Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake

Making Your Own Wedding Cake

Wedding desserts Of course, if you’re going to be running around between salon appointments, receiving out-of-town guests, or preparing your venue in the days leading up to your wedding, we don’t recommend baking a cake in the thick of it all. However, for those getting married in or near their hometown, who have already completed all of the planning and preparation and are left with little to do in the final days or weeks, baking a cake can be a therapeutic, relaxing way to unwind, banishing best baking classes in Chennai any pre-wedding jitters and preventing over-thinking in the final hours. Oh, wait, did we order two or three vegetarian appetizers?

1. Be Practical:

Can you cook? Do you enjoy cooking? Do your cakes have a pleasant flavor? Do they appear to be attractive? Are you a confident and calm baker? Before you start preparing your own wedding cake, you should ask yourself these questions. By no means is the cake the most significant aspect of your wedding. But it’s not worth it if you’re going to spoil the day before your wedding by worrying about how it looks, tastes, or if it’s raw in the middle.

2. Keep Your Cake Simple:

Don’t believe that just because it’s your wedding means you have to bake anything fancy that you’ve never done before; now is not the time to try something new. Use a tried-and-true recipe that you know you’ll be able to bake and decorate with ease. I made three tiers of my famous chocolate Guinness cake for my sister’s wedding. Nobody cared if the tiers were all the same; in fact, no one even noticed. Why not prepare a fantastic pie, a renowned macaron, or a champion cheesecake instead? Who says a wedding cake needs to be three tiers with white icing on top?

3. Prep In Advance:

Make as much preparation as possible ahead of time. Even if you’ve made this cake a hundred times before, if you’ve never made it in such large numbers, you should give it a try. Don’t wait until the day of the bake to go shopping for your ingredients; prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Fruit cake baking classes in Velachery and biscuit cakes tend to last longer than other types of cakes, so they’re ideal for baking several days before your wedding.

4. Do It for The Right Reasons:

Make your own wedding cake only if you have a good cause. If you can’t afford a sophisticated bakery cake, do without one or utilize a modest grocery cake with some embellishments. You may also have a friend make it for you, or invite any bakers among your guests to bring desserts for the dessert table. It’s not worth the agony and hassle to create your wedding cake because it’s something you actually enjoy doing, not just to save money or impress your guests with everything you managed to do yourself.

5. Enlist a Helper:

If your house will be crowded in the days leading up to your wedding, consider clearing them out for the day or borrowing a friend’s kitchen for cake preparation. While having someone on hand to wash mixing bowls or answer the phone is a good idea, having too many people hovering over you while you produce your masterpiece will just add to your stress.


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