Top 3 Key Trends Impacting The food and beverage Industry Globally

Food and beverage industry
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The food and beverage industry is thriving and continues to expand. We see new restaurants and food chains sprouting everywhere we look. However, not every food is in demand, and only certain types of food will dominate in the coming years. So, it is essential to study consumer preferences and predict what kind of food will rule the future. The food trending in one culture will rise to prominence and affect the global food market. Here are three top trends affecting the global food and beverage industry.

Health and Immunity Become A Top Priority 

The pandemic took the lives of millions of people across the world. People with compromised immune systems are still at risk of contracting the Corona Virus. One thing the pandemic highlighted is the lack of immunity-boosting foods in our diets. So, the modern food consumer needs more immune-boosting foods in his diet. 

Turmeric and probiotics are in high demand because they strengthen the immune system. Also, we see people show interest in moringa and coconut as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Health experts advised people to take more Vitamin C and Zinc to protect themselves from the virus. So, the modern food consumer needs food in which vitamins and nutrients are naturally present in large quantities. 

The preference for immune boosters is not going away even in the post-pandemic world. The pandemic has created a condition where people will remain more conscious about health. So, they will choose more nutrient and vitamin-rich foods to stay protected from future epidemics. Companies understand this trend, so the market for immune-boosting foods will grow bigger. More companies would jump in and try to dominate the market.

The food and beverage industry also witnesses the same trend. People prefer herbal drinks that have mood-inducing properties. They also use them to cure sleep deprivation, stress, and other ailments. So, health drinks rich in minerals and vitamins enter the list of food trends in 2022.

Plant-based Foods and Beverages

Consumers are addicted to the taste, texture, and flavor of meats. They cannot leave out meat in their daily diet. At the same time, they are aware of the effect of animal meat on the environment. Many people have become vegans for the same reason. But a lot of people still struggle to adopt veganism. So, plant-based meat is one of the hottest food trends in 2022.

Food companies are studying the constituents of animal meats. They are trying to replicate the pleasure of eating meat. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are some companies involved in the production of plant-based burgers. Burgers currently dominate the plant-based meat market. But soon, we will see plant-based seafood, such as plant-based tuna and crab cakes. Companies like Good Catch Foods work hard to bring more plant-based seafood to the market as an alternative to plant-based burgers. 

Plant-based food beverages are replacing dairy-based beverages. People prefer coconut, soy, oat, rice, and potato milk. They provide the necessary nutrients people need and help those who prefer casein-free drinks.

Foreign Foods and Flavors 

COVID-19 has shut people in their homes, but they have not given up their pursuit of novelty and adventure. Even though people do not travel as much, they try the foods of various countries in their homes. They want to experience how different ethnic groups prepare their food and how it tastes. Ingredients like matcha and moringa commonly used in the East are gaining popularity in the West. Some companies also give them the taste of different cultures through their ready-to-eat meals and meal kits. 

So, we see that the demand for novel tastes still exists- only that people now prepare the food of different cultures or order them from restaurants and eat at home. The restrictions on travel have not stopped them from seeking novel foods and flavors.


People’s preferences for food and beverages change frequently, and the industry is highly volatile. So brands should observe trends and be flexible in accommodating the latest trends. Time counts a lot in the food industry, and the brand making the first move would rule the industry for some time.

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