Top 10 Business Ideas to Adopt for Saving Mortgage Payment in COVID-19

10 Business Ideas by Mortgage Brokers in Dubai

Every individual, at some point, wants to have a home of their own. To buy a house, you need to save saving at least 20% of the house’s worth as a down mortgage payment. But ever since corona hit and the whole country is in Lockdown, the idea to save seems a bit hard. Keeping that in mind that at Money Maestro, Mortgage Consultants in Dubai have given out some of the Ideas to Save Enough for your Mortgage Payment even in the Lockdown.

For most individuals, working from home used to be a pipe dream. It was simply not viable for organizations to hire staff to work from home before the advent of the Internet and personal computers. On the other hand, starting a small firm necessitated specialized knowledge, a sizable initial investment, and a significant amount of promotion and marketing. Working from Home is already a reality for thousands of people, and you may follow in their footsteps.

Finding ways to generate consistent cash flow should be your priority for any home business. You’ll need cash flow to run and promote your home business, as well as to make a decent living. There are numerous ways to generate revenue for your home business as discovered by our Expert Mortgage Brokers in UAE. The following are some of the ideas that can help you save enough for your mortgage payment or down payment from Home.

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  • Invest or buy a pre-existing business

Purchasing an established home business that is currently profitable is one approach to generate quick cash flow. Of course, you won’t see a return right away because you’ll have to invest first. However, once you’ve recovered your initial investment, you can continue to earn year after year.

The main advantage of purchasing a pre-existing work-from-home business is learning from the prior owner what works and what doesn’t. The primary downside is that you will have to follow in someone else’s footsteps rather than starting your own home business from scratch. When you can genuinely call a company yours, it gives you a huge sense of pride.


  • Follow a Business Model

Another strategy to generate revenue for your work-from-home business is to emulate a successful business concept. Others who have already had success with a home company can teach you a lot. Many seasoned entrepreneurs are writing e-books and forming global networks to assist novice home company owners. They’re providing little-known secrets about home-based enterprises that would take you years to figure out independently.

Look for entrepreneurs that have run successful work-from-home businesses in a field that you are interested in. Create a profitable business model for your new home business using their ideas and examples.


  • Online Marketing

Using the Internet and network marketing to your advantage is a third technique to generate a cash flow. Find and join a group of people who share your aims and work together to create a successful internet business. Thanks to the Internet and network marketing, many people are achieving their financial goals faster than they ever dreamed.

While working from home, network marketing online can bring more individuals together with similar aims in a brief period by using email and a website. Many global network firms will help you promote your web business and go to great lengths to ensure your success. International resort networks allow you to vacation to exotic locations while earning a good living.

Set some goals for your business and start realizing your aspirations now, no matter which method you choose to generate income while working from Home.


  • Car wash Services

Another business idea that won’t go wrong even in the lockdown is. Keeping that in mind and the growing number of individuals purchasing automobiles. The need for car wash services is also rising. Since car owners prefer their vehicles to be shiny and new all of the time, with that new car smell, as a result, the vehicle wash industry will never go out of business.

This home-based business opportunity is ideal for anyone who is locked down in the house and is looking for a way to save for his due Mortgage Payment. You can establish your home-based car wash if you have enough space in your home to accommodate numerous automobiles at once. All you need is a small electric pressure washer to get started. There should also be a plentiful supply of water. Make sure you have a pressure tank with a capacity of at least 340 liters in case of a water shortage.


  • Air traveling Agency

Starting a travel agency is another option for paying for the mortgage payment from home. To start this type of business, you don’t need to be well-traveled or work in the travel industry. Simply be familiar with the booking or ticketing procedure, be knowledgeable about each country’s travel restrictions, and respond to customer concerns properly. You may start your home-based travel firm for very little money.

You’ll need a computer, a phone, a printer, and an internet connection to start a home-based travel agency. You should also register your company with the DTI so that you can join the International Air Transport Association (IATA)as you’ll issuing airline tickets as well.


  • Home Salon

The global shutdown drew out the true artist in each of us. If you enjoy hairstyling, you might be able to make enough money to cover your home payment. If you already have all of the necessary tools and equipment, you can save money when starting a home salon business. Simply set up a room for your home salon and give it a professional appearance.


  • Writing Professionally

This is a wonderful home-based business concept for both aspiring and experienced writers. Writing online articles can lead to a variety of revenue streams that can help you save for your Mortgage payment. All you’ll need is a basic laptop and access to Microsoft Word or Google Docs to get started.

You can discover clients through freelance sites such as Upwork or Freelancer, or through your own professional network. You may be a ghostwriter or a self-publisher without ever leaving your house if you want to create a full-length novel.


  • Accessories business

Another business concept that is sure to bring you success and enough capital to pay off your mortgage is selling accessories. With an accessories business, you can now profit from your passion for fashion and your ingenuity. Handmade jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that are suitable for practically everyone is available. Wallets, backpacks, and phone pouches are some of the other accessories you can sell.

You won’t need much for this home-based business concept. The only money you’ll need to invest is enough to cover materials, overhead, and website design for your online store. However, it may rise as a result of circumstances such as high-cost materials. Using leather can result in a rise in cost too.


  • Tailoring services

Tailoring from home is another typical skill that could make you enough money to cover your mortgage payment. You can start a tailoring services business from home if you have a good sewing machine. For fashion-conscious clientele, you can tailor-fit items and provide alteration services. You can produce bed linens, curtains, and floor mats in addition to garments.

Although, you don’t need much capital for the business, but simply for the basic machinery required to get it up and running. For this home-based business to succeed, you’ll also require sewing skills. It necessitates a great deal of time and meticulous attention to detail. For folks with a fashion sense, this is one of the best home-based business ideas.


  • Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is another tool that might help you save enough money for your mortgage house payment. If you are skilled at anything, you should charge others for teaching them, since the epidemic, this has become the most popular way to generate money from home. This home-based business opportunity isn’t limited to instructing children or offering academic lessons. You might also provide music and art courses to aspiring artists. You can teach lessons online if it’s a teachable talent.

All you have to do is look at what everyone else in the education department has been doing. To get consumers transformed into your potential clients, you simply just have to set up a Zoom or Skype account and promote your business through social media groups.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be able to keep paying your mortgage installments or even the down payment that you need to pay before acquiring your dream house, the aforementioned options are just a few recommendations. Another thing to remember is that the finest home-based company ideas are those that have already been shown to be profitable.

Explore and transform a unique idea inspired by your passions and interests into a money-making venture from home if you have one. As it is said that passion when turned into a profession can be a source of not only joy and peace but financial stability as well. Therefore, whatever business you plan to choose, be sure that the business you are planning to start is driven by your passion.


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