Top 12 Project Management Apps for Android & iOS

project management apps

Are you overwhelmed and don’t know how to manage the to-do list and team? Then, you are at the right place. A lot of work added to the pending list can indeed give anxiety. In other words, it can be more time-consuming and puts pressure on your nerves to remember every task by yourself. 

The human brain needs a break to unwind the stress. For this purpose, project management apps are gaining popularity. To meet the demands and requirements of the modern world, people select different applications as per their needs and available options.

An undeniable fact is that not a single person can live without the use of gadgets. Users are always in search of fast solutions. That is why the use of efficient software is becoming greater and vast.

What is the Function of Project Management Apps?

It gives the power to organize and sort things out effortlessly. All the project management apps give relief to carry the day-to-day task with much speed and correctness. In addition, these platforms offer professional activities like scheduling tasks, communicating with the team, checking the project’s progress, and much more.

The incredible thing is the provided convenience of operating the applications from anywhere. In contrast to the web versions, mobile applications are way better at functioning. Moreover, they minimize the workload because of the non interrupting features. 

Correct Ways to Select the Project Management Apps

Understanding the working of every app and then finalizing it can be restless sometimes. It is good to understand the individual characteristics of different applications.

Based on the working efficiency, compatibility, and type of software. The user has to check and pick those project management apps that meet the needs of their projects. Also, this will take time, but it is going to be worth every second.

Below find some of the best ways to find the right application:

Have User-Friendly Interface

It is an important fact to remember while selecting an app. That time is gone when users were somehow managing the not-so-fast applications. Nowadays, everyone wants the perfect solution. So always choose only those which has a built-in speedy user interface. 

Search for the Compatibility

This is the primary issue users have faced in the past few years. First, try to find out the working patterns and devices you mainly use. After that, check the compatibility of the new applications. The selection depends on the type, whether it is android or iOS. If both, start using hybrid ones.

Go for Fast Working

No doubt, working in any organization makes the process less effective due to the slow functioning. Therefore, the project management apps must be updated to avoid issues.

Choose Premium Security

As the data and information are significant for any company or person. Nobody wants such project management apps which are at high risk of losing or crushing in between. Also, when the professional working expands, the chances of data breaching become higher because of the public interactions. To minimize this, get a free trial first or read reviews at different places online.

Look for Synchronization Option

To get the maximum output, give it a try to those applications that provide the mobile to web sync and vice versa. This will help in getting the project updates readily. Otherwise, it will be a difficult task to know about the changes.

Consider Affordable Prices

Again it depends on how big your business or company is. Suppose there are only four to five members in a team, then try the free version of applications. This will make your budget out of range and cost you higher.

Say Yes to a Variety of Functions

There are many features, including replying, giving comments, reporting, searching different folders, sharing files, etc. All this won’t be very easy if the project management apps do not support any attributes.

Best 12 iOS and Android Applications

The need for a properly functioning application is getting in demand with the passing minute. Therefore, it is significant to know how the mobile app development services in UK works and what they are offering.

Here is the list of top most project management apps:

1- Wrike

It works for any size of business—one of the most popular and award-winning software. Also, according to the survey, more than 20,000 people are using this mobile application.

The free version allows five users. In addition, it has other types like business, professional, and enterprise that have different criteria and pricing. 


  • Wrike has a user guide that makes the methods understandable.
  • Its interface allows the view and use of Grants Charts.
  • Also, the 400+built in integration makes it more helpful.
  • The famous timesheets are available in Wrike.

A very suitable mobile application. It works fine with android, iOS, and windows.

2- Asana

Asana is the most simple project management app. It offers different modes of viewing, including list, board, timeline, and calendar view. In addition, this app can break the task into subcategories.

However, it allows only one person per project. This makes the methods less confusing for the users. 


  • It makes the to-dos easier by splitting them into subtasks.
  • Asana assigns the due dates with much efficiency.
  • This app lets you comment on the task as well.
  • Its basic view is free for up to 15 people.

This app is best for small to medium businesses. It is compatible with the web, android, and iOS.

