moreover, users can also set up a profanity filter that blocks content consisting of providing keywords, and it can even restrict from a particular account to be displayed on the website.

Customization: Facebook feed, although it brings vibrancy to the website, you can amplify the beauty of your website by using the customization feature, it allows you to personalize the feed as per your preferences. You can change the font size, font style, background, and more and apply updates that match the feed with the website’s style.

Easy to use: The process of embedding the Facebook feeds might sound like a complex process, but it is not; in fact, it just involves three easy steps – i) Creating Tagembed Account ii) Creating Facebook review feed widget iii) embedding the feed to the website by copying the code and pasting it on the website backend. A User can install and operate the widget even if he doesn’t have any coding skill or knowledge.

Updated feeds: The widget updates the feed automatically, which means as soon as customers post their review about the business or product on the brand’s Facebook page, the widget will display it on the website. So there is no need to manually refresh the feed or hire any specialist to operate the widget.

Another major reason that makes Tagembed’s widget an ideal widget is its pricing. Tagembed provides pocket-friendly pricing plans to its users and even consists of free pricing plans.

Moreover, it has dedicated plugins for all popular CMS platforms like Shopify, WordPress, etc. So if you are a Shopify customer and want to make it easy to add Facebook customer reviews on the Shopify store then you can go with social feed Shopify plugin as well

2. Smash Balloon

Smashballoon is a popular social media aggregator that is known to provide a highly responsive Facebook feed widget for the website. Responsive feeds mean it is compatible with any screen time, which means it does not matter if the visitor uses mobile, Pc or tablet; the widget will automatically adjust.

Moreover, you can even change the widget’s appearance with the help of the customization feature, which allows you to change the font style, size, etc of the feed. In addition, it also offers different layout design styles that help you to enhance the grace of your website. 

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is one of the most popular social media aggregators. It is very easy to use and provides great results. In addition, it loads the feed without affecting the speed of your website, which makes it a useful tool. 

You can adjust the widget according to your preferences and make out customizations to increase the appeal of the widgets, and as the widget becomes more appealing, it enhances the beauty of your website as well. All this eventually helps to attract visitors and capture more audiences for the business.

4. Snap Widget

Snap widget is one the most trusted social media aggregator, it has a strong customer base, and many huge brands use it for their website. According to SnapWidget, more than 200,000 websites use this tool. And this huge base is because it is trustworthy and provides great results.

You can choose from different layouts for your widget and make your website appearance as well organized and colorful. People usually prefer visiting a colorful website as it pleases their eyes and encourages them to stay on the website.

As mentioned before, people often use videos or images while posting their content and reviews on Facebook. The tool collects those reviews and displays on the website without any hassle. 

5. Custom Facebook Feed

If you are using a WordPress website and looking for a widget to provide Facebook feeds and reviews on your website, then Custom Facebook Feed is the perfect tool for you. One of the tool’s amazing features is that it is SEO friendly and is crawlable for search engines.

It also provides the option to display multiple feeds, and all feeds are responsive, which is compatible with any screen size. Moreover, it provides a custom CSS option. 

The tool is easy to install and use, and therefore you do not need to worry about set up and operations for the website.

Why do you need to embed Facebook customer reviews on the website

Credibility and trust play an important role for a business, it is not easy to win the trust of a potential customer. Hence, Facebook customer reviews are important, now answering your main concern as to why you need a Facebook review widget for your website? The answer is simple – to win visitors’ trust. 

As mentioned above, Facebook review widgets display reviews of Facebook customers posted on your Facebook page, and thus helps the visitors in their buying decision. And it eventually helps you to attain more sales. There are further amazing benefits of these widgets which help your business to grow.

  • Enhances brand reputation

Facebook review widget increases your brand reputation by displaying the reviews on your website, as you appear transparent in front of your visitor. And also by showcasing the feedback of your past customers, you show that you care for your customers and consider their reviews and feedback.

  • Adds charm to your website

As of now, you have noticed that all the tools mentioned above have customization features. Customization features add charm to your website, you can match the color palette of the widget with your brand or website. The uniformity in the color patterns makes your website well organized and pleasing to the eyes. This helps you to attract more audiences to your website. And increase your brand awareness.

  • Provides social proofs 

Another amazing benefit of displaying Facebook customer reviews on the website is that it provides social proof to your visitors. People always tend to look for reviews and social proof for their buying decision, by providing them on your website, you not only help them in their purchasing decision but also help you to get sales. 

  • Save visitors’ time

By displaying the Facebook reviews, you also save visitors’ time. As people usually look for products and find reviews and public opinion simultaneously. By displaying them on the website, you save their time, as people get the details of the products and their reviews simultaneously and all in one place. And if you are showing such care for your visitors, it eventually enhances your reputation.

  • Makes your website engaging

Regular feed updates and reviews attract visitors’ attention, and unlimited feed keeps him engaged. It also encourages them to spend more time on the website. It eventually sparks interest in the mind of the visitor.

Summing It Up

Displaying Facebook customer reviews on the website is a smart strategy to gather more audience for your website. The tools mentioned above are currently the best in the market and eases your task of embedding these feeds on your website. Also, by using this strategy, you not only convert your visitors into customers but also build a strong relationship with your past customers. Because your past customers also feel respected when you feature their feedback on your website. Embedding Facebook reviews is a win-win situation for your business and helps your business to grow.



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