Top 5 Emerging Mobile Games of 2022


We are already past the better part of 2022, and the mobile gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. Several new games have been released in the past 8 months, but a few of them just stood out from the rest. With numerous games floating over the internet, finding an ideal game to play becomes searching for the needle in a haystack. 

5 Best Mobile Games 2022

  1. Slashy 

Genre: Hyper-Casual Game

Developer: Camel Motion Inc.

Release Date: 11 July 2022

About the Game:

This is the most innovative mobile game the world has ever seen. Slashy tops the chart of free puzzle games, thanks to its unique and distinctive features. The drill is super-simple – the gamer has to burst the discs appearing in front of him by placing slices on them. Now, you will have the privilege of choosing the type of slice you want to burst the discs. 

Simply put, you may unlock a variety of slices by completing a significant number of levels. In the Slashy world, these slices are Props, basically. Some of these cute slices are that of an orange, a crystal ball, a wall clock, a pizza, a button, a football, and many more. Apart from that, there is a trio of themes that the player can choose to enhance his gaming experience. 

This puzzle game spans more than 300 mind-boggling levels. In the later part of the game, the discs start rotating on their own axis, thereby making the game much more entertaining. Lastly, Slashy has a universal appeal, which means kids and adults can easily play this game in their free time to relax from the daily hustle and bustle. 

So, download this classic puzzle game for free from The App Store and extract maximum fun.  


Genre: Racing Game

Developer: Noodlecake

Release Date: 4 August 2022

About the Game: 

Originally released on Microsoft and Xbox One in 2019, this cycling game is now available both on Android and iOS devices. After achieving great success on Xbox and PlayStation, the mobile version is not far behind. Upon release, Descenders has witnessed a huge number of downloads, both from The Play Store and The App Store. 

Coming to this wonderful game now, Descenders is a downhill mountain biking game where the gamer has to finish the race, by overcoming all the obstacles in that race. As all the races take place on the downhill slope of the mountain, it’s obvious that there will be rocky terrains and huge boulders along those races. 

Moreover, there is a trial mode where the player gets the privilege of performing various stunts with their bicycles. In addition to these interesting racing events, there are other objectives, such as performing tricks and completing a race within a stipulated time, associated with different levels. 

Available for free from The App Store and The Play Store, this racing game will give you thrills and chills, whenever you undertake any racing event. 

3.Diablo Immortal


Developer: Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase 

Release Date: 2 June 2022

About the Game: 

Diablo Immortal is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game, aka, MMORPG, that has been a hit among various audiences. As a part of the critically acclaimed Diablo series, the events of Diablo Immortal are set between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Moreover, Diablo Immortal is the first game of the series to be launched on the mobile platform. 

Moving further, the players of this game have the option of choosing any one of the six characters present in the game. These characters are Barbarian, Crusader, Wizard, Necromancer, Demon Hunter and Monk. With these characters, the player has to embark on a journey full of adventures and perils, through the streets of the Westmarch city. 

Apart from that, there is a Multiplayer option as well. In this mode, the gamers can form a team of upto 8 people to take on various group challenges and engage in grueling duels with the bosses of the raids. 

For all those who like ambitious quests and crazy adventures, Diablo Immortal is the best option to go for. Download it for free from The App Store or The Play Store. 

4. Metroland – Endless Runner

Genre: Casual Game

Developer: Kiloo

Release Date: 18 March 2022

About the Game: 

From the makers of the legendary Subway Surfers, here’s another edition in the arcade racing industry. In Metroland, the player has to Run, escaping the clutches of the enemies. Secondly, he has to dash whenever he is in danger of getting caught. Thirdly, he needs to dodge the obstacles and hurdles coming in front of him. Finally, he has to unleash his parkour entity to climb over various rooftops. 

Overall, there are merely 4 activities, which the player of Metroland has to undertake. These activities are Run, Dash, Dodge, and Parkour. The more you run, the more steps you cover, the more points will be awarded to you. Gather as many XP points as you can by running each season. 

Furthermore, you may also build fun robots and rooms, which you may send to various missions to gather various prizes. So, all gaming enthusiasts can go for this game by downloading it free from The App Store. 

5. Sunrise Village

Genre: Strategy Game

Developer: Innogames

Release Date: 24 February 2022

About the Game: 

Sunrise Village is primarily a farming simulation game in which you will have to maintain the farm assigned to you. As a premise, you will receive a letter from your grandfather, who is an honorable resident of Sunrise Village. The letter will cite the recent dangers the Village is facing. Due to some devil’s curse, the buildings have become entangled in thorny vines, and the whole village has been shrouded in a peculiar fog. 

To restore the village back to its former self, you have to find six magical crystals and harness the whole of elemental energy. Moreover, you have a mission to rebuild the homes and shops of the amicable villagers. Along with that, you need to harvest the crops and sell the product to gain profits for the villages. 

Furthermore, you also have to manage the farm animals and feed them properly, so that they will remain free from any sort of ailment. Sunrise Village is a perfect platform to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You may bask in the sunrise of the village, breathe in fresh oxygen and rejoice in the lush green fields of Sunrise Village. 

So, get ready for this fun adventure of the Sunrise Village, and undertake the challenges that come along. The game is available for free to download from The App Store. 

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In amalgamation of the above, mobile games clearly have an edge over any sort of games. This is due to the fact that mobile gadgets are portable. You don’t need to transport heavy machinery from one place to another in order to play a game. 

You just have to download a gaming app on your smartphone, and then everything will be as smooth as butter. The game can be played anytime, anywhere. You need to take a breather from the strenuous exercises your job demands, play any casual game for 10 minutes and you will be energized to carry on the remainder of your tasks.

Moreover, if your kids are bugging you, few kid-friendly games, such as Slashy, will be of huge help. So, try all these games whenever you can and enjoy them to the fullest. 


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