3- Trello

Trello is an application that provides the task assigned in unique ways. This makes different cards to view details. For instance, if a person is writing, is done with work, or has just completed the assigned task. All the information is present in the form of a card on a board.

It works on a kanban board system. It is an effective way to design calendars and improve the flow of work.


  • It offers a variety of power-ups options.
  • Trello is helpful for every kind of project
  • It divides the task into columns on board.
  • Also, run on a kanban management system.

This application smoothly functions on android, web, and iOS.


It is easy to use and has a prominent perk. makes the information more organized.


  • There is an option to create different templates.
  • It has a data synchronization feature.
  • has the best integration.

It is compatible with the web, iOS, and android.

5- SmartSheet

Smartsheet is available in 290 countries. Many mobile app development services use it in the UK because of its characteristics. The best thing about this application is that it increases productivity.


  • It gives no code streamlining.
  • Also, sort and collect data easily.
  • The application offers real-time viewing of work status.
  • It works perfectly with both android and iOS.

6- ClickUp

It is best for managing complex projects, and large teams as the application allows you to view every member’s updates. 

ClickUp has the goal-setting function, which helps in reaching the target on time.


  • It has filters to find out the progress of a task.
  • Also, a free plan is available for unlimited users.
  • ClickUp gives unbelievable customization options.
  • Emphasis on goal tracking activity to increase results.

Compatible with iOS and Android.

7- Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is best for small to medium-sized businesses. It is a low-budget cloud-based solution for everyone. However, the integration is not much advanced or optimized, but it provides the third-party option with easy access. 


  • A free version is available.
  • It allows a maximum of three users.
  • Also, users can have up to 10MB of storage space.
  • Zoho has both Kanban board and Gantt chart views.

It has premium and enterprise-paid versions as well. Also, compatible with both iOS and Android. 

8- Jira

One of the best applications for software developers. It works on the core issues of the system. Jira can easily manage and organize different tasks. Also, it can fix bugs by letting you add all the errors to the backlog list. 

The visual system is based on two types. One is Kanban, and the other is the scrum board.


  • The workflow methods are customizable.
  • Its free version allows ten people to work on one project.
  • The software offers the advanced detection of errors.
  • Also, it supports the criteria of analytics and the function of reporting.

Jira works smoothly with both android and iOS.

9- Basecamp:

Basecamp is the most powerful yet simple software. The visualization in this application is in the form of hill charts. Also, It is one of the project management apps that work on the communication aspect too.


  • It is free for freelancers, teachers, and students.
  • The application allows email usage directly.
  • Also, reporting helps in managing leftover work.
  • It has a but-in to-do list, calendar, and message feature.
  • The software has the option to schedule meetings as well.

This is compatible with android and iOS.

10- Notion

It is a knowledge-based work app that is easy to use. The user can create spreadsheets, write documents, manage and share the files. Notion further allows the team member to add separate names and statuses to organize the information. 


  • The personal version is free for up to five viewing members. 
  • It has the strongest collaboration option for mentioning names.
  • Also, the database feature is unlimited and has convenient procedures.

The notion works perfectly fine with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

11- RedBooth

Redbooth is impressive in creating quick and assigning tasks. One of the best software to get updates and views tasks within minutes. 


  • It is excellent for small teams.
  • Redbooth is free for two users with 2GB given storage.
  • Also, having the finest commenting and communication option.

This application is formerly known as team box, later changed into redbooth.

It is compatible with iOS and Android.

12- MeisterTask

It is the one-stop solution for managing everything. The incredible thing is that it provides an intuitive interface. Also, the application makes the user work more efficiently.


  • Users can have a free version with up to their projects and unlimited members.
  • The options are vast and range from creating, assigning to managing deadlines.
  • It has the best workflow automation, integrated time recording, and Gantt charts feature.

MeisterTask works smoothly with both android and iOS.


There are hundreds of applications helping manage the giant projects with such remarkable tools for fulfilling the need. They are successfully contributing to the betterment of the digital world and making things easier for the users. But, at the end of the hectic day, satisfaction is what matters the most. 



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