Top 10 World’s Fastest Electric Scooters

weped ss top speed,

We are in a historical period when most of the world is unrestricted access to extremely fast electric scooters. Newer, faster, and more extreme scooters come into reach of scooter-loving mortals like us every month. It’s possible that this time will pass almost as quickly as the scooters did.

To help you find the fastest of the fast, we’ve created a list of the Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters in the World (while they last). The majority of these records were created using accurate Racelogic GPS data, however some were created using inaccurate uncalibrated means (speedometer, mobile phone).

We’ve ranked the top 10 e-scooters for sale based on top speed, and where data is available, we’ve also included data for standing 1/16th mile, 99 m, and 0 to 48 km/h times.

Top Speed Electric Scooters in the World

Rankings have always been decided by top speed. If you want to win the heavyweight championship, you must be the fastest, though not always the fastest. As long as you don’t run out of runway, top speed is primarily a measurement of power versus wind resistance, therefore bigger vehicles may get away with it and still perform well in this area.

We view the 1/16th mile (99 m) time test as the ultimate standard for assessing the acceleration capabilities of electric scooters, much like the 14 mile time is for muscle cars. Aside from the fact that most electric scooter acceleration curves flatten out at a distance of 99 m,

It applies to biking in cities as well. When you consider the need for some room to calm down before the next light, 99 m is a fantastic fit. An average city block is 120 metres long.

Rankings For The Fastest Electric Scooters

The weped ss top speed, the former range champion, had been deposed by the Burn-E scooter. The ESG team’s preferred scooter is the Burn-E, which has next-level suspension, amazing performance, and an apparently limitless range. Regarding riding quality, build quality, features, and performance, it checks all the boxes (for those looking for a monster scooter).

Electric scooters can travel at speeds that were unimaginable three or four years ago. They have a top speed of more than 100 km/h and are true supercharged machines. The legal framework in which they can be used, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of a rapid electric scooter, will be examined in this article.

How Fast Can An Electric Scooter Be Driven Legally?

To start, any electric scooter sold to you in France will be legally restricted to a 25Km/h top speed. No matter how quick your scooter appears to be on paper, you can’t necessarily speed it out of the gate, much less on a public road.

The regulation is straightforward: on public roads, your fast scooter must be limited to 25 km/h. By this, we mean a hardware restriction rather than a software one. To put it plainly, it is against the law to be able to dismount your electric scooter while it is in motion. Therefore, stop using the bridging on the LCD or the well-known debriding boxes, both of which are blatantly against the law.

A fast electric scooter’s advantage, though, is not just its top speed; as we will see in a moment, it can also be beneficial on a public roadway while still being legal.

You should only use your electric scooter on private property if you want to get the most out of it.

Advantages Of Electric Scooters

A scooter that runs on electricity has many benefits. The foremost is undoubtedly its speed, but there are more factors. This type of scooter is a good chassis for speed and an attractive ergonomic shape, particularly on the deck where you may lay your feet.

It has strong suspension as well, however keep in mind that a fast model’s suspension is typically rather firm to hold the road effectively.

Speed also translates to strong motors. Therefore, a quick electric scooter also benefits from a strong torque; some of them have motors that are over 10,000W. Strong acceleration is produced by a lot of torque, which is noticeable in cities.

The last benefit is in grip, as it is still preferable to have a chassis that holds the road even with a scooter that can reach speeds of at least 100 kilometres per hour. The chassis typically is a relatively low centre of gravity, stiff springs, and 11-inch wide tyres. Manufacturers are aware of this.

Disadvantages Of Electric scooter

A quick electric scooter is a number of drawbacks as well. The cost comes first since, certainly, it frequently influences your choice. As we’ve seen, the core of a fast scooter is a large battery and high-end motors, which are also its most expensive component. It is obvious that an electric scooter that travels quickly is not what you would call inexpensive, with prices often ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 euros.

The second flaw in a quick scooter is its autonomy. So, yes, the range will be good if you learn to control your acceleration phases and remember to let off the gas sometimes. However, using a quick electric scooter is typically for enjoyment and speed, which uses up a lot of range and significantly shortens journey times.

Some models’ comfort is dated quite a bit. On a scooter that travels at this kind of speed, you avoid having soft suspensions that could cause swaying or bouncing at high speeds, thus this is actually fairly common. Consider the F1 vehicles of 2022 and their porpoising issues for a moment.

The weight is the final drawback. Large batteries, powerful motors, and modified chassis. Add significantly to the weight of a fast scooter model; this can be a concern. If you live in an apartment without a lift.

Best 5 Electric Scooters 

Let’s examine the top-performing quick electric scooters. We have selected models that are the fastest. But also contain crucial components like a balanced chassis, appropriate tyres, and a high-quality batteries.

Weped SS-T electric scooter

Weped is a distinctively styled Korean company. This scooter, in general, does not appeal to anyone who does not like it. The 72V45Ah battery in the Weped SS-T offers 150Km of autonomy at a slower speed. This powerful electric scooter is 10,000W motors and a top speed of 110Km/h.

This scooter’s advantage isn’t just in, its strength. It also comes from its extremely low chassis and 11′′, 130mm-wide tyres. Which offer a sizable surface area in touch with the ground and thus offer excellent stability.

The Weped SS-T weights 52kg, which is quite a lot for an electric scooter, so that is a drawback. The cost of the Weped SS-T is 5290 euros.

Nami Burn-e electric scooter

An ex-employee of Kaabo owns the first electric scooter under a new brand called Nami Burn-e. Additionally, it is the first model to be made available with a tubular chassis. And a three year warranty, providing a reliable and long-lasting structure.

The 72V35Ah battery in the Nami Burn-e offers, on paper, a 130Km range. The Nami is two 3000W motors with a top speed of 105 km/h.

The Nami is a benefit thanks to its chassis and suspension. Despite its height, the electric scooter is quick, but it can also be used on any surface thanks to its adjustable suspensions and ground clearance.

This is enjoyable on any terrain and is interesting. Additionally, you have the option to select the tyres. You want when you purchase the vehicle. And among the options are the renowned PMT tyres created in Italy, which are the standard for road rides.



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