Tips to Teach Quran to Children and Make Them Love it

Online Quran Classes
Online Quran Classes

Our children are the potential Muslims of the future. In order for them to become true Muslims and follow the right commandments or Quran, we must actively help them read and recite it. So, what are the best ways to make your child love to read the Quran, you might ask? We have brought the following ways together for you.

Read to Your Children and Have Them Read it to you

Set up a daily routine for reading the Quran and stick to it. Remember, if you break this routine once, you will have opportunities to break it at another time. Sometimes, it is worth leaving a child alone to read. This helps the child to put his efforts into reading it the right way. In the meantime, do not interfere. Just listen with pleasure. Enter the magical atmosphere of that beautiful holy book. Sometimes in these routines, encourage children to just listen to you. Recite it the right way and try to keep the child engaged. Let this be your first step as this helps the children to develop their interest in reciting the Quran.

Give your Child a Partner

It is good if you pair up your child with a fellow student, reciting them before each other at regular intervals, so that you can each take note of the others’ progress and see how your performance has improved. A partner can help the child catch mistakes that the fellow child may do, and provide motivation, encouragement, and comfort.

Share Inspiring Stories Narrated in the Quran

Allah Subhana hu Wata’la has narrated beautiful stories in the holy Quran. These stories not only inspire the children but also impart life-changing lessons. That’s why telling the stories narrated in Quran makes children more interested and curious.

Audio Recitation of Quran

The rise and advancement of technology allowed us to bring Quran into every moment of our lives. Make your child listen to the Quran in mp3 format. This will allow your children to enter the magical atmosphere. There are tons of Quran classes online where you could find audio of different Surrah and download them.

Listen to the Quran

Listening to Quran recitation has a great effect on the listener’s ability to recite and memorize Quran verses. Listening to the Quran has never been easier than it is now as you can download and listen to the Quran on your computer, your laptop, mobile phone, or you can buy your own digital Quran player. You can play on a CD while doing housework, or in your car while driving to work or school. The basic etiquette of listening to the Qur’an is that one should not speak when it is recited. Doing with gradually helps to understand the right tajweed.

Knowing the Letters and Their Articulation

Tajweed can be improved by understanding the articulation of each letter in the Arabic alphabet, or how they are to be pronounced correctly. This is known as its “makhraj” – the place of the throat, mouth, palate, or tongue that emits that particular letter.

Learn the sounds produced by the movements, which are marked above or below each letter. These bring the letters to life, by lengthening or shortening them in a certain way. Joining all the letters, along with their sounds, to pronounce the words of the Quran in a smooth, melodious flow results in the art of Quran recitation or tajweed.

Students who are not very familiar with the Arabic alphabet can benefit from the transliteration tables that are available online as these enable English-speaking students to pronounce each Arabic letter correctly. This helps teachers to teach flawlessly.

Find Online Quran Teacher for Kids

If you live in a non-Arabic-speaking country and you don’t have enough time or knowledge to teach your children the Quran, the best solution is to find online Quran classes. Opting for the right Qur’an teacher can help them recite, as well as memorize the Qur’an correctly and instill in their hearts the love for the Divine Words of Allah.

The habit of Practicing on Daily Basis

The method recommended by almost all teachers is to have the child spell the word after completing the alphabet and vowel lessons and then ask him to pronounce it clearly. Help the children practice each word a few times. If you think they are capable and proficient, then move on to the next word.

You should help your children to repeat and follow what they are learning every day so that the knowledge of the Quran they get from the Quran teacher will be better and will last in their minds.

Help them Understand the Meaning of Verses

Besides teaching the children how to recite, tell them about the meaning and context of the verses. As Allah asks His believers to ponder over the words of the Quran. Make sure not to put the children into a stage where they start losing interest. Tell them enough to grab their attention. Difficult words only decrease the internet. Moreover, it is also recommended to carry on with the age-appropriate content, adapt posture, and an interesting tone while explaining verses and the stories related to it.

Give Children the Compliments

The best way to teach children to recite the Quran is to praise them when they achieve it or finish their lesson. Children love rewards and gifts, and it is easy for them to recite the Quran when they know that they would get interesting rewards. This is how Islam increases wisdom. Compliments make them more motivated and interested in memorizing or reciting the Quranic verses.

Delight your child with their favorite treat or toy. Keep your word and be consistent so your kids can trust you because trust in Islam is crucial.

Learn Tafseer Quran

The Quran contains a wealth of knowledge that probably any human can fully absorb in a lifetime. Therefore, when your children study the Quran, you should tell them the story, background, or reason of the verse or chapter in order to deepen their understanding. For this, you need to learn Tafsir from the verses of the Quran and share this knowledge with the children. One can also use the Quran classes online or some platforms available on the internet to get a good command of Tafsir.

Bottom Line

The key to teaching children to read, recite, understand and act according to the Quran, lies in making them love it. They must sincerely believe that these are the Holy Words of Allah. To connect with the Quran and absorb it deeply, you must make the children stay away from negative influences and fun activities that may affect their attention.

When a kid who can understand the Quran in this way grows up, it’s only a matter of time before he finds the resources and people who seek help understanding the Quran better and act accordingly. You may find a lot of online Quran classes for kids, but it is highly recommended to make sure that the teacher there is good enough to cater to your child.


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