Tips To Engaging Children in Outdoor Activities

outdoor activities

Being out and about in nature is one of the best things you can do for your body. Getting children to go outside for outdoor activities is a daunting task, though. With the advent of technology, it has become increasingly challenging to make them tear their eyes away from their gadgets. If they don’t start appreciating the beauty of nature from an early age, it is unlikely to ever grow on them.

Here are a few tips that will help you engage them in outdoor activities:

Build a Garden Outside

One of the most effective ways to get your children to play outside is by leading the way yourself. If you plant a garden and take care of the plants, your children will be naturally inclined to accompany you.

You can make them more invested in the activity by taking daily turns watering the plants or making them memorise the plants’ names. That way, they are not only going outside but also interacting with nature. This instils a sense of love and appreciation into their hearts.

Liven up your Outside PlayArea

If you have a garden space or a backyard in your house, you are already blessed. You can utilise that space to make a play area for your children. Incorporate play panels, slides, swings, etc., into the backyard so that the children are more motivated to play outside. You can get creative with your ideas too.

For example, you can hide candy treats or chocolates in the playing equipment’s nooks and crannies. Your kids will have fun finding them, and you will be happy that they are spending time out in nature.

Restrict Screen Time

Although it sounds a little harsh, it is a vital measure. Most kids these days keep their eyes glued to their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. It is an uphill battle to take your child’s gadget away, even if it is for a short while. You need to set firm boundaries when it comes to screen time.

Allot a certain amount of time per day when your children will be allowed to use their gadget. When that time passes, they should arbitrarily want to hand over the gadgets to you or stop using them for the day. Be forewarned; if you try to coerce your children into submission, they may start to resent you. Since we do not want that, be as gentle as possible.

Get a Pet Dog

Having a pet is a lot of responsibility; it is almost like having a child. It is a taxing job but also a very rewarding one. Don’t shy away from asking for your kid’s help while raising and taking care of a dog. It will not only make your child more empathetic but also fulfil your goal of sending them outside. They will also learn to take responsibility by achieving small tasks like walking the dog, taking care of its health when it’s sick, etc.

Plan Nature Excursions with the Family

If you sit on the couch all day watching television, you cannot expect the apple to fall far from the tree. To get your child interested in outdoor activities, you need to display some interest too. Plan outings like picnics, treks, bird-watching, etc. that involves going out of the house and exploring nature.

At the very least, try to find a park with gyming or playing equipment like play panels, jungle gyms, etc. This will help your children get some physical activity and make sure that they are going outside.

Keep a First Aid box Handy and Teach Them how to Use it

Outdoor activities can get messy. It is up to you to teach your kids that they can safely enjoy themselves. It is usual for them to get cuts or bruises once in a while, but they should know how to manage it. Always teach your kids how to apply basic first aid to themself or their friends if necessary.


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