Top 10 All-In-One Printers for 2020

Top 10 All-In-One Printers for 2020
Top 10 All-In-One Printers for 2020

All in one’s printers are simply known as multi-functional printers. All of them come with additional features including printing. Some of them have a built-in feature of fax and wireless printing. Both laser and inkjet printers are available but you should choose them by your need.

Strictly for office use, you should prefer laser printers having additional features of fax, E-mail, and ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) to copy and scan multi-page documents. Ready for wireless printing via WiFi can easily connect with iPhone, iPad, and Smartphone. These printers enable the consumer to print photos or documents from another room.

If your primary interests are photos you should go with inkjet printers. There are few options of printers that can print from any virtual source like cameras, USB keys and pen drives,s, etc. The quality of photo print of inkjet printer is of a higher grade compared to the laser printers.


If you will go for an all-in-one printer on online shopping websites you will find more results than you have expected. This list will surely guide you in finding your reliable hardware. Here you will find what are you looking for and even they can come in huge discounts from Amazon.

1.HP-OfficeJet Pro-8710 with ink bundle Price – $109.98

An HP-Officejet pro can perform excellence in both office and home. The basic functions of this inkjet printer are copy, scan, printer, fax, wireless printing, and email, duplex printing on both sides, and air printing also. Having 2.65 inches of touch screen control panel makes it easy to operate and enables you to manage your tasks and with accessing shortcuts.

The excellent printing speed of 22 pages/min black, 18 pages/min colors, and fast duplex printing, copying, scanning boost your speed of completing tasks. This inkjet printer always delivers the professional and quality output necessary for your excellence.

HP-Officejet pro is really an office dude and can easily directly print photos, documents from any Smartphone and tabs via WiFi. You can easily print or scan photos and documents from enough distance with the printer. This wireless connectivity makes the printer compatible. HP- Jet Advantage- Private print protects information by accessing confidential prints.

Technical Details :

Product – Wireless Multi-functional inkjet printer, Main Function – Print, Scan, Fax, Copy, Wireless Printing, Duplex Printing – Yes, AirPrint, Display – LCD, Display Size – 2.65 inches, Display Type – Touch screen, Printing Speed – 22 pages/min black and 18 pages/min color, ADF capacity – 50 pages, Paper Size ( supported) – 3 x 5 inches,4 x 6 inches, 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches, 13 x 18 cm. 10 x 15 cm, Photo – Envelop (Monarch, #10 and 5.5 bar), Card – 3 x 5 inches, 4.6 inches, 5 x 8 inches, Connectivity – Wireless via WiFi.

2. Canon MF628Cw Color Printer with Copier, Scanner & Fax Price – $224.49

Canon MF628Cw Printer having four-in-one functionality enables you to do all necessary official tasks. This color printer is capable to print, scan, copy and fax with a touch screen control panel. All the necessary official tasks can be done with the help of this single machine. This Canon color printer only uses 2 watts or less, which makes the device energy-efficient can easily save your energy and money also.

Canon MF628Cw-Color-Printer -with- Copier-Scanner-Fax

The excellent printing speed of 14 pages/min black and 14 pages/min colors make it really valuable and reliable hardware for office and home. It takes less than 20 seconds for the first print with high-level color imaging that makes the print crisp and vibrant.

The wide LCD color display is tech and user friendly enables you to read the menu in an easier way that also helps you to complete your official tasks softly. This printer has wireless connectivity that allows printing from anywhere in your office and home. The built-in feature of WiFi connectivity provides printing from your mobile devices that absolutely can increase your productivity.

Technical Details :

Product – Wireless Multi-functional Printer, Main function – Print, Scan, Fax, Copy, Wireless Printing – Canon Print, Air-print, Mopria Print, Cloud Print, Display – LCD, Display type – Touch screen, Printing Speed – 14 pages/min black, 14 pages/min color, ADF capacity – 50 Pages, Print Memory – 512 MB, Paper Capacity – Cassette 150 pages, ADF 50 pages, Multipurpose Tray 1 sheet, Duty Cycle – 30,000 pages/month, Connectivity – Wireless via WiFi, Security Feature – ID Management – (up to 300 IDs)

3. Dell B1265dfw Multifunction Laser Printer Price – $320.80

The Dell Multifunctional Laser printer provides you fast and versatile performance. This all-in-one printer is an all-in-one excellent performer. Amazingly it has a printing speed of 29 Pages/min (letter) and 28 Pages/min (A4) and enabling the duplex printing can save paper up to 50%.

Dell B1265dfw- Multifunction -Laser -Printer

The Built-in software of Nuance Paper (Port 14) enables you to convert paper documents into rich quality and searchable PDF files for easy sharing and archiving. The feature of ID copy enables you to copy both sides in a single sheet of paper of an ID card. It has also other copy-built-in features including poster copy, clone copy, and N-up copy (copy 2 or more than 2 pages in one sheet).

You rarely know when disaster might strike, and that’s why you’ll want to always copy essential paperwork. Earning paper copies of personal or company files is really an incredible start, but these may slide sufferers to numerous disasters.

Converting paper files to digital data files will allow you to definitely copy these crucial files and protect them by getting digital variations to depend on as an alternative to only paper variations.

What’s Data Capture? Digital Details Seize is certainly the tactic by which we modify actual physical information and facts right into an electronic graphic by scanning or maybe the extraction of data from hardcopy or digital data files into a useable electronic structure.

Having ADF capability of 40 sheets and a printing speed of 29 Pages/min makes it really fast. Wireless printing option enables you to print, fax, copy or scan from anywhere in-home or office with absolutely great speed from your mobile devices. The extraordinary duty cycle of 20,000 Pages/month makes the device reliable and compatible.


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