Top 10 Benefits Of Using SPC Flooring For New Floors

SPC Flooring
SPC Flooring

What is SPC Flooring?

“SPC Flooring is a new type of floor covering that uses the same technology as SPC wall panels. The specially designed surface does not require any adhesive or grout and is resistant to water, oil, stains, chemicals and wear. Since there are no seams, it will never loosen with time.”

Since most commercial warehouses use wood laminate floors or tiles for their floorings, this type of flooring may be an alternative option.  By its description, SPC Flooring seems like it could be extremely easy to maintain by not requiring adhesive for installation and being chemical resistant.

SPC Flooring
SPC Flooring

10 Benefits of SPC Flooring

The questions asked most often when looking for new flooring are: what kind of look do I want and how much will this cost? You may also be wondering, is it durable? What will the warranty cover and what type of maintenance does it require? But you should also consider environmental factors in your purchase. SPC Flooring offers a wide range of luxury vinyl tile products with an impressive array of benefits giving consumers many options to find something that meets their wants and needs. Here we offer 10 obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why our customers choose to go with SPC Flooring time after time.

1. Resilience & Durability

If the goal is to have a floor that lasts, then you need one that’s resistant to damage. SPC Vinyl provides you with a high durability rating. This means it is less prone to scratching, indenting or staining, compared to the average flooring product available today. It also absorbs very limited moisture, limiting any swelling or warping of the planks over time.

2. Low Maintenance

Let’s face it; life gets busy and hectic! Who has time to spend on cleaning their floors? The great news is that SPC Vinyl requires nearly no maintenance at all. Its protective top coat resists scratches and normal wear-and-tear allowing your floor to look new for many years down the road. You can do other things with your valuable free time without to worry about mopping, wiping or waxing!

Now, if the unthinkable happens and you end up with a scratch, dent, discoloration or other imperfection, we’ll send you a new planks for FREE. Just contact us and we will ship out replacement SPC Vinyl flooring that matches yours at no charge.

3. Water-Resistant

Water is one of the most important elements in cooking; without it, your pasta would be flavorless and dry! But not everyone sees water as necessary ingredient to life… Your pet’s food dish might beg to differ! Spills happen and pets make messes but SPC Flooring has you covered with its water resistant characteristics. If an accident does occur or your pet makes a mess on your floor, simply clean it up with a damp mop and wipe. No moisture will be absorbed underneath your flooring so your sub-floor is protected from any damage or swelling.

4. Environmental Friendly

There is not much good news for our environment these days… But we feel pretty good about the fact that SPC Flooring is an environmentally friendly product! Our vinyl flooring does not contain any allergens like Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) or Lead and it meets Greengard standards for low chemical emissions, making it safe for you and your family. It also contains recycled material reducing waste and minimizing deforestation in manufacturing processes. That’s something we can all feel good about!

5. Waterproof Rating

Do you do a lot of entertaining or spend a lot of time in your bathroom? Many people choose to refinish their floors with tile due to its waterproof characteristics. SPC Flooring provides the look and feel of luxury vinyl tiles but is actually even more water resistant, making it perfect for high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom or under a pool table!

6. Stain Resistant

Whether you have children who are still learning to control their bladder or a curious cat who likes exploring new places… Accidents happen! Luckily, SPC Floors offers top-notch stain resistance so those little spills don’t mean replacing all your flooring. Just wipe up any messes as they occur and rock on with your bad self!

7. Eco-Friendly Installation

Have you ever renovated your home before? If so, then you are well aware of the noise, debris and vibrations that renovation can cause. SPC Flooring is an Eco-friendly product because it installs directly over your existing floor with no dust, debris or mess! You can go about living life without worrying about losing sleep or disturbing your neighbors while we install your new flooring!

8. Formaldehyde Free & Low VOC

Before purchasing any construction related material, be sure to check the levels of formaldehyde emissions. Some materials used in manufacturing can release more chemical compounds than others. SPC Flooring is a sturdy vinyl product which reduces the chance of mold growing on wet surfaces because it does not absorb moisture. Unlike other materials, it is free of formaldehyde and Low VOCs which makes for safe installation with minimal impact on the environment.

9. Design Flexibility

As if our flooring didn’t have enough benefits already, we are happy to proclaim that SPC Floors are 100% customizable! Have you always dreamed of creating your own custom design? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can make your space more unique… The possibilities are endless!

10. Money Back Guarantee

Spending money without knowing exactly what product you will be receiving can feel pretty scary! Fortunately for you, SPC Flooring offers a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you’re not satisfied with our product! We are that confident that you will love our flooring just as much as we do!


SPC flooring is the ideal choice for anyone looking to make their home look and feel better. Its comfort, durability and quality will provide you with a lifetime of satisfaction. So go ahead and click that order button! You deserve something nice for yourself! And hey, we’ll be here waiting when you’re done celebrating your purchase.

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