Top 10 Web Design Trends to Consider for 2022

Web Design Trends

The world of web design changes rapidly, with new developments and trends popping up every few months. 

In some ways, this can make it difficult to keep up with what’s going on in the industry, but it also means that those who do their research can be ahead of the curve in terms of client demand and staying on top of trends when preparing design portfolios. 

Here are 10 web design trends to consider for 2022 (and beyond) as you continue developing your skills and business!

1) Web Design Will be More Minimal

Web design will have to step up its game with great competition and a flood of different options for businesses and consumers. 

To continue staying relevant in a quickly evolving digital landscape, companies must focus on creating minimalistic designs that look elegant and are easy to use. 

In short, if you want your website to be around in 2022—or even tomorrow—you will reevaluate how you present yourself online.

2) Fonts Will Become Bolder

Fonts that are bolder and more expressive will take over websites in 2022. Bold fonts are easier to read and appear more memorable than subtle ones. 

Fonts that lack traditional serifs, such as typewriter and script fonts, will become increasingly popular on new sites throughout 2019 and beyond. This trend is gaining traction because of its versatility. These fonts can be easily modified with changes in size or color without losing their original appeal.

3) Typography Will Continue to be Important

Web design trends continue to change, but typography will remain constant. While there’s been a shift toward clean and simple aesthetics, typography is still as important as web design. 

But how will it change over time? Web designers and developers should focus on these three core aspects of typefaces: readability, font family variety, and site-wide or overall usage.

4) Image Quality Will Improve

It might seem like a no-brainer, but clear, quality images are one of the most important parts of web design. This will become even more evident as people use their tablets and smartphones to view websites on smaller screens. 

With less space to work with, you’ll see companies focusing on delivering HD-quality images and videos to capture users’ attention, especially when these devices have high resolutions.

5) Animation Will Take on a Bigger Role in Web Design

The days of web design based on rudimentary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are waning; in their place, more website interactions will be driven by animated elements that make sites more dynamic. 

In India, creative web design companies will have no trouble picking up where designers left off and making these interactions possible. 

Luckily, those firms will benefit from specialists in-house with experience creating animation sequences with applications like Adobe After Effects and digital media software like Autodesk Maya or Apple Motion Studio.

6) Blur and Shadows Will Continue as Significant Design Elements

With screen sizes constantly increasing, designers will continue using blur and shadows to add depth and height. Since most web design trends will be adapted from TV commercials and movie scenes, more emphasis on depth as a visual appeal is expected. 

This is also why the best web design company in India has a stronghold on professionals in that field, keeping abreast with creative trends across media platforms.

7) Whitespace Will Remain Important

When we talk about whitespace, we’re talking about more than just space on a page. Whitespace refers to negative space and positive space—the empty and clear spaces around content that allow our minds to process it naturally. 

This is especially important when considering how much information we’re bombarded with every day. Studies have shown that allocating appropriate amounts of whitespace can help us focus and understand what we’re reading better. 

Studies show that people who use websites with ample white space tend to read more pages than those who don’t. As Web design trends continue to evolve, I think designers will need to consider how they can use whitespace effectively.

8) Text/Title Ratio Remains High for Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Above all else, when creating your title, you need to write something that grabs attention. The best way to accomplish that is by leveraging a high text-to-title ratio and providing lots of context without too many keywords. 

The more detailed your title and its text content are, generally speaking, the better. But don’t go overboard: we recommend keeping your titles between 50 and 70 characters long, with around 20% of those characters being spaces. 

That will allow you to provide some detail while still leaving plenty of space for search engines to pull out relevant keywords from your title tag.

9) Personalisation is key

Whether we like it or not, personalization is going to have a big impact on how people interact with web design in 2022. This isn’t surprising since many of us are already feeling a bit of personalized fatigue from all those increasingly targeted ads popping up on social media. 

But if you think back to when print newspapers began tailoring specific articles and sections towards readers – a very early form of personalization – it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come.

10) Virtual Reality Becomes Mainstream But Takes Time

Virtual reality leaped forward in 2016, but it will take a few more years before we see it go mainstream. In 2017, major players like Sony and Oculus VR released some of their most potent headsets yet, with offerings like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift bringing VR tech into millions of homes.

While there was plenty of hype surrounding these releases, they didn’t exactly make waves in terms of sales. 

That said, 2018 is already shaping up to be a big year for virtual reality: Facebook has already shipped over 1 million Oculus Go headset, which is completely wireless and doesn’t require any external sensors or controllers. The future is here—it just hasn’t arrived quite yet.

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Web design trends aren’t forever. The pace of technological advancement is speeding up, and web design companies are taking advantage of these updates as fast as possible. Expect a constant stream of changes regarding web design over the next few years. 

If you’re looking into launching or updating your website, it might be worth keeping an eye on these trends to know what’s coming.


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