Top 10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas in India That Are Budget Friendly


Gifts are an important part of Indian weddings. It is a part of vibrant and colourful tradition. Gifts are given to the couple to show their love and support for their new life. There are plenty of wedding gifts for couples in India, from jewellery to home décor, furnishing and even kitchenware. Also you could give a couple a gorgeous saree or sherwani, some gold or silver jewellery, a painting or sculpture or some delicious Indian sweets.

Shopping for a couple’s shower, their wedding gift, or their first holiday as married couples, these his and hers gift ideas are bound to leave a lasting impression. So let’s plan gifts for delightful Mr. and Mrs. gifts.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Champagne Flutes

It’s a great present for stylish couples and a fantastic purchase for people who want to pamper themselves and show off their style. Toast their special times with these classy champagne flutes, these glasses with subtle inscriptions of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on each side. From engagement parties to wedding receptions, these flutes are the perfect companion for celebrating their journey into married life. You can order these flutes online from Floweraura and for availing the most possible discounts, you may use the Floweraura Coupon Code, don’t miss out the deals! These personalised champagne glasses are the first choice of people for gifting. 

  1. Jewellery

Jewellery can be a great way to show your affection towards the couple. It’s a classic choice that’s linked to affluence, beauty, and good fortune. Jewellery is often considered as a token of love and gratitude. You can pick a classic gold or silver piece or something more vibrant and unique, like a gem or pearl. Consider the significance and symbolism of the jewellery you pick. A necklace with a pendant in the shape of a lotus flower can represent purity and spiritual awakening, and a bracelet with gold coins can represent abundance and prosperity. You could also consider engraving the jewellery with the couple’s initials or the date of their wedding as a special touch. Although this would make a great traditional Indian wedding present for the bride and groom, we’d suggest picking something different from the list.

  1. 3D Couple Hand Casting Kit for Couple

Couples can cherish their handprints forever with this exclusive 3D hand casting kit for lasting Memories. You can create a sentimental sculpture of two hands to commemorate your relationship. This is an incredibly personal and meaningful wedding present. Being able to preserve the physical evidence of a marriage is truly meaningful. The sculpted hand piece can be proudly displayed for a long time and will always bring back memories of the wedding day. The newlyweds can have a blast with this fun, molding process can be messy, but the end result is priceless.

  1. Bath Items

A collection of bath essentials is a great present for a couple. The couple can use it to relax and pamper themselves after the stresses of the wedding. Choose bath accessories as per the couple’s individual tastes and the overall design of their home. You can choose a set of matching towels, washcloths, and bathmats in a colour or pattern that complements their bathroom. Other bath products, such as soaps, lotions, and bubble bath, can be paired with coordinating scents. Picking high-quality goods that feel swanky and indulgent is a good idea. The items can be arranged in a basket or carryall for a thoughtful presentation. Plus, you’ll find plenty of options by applying IGP Coupons, and the range offered is from pocket-friendly to extravagant.

  1. Exotic Destination

A romantic trip is a great gift for the newly wed. It gives special and memorable moments that the couple can cherish together and make lasting memories. Choosing a romantic getaway as a present is nice, but the couple’s taste and passion should be considerd. Pick a place they’ve always wanted to go, or pick something closer and more convenient. You can also pick a trip that includes fun things to do, and see what the couple will love, like hiking, trying out wine or going to a music event. To relax and enjoy their time together, it is a good idea to plan the trip in advance and include all the necessary details, such as transportation, accommodations, and activities. You could also consider including a bespoke note or card with the present, expressing your hopes and dreams for the couple and their future together. This present is more than just a chance to check out a new place but  it’s a chance for them to make lasting memories.

  1. A Polarised Camera

 A Polaroid camera is an excellent wedding present for the groom or bride. A newlywed couple who wants to capture more of their memories as they go on many romantic vacations would love this gift. A polaroid camera can be a great gift for a couple who enjoy photography. The retro look of Polaroid cameras can give their snapshots a nostalgic and whimsical feel. The couple might need to buy the film separately because it’s pricey and hard to find. It’s always nice to give a film pack with the camera, or to offer to pay for the first few packs.

  1. Personalised Passport Cover

The couple is going to be travelling a lot to celebrate their new bond, so a personalised passport cover can be a useful and unique way to protect their passports and keep their paperwork organised when they’re out. It’s a pretty picture to show off your newly-wed status and that you’re off on a great trip together. Before picking a passport cover remember the couple’s hobbies and style. A cover, aside from being a cool addition, also ensures your passport’s toughness and resistance to damage. To complete the gift, you can add luggage or travel wallets to add more accessories.

  1. Bedding set 

Bedding set is a perfect gift for newly wedded couples. The couple can immediately put the bedding to good use, and they’ll use it every day. You can pick a set that matches the couple’s personal style and decor because bedding comes in so many different styles, hues, and materials. The most popular wedding presents are sheets, comfiness, pillows, and mattress protectors. You can grab the whole lot online. You can be sure that bedding is a thoughtful present the couple will appreciate.

  1.  Mr. & Mrs. Wine Bottle

A custom-etched wine bottle is a great way to celebrate. The bottle of California cabernet sauvignon with “Mr. and Mrs.” in the ampersand and an optional date is a delightful way to celebrate their special day. The tumblers are engraved with the names of the couple, making them a practical choice for outdoor gatherings and cozy nights. This is a terrific idea of gifting.

  1.   Gift Hamper of Dry fruits

Dry fruits are a common wedding gift, especially in India. It is one of the traditional presents to the couple or their families. The couple can enjoy dry fruits on their special day and in the days and weeks following the wedding. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, and raisins are some popular dry fruit choices for wedding presents. You could also combine different types of dry fruits to create a custom gift basket. Dry fruits are a tasty and nutritious option for wedding favours. 


These unique wedding gifts for couples are not just tokens; they are meaningful gestures that celebrate the love and joy of the newlyweds as they embark on their journey together. Whether practical, sentimental, or humorous, each gift is a testament to the special bond they share as Mr. and Mrs. You can shop for any brand through Cashaly for gift hampers like Dry Fruits, Skin essentials, Bath essentials, and many more with great deals now shop stylish gift

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