Tips for Flawless Base by Best wedding makeup artist in Delhi

Best wedding makeup artist in Delhi

For your entire look to work, your base must be flawless. It is a crucial component of your entire makeup look, whether you are going for a subtle party look or a heavy bridal look. No matter how much effort is put into the eye look and lips, if the base is not right, the makeup won’t look as dainty as you had hoped. Perfecting the base can sometimes seem challenging, and it certainly is, but if you follow certain tips and tricks that have been mentioned by the best wedding makeup artist in Delhi and around India for Indian skin tones, you can make the process a lot simpler. It is possible to achieve a flawless appearance.

When you are trying to rock a makeup trend, it is so important to have a flawless base. No matter how natural or in-vogue the makeup trend, it will look tacky and unappealing without a well-set base. The truth is that there is not a one size fits all method to achieve the perfect makeup base; it’s more than just applying layers of foundation, concealer, and primer. There isn’t just one type of skin or one skin concern.

Each makeup artist across the globe who works with the most elite celebrity clients utilizes a different method of laying down the perfect foundation to create the flawless skin effect in accordance with their individual skin concerns. It is crucial to use the right application technique and choose the right product to address different skin concerns. Know all about the essential base makeup products you need to be able to master makeup.

Prepare your Skin

Also referred to as a skin prep. It involves different skincare routines. In order to determine which routine is best for you, you need to determine your skin type and then choose products accordingly. Most of the steps remain the same, but the product depends on the type of skin, for example, dry skin requires oil-based products and oily skin necessitates water-based products. Likewise, there is a specific product for each skin type. Let’s take a look at the steps to skin preparation suggested by Top makeup artist in Delhi:

  • Cleansing 

The first step must be to use this method. Prior to beginning any routine, it is very important that you have a clean and dry face.

  • Toning

The pores on your face are dried out when you wash them. If you want your face to look younger, you need to tone it. Toning will make your pores appear smaller.

  • Moisturization

Most makeup artists will tell you that moisturizing is the most important step in skin preparation, whether they are in Delhi or anywhere else in the world. So your makeup will glide on smoothly, it creates a solid base for your face.

  • Sunscreen

There is no doubt about this. Skin damage from the sun is slow and gradual. Even if you intend to stay inside, you should apply sunscreen.

Having prepped your skin perfectly, let us guide you to the best ‘makeup base’ from a professional makeup artist in Delhi:

The Feature of Good Foundation

The bridal makeup artist in Delhi suggest that getting the right foundation for your skin, not just shade-wise, but also formula-wise, is extremely important. If a base makeup product is non-comedogenic, it should not be used; that is an essential factor to avoid at all costs. As the name implies, non-comedogenic formulas do not clog pores, which is essential to maintaining a healthy complexion.

To determine the finish that is right for you, identify your skin type. Dewy, illuminating foundations are ideal for dry skin, while matte foundations might look a little tacky after a few hours. If you have oily skin, matte powder formulas may be best suited for you, while those with combination skin may benefit from dewy and matte formulas so long as they are applied only in specific dry or oily areas. Those with acne-prone skin are encouraged to use skincare-infused foundations and concealers. Look for organic ingredients like tea tree oil and salicylic acid. When it comes to aging skin, hydrating treatments like vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are essential.

Color Correcting

A color correction product is used to correct or cover certain skin imperfections, such as undertones, discoloration, or blemishes. Since these color correctors are highly pigmented and have vivid primary and secondary colors, they should only be applied underneath foundation or concealer, never at the end. Color correctors appear obvious when applied first, but as soon as your foundation is applied, the color correctors vanish and you have an even complexion.

  • Correcting discoloration in deeper complexions requires the use of orange colour correctors.
  • Dark circles on fair skin can be corrected with purple colour correctors.
  • Redness caused by blemishes or blood vessels is neutralized using green colour correctors.
  • Veins that appear green are camouflaged with red colour correctors.

Base Makeup Tips For Each Skin Type

Oily Skin

Toner and vitamin C serum are better skincare products than gel moisturizers. Prep your skin by using a primer that minimizes pore size while containing skincare ingredients. Then, apply your skin-loving matte foundation. Instead of setting spray, use loose powder. Color correctors and concealers should be avoided unless absolutely necessary since oily skin does well with minimal product.

Dry Skin

Face cleansing and moisturizing should be done using nourishing skincare products. Prepare skin with a vitamin-enriched primer or a hydrating primer oil. Color correctors should be applied to any trouble spots before applying the foundation. Apply your dewy foundation with a makeup sponge to blend it in evenly. Choose a concealer that is illuminating. Your base should be set with a setting spray or hydrating mist.

Combination Skin

Use a cleanser that absorbs oil, a toner that contains rosewater, and a soothing serum to moisturize your face. Begin by using a lightweight primer to prep the skin. If possible, keep a dewy foundation in a shade darker or close to your ideal skin color, and a mattifying foundation in a lighter shade. A Mattifying foundation is best for areas such as the T zone, the apples of the cheeks, and the chin that tend to get oily. Blemishes should be covered with a mattifying concealer. The dewy foundation should be applied to the under-eye area, your nose, and your mouth, as well as the jawline and neck. Make sure your sponge is damp before applying. Use a setting spray to lock in the glow.

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