Tips To Extend Your Tyre’s Life Cycle


Background Of Why Are Tyres Important:

You can try but you still can not overestimate the importance that a tyre has for your vehicle. They are the literal tool through which your travel is a possibility. They also have the fortune of being “the” invention that tilted the meter of progress for the good forever. And this is the very specific reason why today we are talking about the tips you need to extend your tyre’s life cycle.

Every major advancement towards positive progress can somehow always be traced back to the invention of the wheel. The predecessor of the modern tyre that we all know. As they were the very reason why travel in and to the far flong places was made possible.

They made the trade on a large scale a possibility and that was the lynchpin that literally changed the world. The world that we once knew was never the same because now progress and commerce was the main concern. 

We all know that people love “stuff” regardless of what it is. Owning a materialistic property is one of the virtues which has been the downfall of our society on multiple occasions. And all of this started when the original wheel was invented.

But if we do not dwell on the past and only want to focus since the very first leather and rubber tyre was invented. Even then we didn’t have to look back a lot and just go back to 1845. When Robert William Thompson invented the very first modern tyre.

And although the wheel had earlier helped in a lot of construction and other travel advancements. But it was the rubber tyre that made “personal travel” a realistic possibility. And the following were the advantages that we were able to gain through it.

Advantages of Tyre Invention:

The modern tyre that we all know was invented in 1845. And the very first widely available car was the ford 1908 Model T. This is why it was in the era of the 1910s when personal travel took off. People were buying cars in bulk for the very first time.

And were traveling to all the places they ever wanted to. It was the era of industrialization, in that time cement was king. More and more roads were being built and with access to cars, the world was connecting better than ever before.

Places which people never even imagined they could see were now accessible to travel. The long and hard journey of the train was now cut down significantly. To mere hours with the comfort of your personal car. And the following were the additional advantages which people experienced thanks to the invention of the modern tyre.

  • Lengthy Travel Was Possible:

The biggest advantage that we were able to gain from the invention of the modern tyre was. That we were finally able to make the long journeys we always wanted but never knew was possible.

  • Vacation Was A Possibility:

Before the invention of the tyre vacation was a luxury. You had to undertake through the long and hard journey of a train. It was never pleasant because all of the population used to use that. That meant it was always overcrowded.

But all of this was changed remarkably due to the invention of tyres as now with your personal car. You could take a vacation to wherever you wanted at the comfort of your choice.

  • Travel Time Was Cut Down Significantly:

Time preceding tyres and the personal car was largely spent in trains. As they were the only mode of transport available at a large scale. So there were various factors that resulted in slow travel. And they were the following:

  1. It was the main public transport so everyone traveled on it.
  2. More people meant more load so to travel safely it was ridden slow.
  3. Additional people mean more stops to pick and drop people.
  4. Trains were coal-powered which is underwhelming when compared to gasoline power.
  5. Due to additional load security took longer.

But it was the invention of the tyre that cut down travel time significantly. As now people were able to travel on their own without any restrictions of public transport. This meant that travel journeys were now much more pleasant and quick.

  • Comfort In Travel Was Introduced:

This is possibly the best advantage that the invention of tyres provided. That travel life was finally comfortable. You no longer had to travel with hundreds and sometimes thousands of passengers together.

This also meant that now travel was more hygienic and quick as you were no longer stopping again and again. Plus the jitters of the train were also gone. Now you were traveling on a concrete road without any bumps. And this is why travel was now comfortable.

  • Trade Was Possible:

All the other advantages that we have discussed above were on a personal level. But now let’s discuss the biggest advantage that was made on a holistic level. And it was that trade was made possible through this invention. People were able to make a lot of money due to this.

How to Extend Your Tyre’s Life Cycle:

Now that we have discussed the bulk of the reason why tyres were important and what were their advantages. That we have gained throughout the years. Now what is left to discuss is the core topic which we wanted to discuss which is what we can do to extend your tyre’s life cycle.

But before we do that we should also point out that. The modern tyres Dubai that we see nowadays are a lot different from the original ones. As with time technology has made progress by making huge leaps.

And as a result of that progress tyres are now a lot more long-lasting. But even with all the technology and whatnot. At the core of it you still need to protect them from the basics to last long.

Tips To Extend Your Tyre’s Life Cycle:

Follow our following tips to extend your tyres’ life cycle.

  • Always Put And Check Adequate Air Pressure In Your Tyre:

Air pressure is probably the most important factor for the health and preservation of your tyre. As nothing more has the ability to be as devastating for your tyre than an under or over-pressured tyre.

Because air pressure is directly related to a lot of things in your car. It is directly related to the health of other parts of your car. Such as the jumps, shock absorbers, and others. Another factor that is related to tyre air pressure is the fuel economy of your car. 

If your car is under or over-inflated then it won’t perform to the best of its ability as it isn’t designed to operate at that level. So if you want your car to operate at its optimal level then remember to put the right pressure in it.

As even such a basic thing can ensure your tyre lasts long. Because at the right level they will go through even wear and tear which isn’t a reality if that is not the case.

  • Constant Roration Of Your Tyres:

Out of all the four tyres in your car, all the tyres do not go through the same wear and tear. Your tyres at the front are always likely to suffer more. Whereas the tyres at the back don’t go through the same vigor.

This is because tyres at the front are largely left responsible to absorb all of the road shocks. That by time affect the tyres at the back are barely of any power. This is why if you want your tyre to go through same wear and tear.

Then you have to keep on rotating them and if you find when to do it difficult. Then just remember to do it either after every six months or 5,000km whichever comes first. Practicing this practice is guaranteed to extend your tyre’s life

  • Using The Right Size & Type Of Tyre:

Another tip that can extend your tyre’s life cycle exponentially is a very basic one. Use the right size and type of tyre. I know you must be thinking about why is this tip included but you would be surprised at how many people do not follow it as well.

So if you want your tyres to last long. Then keep it simple and use the right size and type of tyre. It has other advantages such as better fuel economy, the comfort of driving & bang for your buck also attached to it. 

So it’s better for you to remember this tip and always use it. For your benefit.

  • Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment sounds such a simple thing, doesn’t it?. But it can literally be the difference between your tyre’s lasting 2 years or 4 years. So always remember to have your tyres aligned and balanced. To get the best performance out of them

  • Avoiding Rough Terrain:

Tyre’s are built for roads and not rough terrains. But that doesn’t stop people from driving it on them. And this is one of the biggest reasons why tyres deteriorate quicker than possible. So if you want to extend your tyre’s life cycle. Then remember to avoid dodgy roads so you can experience a pleasant drive along with long lasting tyres.


How To Implement These Tips:

Even though technology has now advanced at a lightning pace and high quality tyres are now available. But there are certain factors that are affecting their overall performance. This is why we have mentioned some essential tips to follow in this blog. That can extend your tyre’s life cycle. Which one did you found the most useful?. Let us know in the comments section, we look forward to hearing from you.


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