Tips To Save Money On Road Trip 2022


If you are being over budget There are a few ways to save money and still enjoy a wonderful excursion.

1. Plan a Trip During the Off or Shoulder Season

The prices of destinations increase during peak season. If you’re looking to save money take a trip during the shoulder or off season.

These are months between the peak season for visitors. The fact that you are visiting during this time is less crowded (less demand for accommodation and other activities) and cheaper prices. This is also true for the off-season.

There’s a reason why it’s the off-season, however. While prices are cheaper however, certain activities might not be available or the weather might not be suitable to enjoy a relaxing trip.

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2. Choose Camping for Your Lodging

If you’re looking for an opportunity to save money on your next trip camping is the best method to choose.

There are free campsites on the way by with free camping apps such as You can also find campsites that have amenities such as showers, for a fee.

Camping while on your road trip is an excellent method to save on food because you can cook on the campsite. If camping during an adventure is a part of your itinerary, take a look at our checklist of camping road trip essentials.

3. Sleep in Your Car

The cheapest way to stay is to sleep inside your vehicle.

A lot of budget-conscious road trippers sleep at rest areas or at places like Wal-Mart along the route. If it’s legal sleeping in your vehicle is contingent on the local laws. If you’re thinking of sleeping in your vehicle, make sure you know the laws in the location you’re planning to stay in.

For more information read this article about sleeping in your car during an adventure.

4.Use Last Minute Hotel Apps for Accommodations

Hotel apps such as Hotel Tonight as well as Priceline can be extremely useful in finding deals last minute for lodging on the road.

If you book your accommodation at the last minute you’ll often be able to get rooms at a fraction the cost.

Another method to save money by cashback is by joining and making use of Rakuten to make reservations for accommodations. Sign up today and receive 30 dollars in cashback after the first time you purchase at least $30.

5. Use Reward Points for Hotel Stays

If you own hotel loyalty points, you could use points to cover a part of your journey.

Hotels typically offer reduced rates to customers of their loyalty programs. Some chains provide free nights.

We are awestruck by Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card and we use our Chase points whenever we wish to sleep in an overnight hotel.

ProTip: Look into travel hacking with credit card rewards only when you are able to pay off your credit card in full every month.

6. Drive In Speed Limit & Avoid Rush

It’s true, going over the speed limit can save the cost of gas.

If you travel at to the limit of your speed you’re taking less gas. While it might not appear to be many pennies, they can add in the duration of a journey.

Another method of saving gas is to not drive at rush hour.

Rush hour traffic equals more vehicles on the road and, consequently increased congestion. The more congestion means that there is more stopping and starting and reversing, which lowers the efficiency of your vehicle’s fuel.

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7. Bring Your Own Food and Drinks

One method to save money on your next road trip is to take beverages and food into the car.

This could range including bringing a cooler packed that contains drinks and snacks, to making an outdoor picnic lunch.

Another option is stopping at the grocery stores or farmer’s markets for food and drinks.

In this way you can save money on food expenses.

Read this article to get ideas for fantastic make-ahead meals and snacks to take on the road.

8. Find Cheap Things To Do Along the Way

There are plenty of free and inexpensive things to do during a road trip.

A simple way to find these items is to Google “free things to do in X”.

Another option is to use The app and website are an excellent source to find inexpensive and free activities to enjoy during your journey.

9. Prepare Your Car to Avoid a Breakdown

One of the worst things you’d want to happen when you travel is a breakdown of your vehicle. It’s a hassle and could be quite costly.

Avoid this by prepping your car prior to leaving.

Simple tasks to perform include checking the levels of fluid as well as tire pressure and brakes. It is also possible to make a basic car emergency kit.

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