Top 10 Security Ideas for Your Office


It’s a fact of life in the 21st century: no matter where you work, your office can be a target for thieves. The potential threat is real, and the consequences could be devastating. That’s why it’s important to make an effort to improve security at your place of business. Taking small steps can add to big rewards in terms of peace of mind and protection from crime. Here are some simple ideas that just about any workplace can implement:

1) Employ Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

One of the more effective tools in security (and law enforcement) is video surveillance. CCTV systems are invaluable for helping to record criminal activity, act as a deterrent and help solve crimes that do occur. If you want more information on how they work or where to buy them, consider Dajiang Innovations (DJI). They’re one of the world leaders in manufacturing high-quality cameras used both by businesses and governments all over the world. There’s no better place to start if you want to get top-notch advice about what camera is best for your company.

2) Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Activate Emergency Alerts

When something happens at your business, speed can mean the difference between life and death. It is just as true for employees as it is for customers. That’s why it’s important to ensure that everyone knows how to activate the alarm system and report suspicious activity immediately. Ensure employees have clear instructions about where the panic buttons are located and what they should do when they’re activated. You might want additional signage or stickers to be extra safe.

3) Secure the Perimeter Of Your Office With A Fence Or Barrier

The safety of your staff can depend on their ability to get in and out of the office without obstruction. If you don’t want trespassers or unauthorized vehicles entering your business’ property, consider investing in a fence or barrier. Depending on the material used, fences serve all sorts of purposes – from protecting your staff and property to also helping you keep track of who is coming and going on the premises.

4) Handle Customer and Employee Money Separately

Most businesses collect cash from customers and employees as part of their daily operations. It’s important not only to separate the two but also to store them in a way that prevents criminals from gaining access to either. For example, you can use a safe with a separate key or install an electronic locking mechanism. It will allow employees quick access for depositing checks or cashing paychecks while preventing any theft or fraud with customer money. In addition, it’s advisable to give each employee an individual PIN for making deposits at ATMs or banks – just one more measure meant to safeguard, well, money.

5) Equip Every Workstation With A Personal Safe

One critical step that often gets overlooked is ensuring all employees have a safe place to store their purses, wallets, and other valuables. It doesn’t mean you should force them to keep everything locked inside the office at all times – but it can help to install wall-mounted or under-desk safes for anyone who wants to use them. It’s a good idea to make certain they’re accessible 24/7, even if employees are permitted access after normal business hours only.

6) Invest In High-Quality Locks And Windows That Offer Top Protection

Some of the most common methods criminals use to gain entry into local businesses include forcing open doors and smashing windows. However, suppose you install quality locks – including deadbolts – on all your exterior doors, along with shatter-resistant glass bottles. In that case, you’ll be giving criminals one extra thing to think about before they break into your business. Take a look at what DoorKing offers in terms of smart access control systems and other locking devices.

7) Have A Trusted Member Of The Community Serve As Your Security Advisor

One fairly unique way of ensuring the safety of your company’s office is by hiring a security expert. Who can provide hands-on training for employees and give them tips for staying safe? While passing through certain parts of the neighborhood. This person should have a great deal of experience dealing with common crimes. That occur in any given area and should offer excellent insight for preventing attacks before they happen. A security consultant can serve both as a detective. Who digs up dirt on the competition and identifies what kind of threats are likely to affect your company’s business. They can also provide tips for improving employee safety. Assist with creating a strong security strategy, and help improve productivity by being proactive without being too intrusive.

8) Pick the Right Time to Lock Your Office Door

Of course, no amount of locks, signs, or alarms will keep you 100% secure at all times – but taking steps like these can often help slow down criminals and stop them in their tracks. One step that too many people take for granted is locking their office door after-hours when everyone is gone. It’s been proven time and again that leaving your front door unlocked during the day and locking it at night makes you an easy target for criminals.

9) Prohibit Employees From Bringing Valuables To The Office

While we’ve already talked about the importance of maintaining a safe place to store your employees’ personal belongings. There are other steps you can take as well. For example, many office managers ask staff members not to bring their valuables to work with them. Whether this means expensive purses or even wallets containing credit cards and cash. If a theft occurs, the company is only out a few dollars or cents. Which is infinitely better than losing thousands via bank fraud or identity theft.

10) Give Your Staff Access to Security Cameras

One final step that will help protect your company is making certain that all employees know about the availability of security cameras – and then encouraging them to use them. It doesn’t matter which brand you decide on (though Axis Communications has an impressive lineup). Just make sure everyone knows where they’re located. Employees won’t feel like they need to hide their valuables in their desks or lockers if they know there are eyes everywhere keeping watch over their stuff.


These ten security ideas for your office can help protect your building from large criminal acts while also keeping track of who comes in and out by adding security features throughout the building. Everyone should be aware of this list to take precautions against any possible attacks and try to secure their offices as much as possible.

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