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best places to visit in patna
best places to visit in patna

Tourist Places near Patna


Nalanda was an ancient Buddhist monastery located in Bihar and was most famous for the Nalanda University, a famous center of learning. The traditional history of Nalanda goes back to the 5th-6th century BCE, during the time of Buddha. Nalanda has been ransacked and destroyed at least three times throughout its history. Here you can explore the ruins of the ancient monastery and temples of Nalanda, surrounded by high walls.

The Nalanda Archeological Museum exhibits numerous treasures found during the excavations. You can also visit the Xuanzang Memorial Hall, Nalanda Vipassana Centre, and Nalanda Multimedia Museum. The Nalanda University was resurrected in 2010 and the new Nalanda University has been designated as the ‘International University of National Importance. if you want to visit patna for tour so you can hire my texi service in patna. it is fast and safe and secure service.


Located near the Chota Nagpur Plateau and the Gangetic Plain, Gaya is a major tourist attraction in India. This pilgrimage center has about 45 sacred places to visit near Patna . You can explore the popular Vishnu temple, built by Ahalya Bai, a Maratha princess, in 1787. Some other famous places include the hills of Ramsilla and Brahmajini, covered with rocky temples. if you want to visit gaya so you can hire my texi service in gaya. it is best service.

The Brahmajini hills were later called the Gayashirsa hill, a well-known place where Buddha preached. You can also visit the famous nearby town of Bodhgaya, the site of Buddha’s enlightenment. Gaya is also sanctified in the Hindu religion as a major pilgrimage site where people complete the pind-daan ritual.


Rajgir can be translated as ‘the Royal House’ and was considered a favorite place of spiritual leaders such as Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahavira, turning it into a major pilgrimage hub for Jain and Buddhist faiths. The rich history of Rajgir goes back to the Mauryan era.

You can explore the numerous historical tourist attractions like Champanagar, Indasala Cave, Bimbisar’s Jail, Jethian, Jian temples, Shanti Stupa, Swarna Bhandar, Pippala Cave, Venuvana, Kundalpur, Jarasandh ka Akhara, the Cyclopean wall, Pandu Pokhara, and Ghora Katora. This city is also famous for its beautiful getaways and health resorts, where you can visit the hot springs and Amaravana or Jivakas Mango Garden. You can also climb up then Griddhakuta or Vultures peak and even enjoy the beautiful city via the ropeway.


This 2500-year-old city is the birthplace of Buddhism and attracts numerous pilgrims. You can visit the city for peace and see the monks dressed in saffron and maroon, chanting and wandering around the temples and monuments. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in the city under the Bo or Bodhi tree, which you can still see. This city also has a significant role in the Hindu religion as Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshman offered pind-daan for their father King Dashratha.

You can also explore the Archaeological Society of Indian Museum, Barabar Caves, Dungeshwari Caves, Buddha statues, Mahabodhi Temple, the Great Buddha Statue, Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple, Vajrasana, Vishnupad Mandir, and Sujata Garh. You can also buy books about Buddist philosophy, statues of Lord Buddha, etc. from the shops around here.


Made from two words Dar and Bhanga, Darbhanga means the Gateway of Bengal and is located in the north of Bihar. Ancient brick fortifications belonging to the 2nd century BC were found during the excavation at Balirajgarh.

Some of the famous tourist attractions that you can explore are Maharajadhiraja Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum, Darbhanga Fort, Anand Bagh Palace, Chandradhari Museum, Shyama Mai Temple, Nargona Palace, and the Kusheshwar Asthan Shiv Temple. You can also come across some wild animals like wolves, hyenas, jackals, foxes, and wild cats. The various fairs and melas are conducted in Darbhanga namely Dussehra Mela, Janmashtami Mela, Kartik Purnima Mela, and Diwali Mela, which attracts many tourists here.


Rohtas district of Bihar came into existence after the bifurcation of Shahabad into Rohtas and Bhojpur in the year 1972. Rohtas is also a part of the Red Corridor and is also known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Bihar’. It is most famous for the Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary. You can visit Emperor Ashok’s minor rock edict, conquering the Mauryan conquest of the district.

This district has a rich history throughout the rule of various emperors. Some of the famous tourist spots here are the Sher Shah Suri Tomb, RohtasGarh Fort, Indrapuri Dam, Maa Tara Chandi Temple, Pilot Baba Temple, Gupta Dham, Manjhar Kund, Dhua Kund, and the Hills of Kaimur.


The administrative headquarters of Bihar, Nawada has a rich history as it was a part of the historical empires of Magadha, Shunga, and Gupta. You can explore the plain and hilly areas of the district and also the five rivers namely Sakri, Khuri, Bhusri, Tilaiya, and Panchane.

You can visit the picturesque Kakolat Falls, known in Hindu mythology as the home of a king who turned into a python as a result of a Rishi’s curse. It is also considered the bathing place of Lord Krishna.


Madhubani is the center of the ancient Mithila territory and was carved out from the Darbhanga district in the year 1972 and is connected with the boundary of Nepal. Visit the beautiful Somnath Mahadev temple, famous for the annual Maithil Brahmins Sabha, located in the Saurath village of Madhubani.

You can also get the famous Mithila painting or the Madhubani art, traditionally created by women of the Mithila region of India and Nepal. This art form was used as a form of wall art and is also used in various occasions and rituals. Some other well-known tourist attractions that you can visit are the Uchaitha, Bhawanipur, Balirajpur, Mangrauni, Satghara, Bisfi, Andhratharhi, and Kapileshwar Sthan.


