Top 10 Best Car Oil Filter Change Garages in Dubai | Latest 2022

Best Oil Change Service in Dubai

Top 10 Best Car Oil Filter Change Garages in Dubai


A car oil change is one of the most vital parts of your car. Engine oil levels should be checked and changed as part of your regular car maintenance routine. If you don’t do so, your engine will suffer and your car’s overall performance. Engine oil and oil change service prices vary depending on the vehicle. In Dubai, oil change discounts are available from various service providers if you want to save money on this procedure.

Here is 10 best oil change service in Dubai:

Dar Al Madina Garage

Dar Al Madina garage will replace the oil change service in Dubai for your car and the oil filter. In addition, we will grease and oil the client’s chassis components. It takes a long time to change a car’s oil, which is where our service comes in. You may make a reservation instantly over the phone or on our website, which is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

You can relax at home while we change the oil in your car, knowing that the task will do correctly. When getting oil change service in Dubai, premium motor oil has qualities and additives beneficial to automobiles, especially those with high mileage.

Al Nahdha Auto Garage

Al Nahdha Auto Garage includes changing the engine oil and filter and a multi-point vehicle health check to ensure maintenance and safety. These precautions taken by our skilled experts may help you avoid costly vehicle repairs in the future.

Our expert experts will replace your engine oil and oil filter with better quality synthetic engine oil and a branded oil filter. We presently have a special oil change service in Dubai that includes Oil Filter Change at the Lowest Price in the Market and additional Free Services.

Pro Mechanix

Pro Mechanix collaborates with ENOC brands and products and provides high-quality car oil changes and maintenance. You can select a package or a minor service depending on your vehicle.

Our mechanics will be at your location in 24 hours, and you will not be required to move your vehicle. our experienced mechanics will arrive at your home or workplace to change your oil, install new batteries, replace your brake pads, and perform a comprehensive health check on your vehicle. They are one of the oil change services in Dubai.


Oil changes should regularly be performed to ensure that your vehicle is in the most satisfactory possible condition. Decent quality oil will keep the moving parts of your car cool and lubricated. Dirty and contaminated oil can accumulate over time, causing corrosion and reducing engine life.

If you want to keep everything operating smoothly, AutoPro can help you choose the proper oil, check your oil levels, change your filters, and cleanse your engine. Our oil change service in Dubai is top-of-the-line, guaranteeing that your oil lasts longer and your car runs smoothly.


  • Oil change
  • Filter change
  • Engine flushing


We are proficient in car oil filter change, and our specialists have undergone rigorous training in a licensed training program. We are one of the best oil change services in Dubai to provide the best car oil change service.

Auto-Fix is Dubai’s most reputable car service center. We provide a comprehensive range of garage services to vehicle owners in the United Arab Emirates. Our staff are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, and our staff is always ready to provide a high-quality service for your vehicle.


PerfectFix is one of Dubai’s oldest automotive service companies, having been in operation for over three decades. The skilled crew can repair your vehicle regardless of the model or manufacture. PerfectFix is also one of the oil change services in Dubai.

Perfect Fix’s customers love that they can be picked up and dropped off. If you have your automobile picked up in the morning, it will be repaired and returned to you in the evening, saving you time and effort. As a result, it’s no surprise that it’s one of Dubai’s best car repair shops.

Premier Car Care

Premier car care is also one of Dubai’s most well-known car service providers. The staff regularly goes through intensive training to become familiar with new procedures and innovative mechanical tools. Luxury automobiles are looked after by specialist personnel. So, if you possess a high-end car, this can be the best option for your Dubai car service.

Grand Service Station

GSS’s oil change service is performed by competent and trained technical technicians using cutting-edge technology. If you order their oil filter change Service today, you’ll get a flat 15% discount in Dubai. Replacement of several types of lubricants, rapid free checking, changing engine oil filters, and cleansing of engine carbon granules are all included in the package.

Max Garage

Max Garage is also one of the best oil change services in Dubai. It has a good reputation among the emirate’s petrol heads and adheres to the highest standards to assure complete client satisfaction. Max Garage can have your automobile running in no time, thanks to its 40 years of experience and great staff of mechanics and engineers.

Radiant Car Workshop

Radiant Car Workshop has built a dedicated following. Their exceptional quality of work and their dependable and cheap services have won them a reputation in the industry. Radiant Vehicle Workshop is one of the best car garages in Dubai because of its technologically advanced setup, competent specialists, and willingness to go the extra mile for the customer.

What Does an Oil Change Service for A Car Entail?

A car’s engine is its only source of power. The engine is the heart of the vehicle and should be serviced regularly. Engine oil is designed to keep all of the engine’s internal components lubricated. As a result, a car oil change service is an essential aspect of any auto repair procedure.

It permits smooth operations, enhances protection, and extends the life of your engine by eliminating friction. A routine car oil change service is essential in keeping your engine clean and clear of excessive dust and debris, especially in a region like Dubai.

How Often Should an Oil Change Perform On Your Car?

It is determined mainly by the make and model of your vehicle and your driving habits in general. While the jury is still out on when you should have a car oil change, our experienced staff recommends every 5,000 kilometers.


Many pollutant particles and carbon dust are trapped in the oil filter; it progressively becomes blocked. Because a clogged oil filter limits the amount of clean oil passing through it, it must replace. Metal, dust, carbon, and gasoline impurities will contaminate your engine over time. Your engine’s oil system will then catch them.

The oil filter aims to capture these impurities as the oil goes through and remove them from your engine. It helps to keep your engine clean and healthy. You should get advice from a reputable auto repair shop.


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