Top 10 UV light sanitizer in 2021

UV Light

Human needs and desires are satisfied by technological advancements. UV light Dunwoody is one thing that has evolved from just being used in hospitals and medical facilities to portable devices, majority handheld to kill germs around you.


There is no shortage of possible options when you look deep into the market for selecting a specific kind of UV light Dunwoody for your HVAC system. But here are certain aspects you need to know before choosing a UV light Dunwoody for your home.


Variants of UV and UV-C light lamps


UV light systems are two kinds for the HVAC system: air sterilizer and the other coil sterilizer. As the name suggests, the first one kills pathogens that pass through the air and kills all kinds of air-borne diseases that flow with the air from one area of the house to another. In contrast, coil sterilization is the type of UV light installed near the coil. It is for tackling the infestation of mold and other harmful buildups in your system.


It is just a germ killer for many homeowners. They only opt for installing this when they have witnessed any resident getting infected with a disease. In today’s scenario, the pandemic is at its height, and the spread is uncontrollable. People affected by Covid buy air sterilizers.


On the other hand, UV light installation doesn’t cost you in the long run as they are highly reflective and cause the heating system to push low for higher efficiency. It also improves airflow keeping your home temperature at its optimal.


Top 10 UV and UV-C light lamps for 2021


Following are the Top 10 UV light sanitizers that you can opt for each along with their pros and cons so you could decide better:

Air purifier whole house UV Light in the duct with dual replacement bulbs and a germicidal filter this UV Light is rated in the most effective and efficient HVAC sterilization for the year and coming. It can power up to nine wattages in any system that weights between 1-5 tons and consists of a premium sight glass.


Installation of this unit into the system is Hassel-free and human-friendly, and one can enjoy the benefits soon after the installation. Keeping the price in mind. Spare bulb purchase is no big deal.

REKO lightning R2000 air purifier whole house UV UVC light in duct

The USA-manufactured air purifier is one deal-breaker. Not just by being pocket-friendly, it has the design to fit all standard electrical outlets.

The R2000 consists of a powerful bulb that kills almost 99% of the germs within seconds, alongside it can cancel out any odor reloving around the home within an hour of usage. What else do you wish to have in an air purifier lamp? It has everything one is looking for these days, especially for people affected by the pandemic.

Bio shield antimicrobial protection BUVAS-E UV-C.


It is for homeowners who are concerned about energy consumption. And they also look for safety. Bio Shield cater to both. With two replacement bulbs and charged by Philips bulb, one can’t question the quality as it speaks of itself.

Removing pathogens helps clean the duct system, making it more convenient for homeowners to invest in separate cleaning tools and equipment. With low voltage bulbs, you also have a safe side on not having overhead costs of maintenance now and then.


Pureuv 14 UV light coil cleaner

One famous UV light sterilizer is on our hit list for its primary purpose and capacity for dealing with mold growth near the coils. It serves as a coil cleaner and eliminates fungal microbes within seconds.


Its primary purpose is to kill pathogens near the coil. It has a 14″ inch bulb with a high-intensity power supply. It takes longer to install this unit in your system. and easy to install the light lamp by yourself. The light lamp is priced relatively low when compared to others.

Original PURE AIR UV: AIR Purifier Whole House Dual UVC Light in Duct for HVAC


UV-C lamps are effective in killing pathogens. The success rate is 99%. The manufacturing process has made it outlive other brands with a thousand extra hours. Pocket-friendly and easy to install design makes it quite a likable product in the market.

The best part of purchasing this unit above all others is that it comes with a noise cancellation system built-in, and you can easily sleep while it does its work in the duct system.

Honeywell UV100A1059 UV Surface Treatment System


This unit serves two purposes, Coil sterilization, and air sterilization. This UV Light lamp will help people who are facing dual issues.

The lamp has an odor cancellation process. which not just eliminates germs but makes your environment odor-free within minutes of usage.

It has two functions. It kills airborne and water-borne germs—the main perk of opting for this unit. The system comes with an extra bulb, so you don’t have to worry about replacing a new one.


Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system with Activated Carbon filter


It has a carbon filter. It is very dynamic and better than all other designs available in the market. The carbon filter traps more germs and containments. On the right side, it cancels out odors from each room. Cheaper spare parts are widely available across the market. In case your bulb burns out, you don’t need to fuss over expensive bulbs and their maintenance cost.

Honeywell UV Air Purifier (24V) with AirBRITE Odor Absorption


Another Honeywell product that serves the purpose at its best is the 24V air bite. With all-satisfying features of germicidal protection and odor cancellation. It can kill all pathogens with 24 hours of use. The only con it has is that its design is challenging to install and requires professional assistance.


OdorStop UV Air Purifiers


One special UV sterilizer in the market is by Odor stop. Its advanced sensor system notifies you when it turns on and synchronizes with the furnace system. Low electricity consumption and low voltage bulbs make the replacement of bulbs quite frequent. Apart from that, it’s user and pocket friendly for all homeowners.


Mammoth BioShield UV-C Air Treatment System for HVAC System


For homeowners with a tight budget, this is the most flexible option available on board. Additionally, The lamp consists of a sensory system. This sensor notifies residents when to change the bulb or when to switch it off immediately. Nevertheless, Residents can use it overnight without switching it off because of low voltage. There is no danger of bulbs getting burned. Keeping in mind The lamp effectively removes pathogens from the air and purifies them, but it takes a lot longer than the usual UV light sterilizers to complete the process.





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