Tips for Digital Security Door Lock and What is Smart Door Lock?

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Businessman hand pressing down password number on electronic access control machine to open the office door. Security system concept

Maybe when you suddenly realize you forgot your keys at work on your way to the door. A two-hour drive to work can really knock you out. Or even if your key is lost and you have to hire a locksmith to put in a new one, which can cost you a lot. You can also search for the best door lock price in Pakistan.

How to Find High-security Door Lock?

  1. Some people are afraid that the password might be stolen. But now you might surprise to learn that the latest smart home locks have a virtual digital password, which means that the real password is hidden in the numbers you enter, so no one can easily snoop on it.
  2. Molilock’s L661 can tell you that. With L661, users can enter a series of encrypting and random numbers before or after the real password. In this case, people can keep the password secret, even if strangers are around.
  3. In addition, the lock case of a smart door lock is an important part of security. This part of the smart door locks on the market has an exquisite design. The body of the L661 is the lock, and pick-proof, which greatly increases security.

What is Super Convenience for Door Lock?

Unlike a conventional mechanical lock, there is no need to reach for the key. All you have to do is enter your fingerprint on the solid-state fingerprint sensor. Identification takes less than 0.1 seconds. No more waiting at the door!

Smart Door Home Locks

In addition, some types of smart home locks offer more than one way to unlock. For example, to unlock the L661 lock, you can enter a password, use your fingerprint or swipe your card. If you want to control the lock remotely, you can use your cell phone.

Voice System

Another attractive feature is the voice system with which you can give instructions. L661 is an intelligent voice system that allows you to give instructions to children and the elderly. This is very convenient for the user.

Interaction between People

The smart front door lock seems to be able to communicate with people. Information about open entries can be transmitted to the owner. Under certain circumstances, the owner can change the password at any time via a cell phone, thanks to the use of cloud-based Internet technology.

What is Mechanical Door & How Mechanical Door Work?

The traditional mechanical lock does not have an impressive or stunning appearance. But in general, some smart door locks have a distinctive appearance that can easily catch people’s attention. This time, the Molilock L661 lock has something special in the handle. To lock it, the user just has to lift it up and push it down to unlock it. Such a handle is very pleasant to hold in the hand. In addition, the numeric display is clear and the surface is smooth, which looks very elegant.

Yale Smart Door Lock

  1. Yale, one of the world’s oldest lock brands, partner with a Pakistani digital electronics company in 2012 to add advanced technology to its original locks.
  2. Yale’s smart home lock, the Yale, offers three methods of unlocking and locking: combination, fingerprint and mechanical key. The lock’s battery can also last up to a year. One drawback is that the one-way lock is mechanically simple and therefore does not automatically lock when the door is closed.

T1 Smart Home Lock

  1. Founded in 2011, ORVIBO is a smart home lock brand based in China. The company specializes in providing smart home services to customers in China and abroad.
  2. The T1 smart door lock is equipped with more than 200 sensors and alarm systems, and is based on the concept of “integrity” and “simplicity”.
  3. It can also provide multi-user accounts for family members or employees. However, additional efforts are required to recognize fingerprints, as different fingerprint positions have a significant impact on the success or failure of recognition.

U5 Smart Home Lock

These two digital home locks feature an advanced standalone operating system and a biometric fingerprint recognition speed of fewer than 0.5 seconds. There are two colours of light depending on the unlocking situation. Green means the lock has been successfully unlocked and red means the door cannot be opened.

As the world becomes more and more digitally dependent, it is now possible to secure doors as well. The digital version of “Lock and Key” has many desirable features. A digital door lock is protected by the security of a code. However, it can also attract unscrupulous hackers, hence the need for an additional layer of security.

In this article, we have created a digital door lock based on an electronic project, which is controlled by a simple controller – an 8051 microcontroller. The purpose of this article is to understand the basic principles of the operation of a digital door lock.

Set Digital Lock Configuration and Password

  1. A digital door lock is essentially a password-based electronic combination lock. In this project, we developed a digital door lock using an 8051 microcontroller, a keypad and a 12 volt DC relay.
  2. In this paper, we have designed a simple 8051 based digital door lock that can be used as a security control system to restrict access to a certain area or room to certain people only with a password.
  3. So our digital door lock project can be called by different names: digital combination lock on 8051 or digital combination lock on 8051 microcontrollers or password protection system on 8051 or electronic combination lock or digital combination lock on 8051.
  4. This type of “security system” goes by different names, but they all involve creating a basic password-based security system using an 8051 or AVR or PIC or Arduino microcontroller (the controller of your choice) with additional features such as automatic door locking/unlocking, audible alarms, SMS notifications via GSM, etc.

Combination Digital Door Lock

Our digital combination door lock project is a simple 8051 base electronic combination lock or combination lock that has a pre-set 5 digit code stored in the software.


The system captures the user’s 5-digit entry, compares it to the preset code in the software and allows access if the user’s entry matches the stored code (the door opens for a few seconds via a relay and closes automatically after a certain time).

Registered Password

If the user input does not match the registered password, access is denied (the closed door is not opened – i.e. the relay remains in the OFF position).

Handle Work Differently

The door hinges and handle work differently than conventional hardware, so when opening and closing, there is virtually no noise. For many people, this is a significant advantage. For example, a quieter door operation would be ideal for parents whose children are in and out of the house throughout the day. New trends in door hardware

Explanation of the Connection

Make the connections for the digital combination lock components as shown in the diagram. The connections explain in the following section.

Keypad to 8051

In this electronic keypad lock project, we connect a 4×4 keypad to port 3 of the 8051 microcontrollers. The row pins connect from P3.0 to P3.3 and the column pins connect from P3.4 to P3.7. Read our Keypad to 8051 tutorial to learn how to connect the keyboard to the 8051 and how to detect and display the keys.

16×2 LCD module for 8051

  1. We use a 16×2 LCD module to display project status information. We connect this LCD module in 8-bit mode (with 8 data lines).
  2. 8 data lines are connected to port 0 of the 8051 chip.
  3. An external pull-up resistor is connected to port 0 (with 8 pins) via a 10K resistor network to connect to the 8 data lines of the LCD. The RS, R/W and E control pins of the LCD is connected to P2.7, P2.6 and P2.5 pins of port 2 respectively.
  4. 5 respectively. Please read our 8051 LCD Interface Tutorial to learn how to properly connect the LCD module to the 8051 and how to display text messages perfectly on the LCD module.
  5. The pressure switch is used to set the 8051 reset circuit and crystal – use to provide the required clock for the 8051.


  1. Because of the many advantages mention above, smart door locks are interesting to more and more people. In addition to door locks with fingerprints, there are more and more locks with face recognition, smart locks with iris recognition, smart locks with vein recognition, etc. on the market.
  2. From this, we can conclude that smart door locks have an important place in the market.
  3. Some of you may experience similar embarrassing moments one day.
  4. You might be helpless because smart locks for front doors, such as the fingerprint lock, weren’t as common at the time. Nowadays, people have learned that smart home locks have many advantages. These include the following.
  5. If you want your fingerprint to be recognized when you grab the handle, you can choose the U5 smart home lock, which is compatible with 433 and 2.4G modules.
  6. L661 Smart Home Lock, which has a beautiful post-modern look and is made of unique corrosion-resistant material.
  7. The above information will help you make a thoughtful purchase. If you are choosing a digital lock for your home for the first time, this brand from MOLILOCK could be a good choice.

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