Tips for Storage and Moving Services in Vancouver

Storage and moving in Vancouver

Tips for packing valuables with utmost care

When storage and moving in Vancouver or to a new place, the main concern should be the safety of all households and valuables. The most important objects to move are often the most fragile ones such as technological tools, household items, vases, paintings, and items for the living room.

Packing and unpacking fragile items is a time-consuming and demanding task.

The biggest challenge, before storage and moving in Vancouver, is to pack the largest and most fragile objects.
No matter how exhausting this task may be. Being able to pack-objects from the largest to the smallest and most fragile allows you to save space and secure all the delicate objects ready for storage and moving in Vancouver or to a new place.
Actually, there are several ways to pack before a move but certainly the least appropriate is to throw all the objects in a box without any criteria.
An important tip is always to pack the most fragile items looking for sturdy and good quality boxes, using bubble wrap. It is also helpful to use duct tape to strengthen these items and keep all products intact. For example, glass items and objects can easily break during the move in Vancouver. So plates and vases can stack according to similar dimensions. And so on for all the other elements to move.
Ultimately these few tips allow you to avoid breaking valuables and throwing everything in a box by starting the move in Vancouver in complete tranquility.

How to make a move?

Not a simple question that requires planning as its main element.
In fact, the move must study and planned for several months in order not to leave anything to chance and to arrive prepared for the day of the move.
First of all, it is advisable to talk about it at home to understand who of the components and to what extent can offer their contribution. Not only that, but we also ask friends and family for a hand, they can be precious support. Once the available efforts have been identified, we can divide the tasks starting from.

Cancellation and connections

Absolutely not to be forgotten are the cancellations and the connections to the relative contracts with the old and new home. In most cases, it is necessary to send everything three months before the move, obviously in writing by registered mail.
Water, gas, telephone, and electricity are the first utilities to activate bearing in mind that any outstanding payments must pay before disconnecting or reattaching a new connection. Also in this case, given the long times of the bureaucracy. It is advisable to move at least three months earlier.

Choose the removal company or do it yourself?

Given the complexity of the activity, which often requires a great deal of energy and time. It is advisable to take action to understand if it is possible to move independently. Thus having means, friends ready to help us, and time or a good removal company. Of course, the advantage of relying on a company is undoubted. From the point of view of comfort, less from the economic one. Whatever your choice, it is good to play in advance and get all the necessary estimates made. So as not to have surprises on the invoice.
Therefore asking our friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they have had positive experiences with companies and professionals. Another element to dispel any doubts is to search the net to understand which companies are reporting and the experiences of users. Once the company has been identified, it is advisable to make an appointment for an inspection and to allow professionals to quantify the commitment and therefore the expense. The last step before signing the contract is to carefully read all the clauses that also concern the insurance in case of problems.

Dispose of the superfluous and packing the essentials

Whether you choose the removal company or decide to do it yourself. The selection of the objects to the package must always do independently. Useful on this occasion is to get rid of those objects and furniture that we have not used for a long time. For example, donating them to associations and non-profit organizations. On the other hand, is also a good time to plan any new purchases of furniture and home accessories.
So before starting the move it is essential to be as tidy as possible by intelligently packing our objects to fill all the spaces. A very important tip is to make a list of things to pack, divide them into boxes that are neither too big nor too heavy, marking the contents on each box. If you are a large family or have little time, a moving company is very useful in these cases as it takes care of the entire packaging.

Curiosity: how to move a piano?

How many times have we heard friends and relatives repeat the same phrase? “I have no idea how to move the old billiard table and the piano”. Moving the piano is difficult, especially if you do it without any professional help.

Moving piano

In both cases, it is necessary to decide whether to try to disassemble the billiards independently. And find strong people to transport the piano or start asking for quotes from the moving companies to understand the relative costs and feasibility.
Upstream there is an important difference to consider. The pool table can easily disassemble, perhaps even looking for a guide on the net. While the piano cannot disassemble but only transported.
Normally both the table and the piano weigh a lot so you should ask your friends for a hand to move it. Above all the piano, instead, the suggestion we give you to disassemble the pool table is to proceed with caution. Using the right tools starting from removing the boots under the railings and rolling the felt from the top of the table.

Be the best storage and moving company in Vancouver

Taking apart and moving the piano is the best way to transport it. Once the table is broke down into small pieces, these can transport by hand to the new destination. Removing the legs is the last step in disassembling and relocating the pool table. Clearly, if you are afraid that small pieces or brackets may get lost it would be useful to contact the furniture removal and assembly companies.
There are many difficulties to face distance from one place to another, sometimes inaccessible heights and daily traffic.
In reality, the difficulties multiply when the distances to carry out the move become enormous. Storage and moving in Vancouver, as in all large cities, has the main problem in this.
The more distant the place where to transport the objects is the more you will run into big problems related to transport. The inevitable traffic is also added to the distance.
Everything could be overcome by not underestimating anything and considering every little detail

Some advice for storage and moving

For storage and moving to Vancouver, it is advisable to make a list of all the steps to follow. Starting from the path to face and the transport schedule to avoid the traffic of the city.
Making an inventory of all things and identifying each box that must transport. Allows you to plan in an organized way the timing of the transport and optimize the same.
Not only that, storage and moving in Vancouver or any other major city also requires the use of means to reach significant heights.
In this case, it is advisable to hire a moving company capable of providing Aerial Ladders, Modular Ladders, or Aerial Platforms.
Useful advice is to stipulate a contract with the best storage and moving company in Vancouver that meets all needs. Evaluate each moving company, request, and verify its references. If the quote is too low, perhaps it would be appropriate to discard that company unless they specifically recommend it to you.
Happy moving!
Moving is not just about moving furniture but it also happens that you have to request furniture storage. In fact, forced to leave the home of departure before the agreed date of access to the new home. It often happens that you have to deposit your furniture with the moving companies.

If so, how do you proceed?

Who to contact for furniture storage before moving into your new home?

Inevitably, furniture and personal items must place in safe environments. In this regard, the removal companies have special spaces for storing furniture.
In this specific case, it is necessary to rely on professionals able to guarantee the storage of the same furniture in suitable and safe environments, protected from possible theft. Not only that, the environment must safeguard the integrity of the furniture and prevent it from being damaged due to a bad and inappropriate arrangement or due to the presence of humidity.
In these cases, it is advisable to contact the moving companies able to guarantee a moving service with furniture storage.


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