Formed in the year 1991 as a result of separation from the Munger district and was also known as the Jambhiyaagram during ancient times. Currently, the Jamui district is a part of the Red Corridor. The landscape of the district has plain and hilly regions with two main rivers namely Kiul and Ulai. you can visit the Nagi and Nakti Dam bird sanctuary.

You can also climb up a block of hills which are also called the Gidheswar Pahar. You can also explore some other popular tourist spots like the Jain Mandir in Lachhuar, Siddheshwar Temple, Simultala Hill Station, Kali Mandir in Malaypur, Minto Tower in Gidhaur, Maa Netula Temple, Bhim Bandh, and the Patneswar Temple.


Known as the famous silk city, Bhagalpur is one of the oldest cities in Bihar. This beautiful city derives its name from “Bhagduttpuram”, which when translated means the city of good luck. It attracts a huge number of tourists because of its religious and historical sites especially the ones with the Buddhist’s architecture, culture and importance.

Five Places to visit near Patna you must visit while you are in Bhagalpur are Vikramshila, Mount Mandar, Colganj Rock Cut Temple, Sultanganj and Kuppa Ghat. Vikramshila monastic university is basically the pride of Bihar which has attracted many scholars and learners to understand more about the glorious past.


One of the largest commercial and educational centers in North Bihar, Muzaffarpur lies at the bank of the Burhi Gandak River as well as the rivers Bagmati and Lakhandayee. This wonderful town is famous for its production of Litchis which are not only loved by the locals here but also by the number of tourists that visit this place.

Some of the Places to visit near Patna that you must see before leaving are the Litchi gardens, Baba Gabrinath Temple, Jubba Sahni Park, Ramchandra Shahi Museum and the famous Khudiram Bose Memorial. Muzaffarpur is a town that takes pride in its culture, so every corner of the town speaks a different story of its history.


Munger is one of the most alluring cities in Bihar because of the beauty of its scenery and its perfect location on the bank of river Ganga. Munger is also a popular tourist attraction with a certain historical importance regarding the First World War.

It is believed that the Munger Gun factory had supplied cartridge guns not only for the First World War but also during the Indo China War. The Places to visit near Patna that have the most tourist footfall are the Bihar school of Yoga, Bhimbandh Wildlife sanctuary, Munger Fort, Shri Krishna Vatika and the healing Kashtaharini Ghat.


Motihari is a town that is almost 156 kilometers away from Patna and is predominantly known for its historical importance. This town is not only just a place from travelers but also a must try place for backpackers. Motihari is a place that boasts about its Buddhist stupa and is also known for being the place from where Mahatma Gandhi had started Satyagraha.

The best time to visit Motihari is during the post monsoon season. This place is definitely a beautiful blend of religious and scenic Places to visit near Patna that include the Moti Jheel, Lauria, Chakia, Kesaria, Sitakund and many more.


Known for being the land of the Pal Dynasty, Lakhisarai is the most religious place in the state of Bihar. This city has always been passionate about Hindu temples and is proud of having the famous Ashok Dham that protects a huge black Shivling which rests beautifully on a pure white façade.

Some of the Places to visit near Patna that you should visit in Lakhisarai are the Ashok Dham Temple, Shringi Rishi Ashram, Surya Mandir etc. Shiringi Rishi Ashram is a place amidst mountains that only helps calm the mind and attain spiritual benefits but also has boating facilities for tourists visiting from far and near.


Hajipur is home to some of the best places to visit near Patna. The places that you need to visit in Hajipur are Mahatma Gandhi Setu, which is famous for being the longest bridge in the world. Ramchaura Mandir, a landmark destination that marks the visit of Lord Rama to Hajipur. Vaishali Mahotsava, a mahotsava that is dedicated to the 24th tirthankara, Lord Mahavira is celebrated in a grand way in a village


Lying in western part of Bihar, the plains of Kaimur are lush, productive alluvial lands and are known for being the most vibrant regions of Bihar. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the largest wildlife sanctuary in the state along with a few waterfalls and lakes. You can also visit Maa Mundeshwari Temple, Sidhanath Temple, Baidyanath, Karmanasa River and many other places to visit near Patna.


Samastipur is a relatively small town in Bihar that is known for its vast stretches of lovely scenery, deep rooted religious traditions, gorgeous age old temples, other legacies attached to its name and for having abundance production of food grains, spices, fresh fruits and so on.

While exploring the city you will find that a number of temples here are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here, the Thaneshwar temple and the Khudneswar temple are the popular places to visit near Patna.



Begusarai is known for being the industrial capital of Bihar. The name of this city is derived from the fact that the queen of Bhagalpur used to visit the river Ganga for pilgrimage purposes. This place is adorned with rich history and lush green landscape.

Some of the Places to visit near Patna in Begusarai are the Kanwar Lake Bird sanctuary, Begusarai Museum, Naulakha temple, Jaimangal Garh temple and the Ajatshatru Fort. In order to know the city through history, paintings, pottery, art, manuscripts, architecture etc you must visit the famous begusarai museum and the naulakha temple.


Champaran is not only the home to a wide variety of birds and animals but also is the administrative district of the state of Bihar. The tourism here is vividly diversified with its lush green forests, fertile plains and enthralling heritage. The months between October to March are best for visiting this peaceful place.

The number of places that add to the beauty and glamor of the west Champaran are the Valmiki National Park, Bank of Triveni, Bawanghari, Nandangarh, Bhiknatohari and the wonderful Ashoka Pillar. In the east Champaran you will find more shades of art and culture in places like Motihari, Someshwar Shiv Mandir, Kesariya Stupa and several other attractions.


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