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Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

The healthcare digital marketing agency is constantly following the next technological development. Whether it’s a new, advanced treatment, a breakthrough service, or an expansion of physician specialties, healthcare organizations always work to provide a higher level of patient care.

Unlike other industries, healthcare serves a broad audience. And today’s consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on apps and websites. Patients now increasingly rely on websites to make their health decisions.

Therefore, it is very important to use digital marketing effectively and to keep your organization at the forefront of change, even online. With the six tips below, you can create a powerful digital marketing strategy to help you reach patients and generate leads in today’s patient-centric market.

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  • Easy Website Navigation
  • An Informative Blog for digital marketing
  • Solution Generator Emails
  • Educational and Inspiring Videos
  • Powerful SEO Features
  • Includes tips for Using Social Media Strategically.

Easy Website Navigation

Your website can be viewed as a “welcome mat” for your organization. The website often plays a strong role by creating the first impression in people’s decision to choose a service from your organization or go elsewhere. Therefore, making the user experience as easy as possible is necessary. If someone is on your website, they’re looking for answers for themselves or their loved ones and want to find what they’re looking for quickly so they can take action.

Patients search online for health information, so make sure your website is patient-focused and easy to use.

On an easy-to-navigate website, it’s easy for visitors to book appointments, communicate, view resources, or log into a patient account. Additionally, placing these items on the homepage enables users to find what they seek without conducting a site search.

An Informative Blog for digital marketing

The blog goes hand in hand with a powerful, user-friendly website. More than 35 million online medical searches are done daily, with 3.5 billion Google searches and 1 percent of all searches for a medical marketing agency. You can take advantage of all these searches by publishing rich blog content for people looking for information about health issues, answers to questions, quick tips, and advice they can get without going to the doctor. It’s a good idea to plan your broadcast calendar around health months or other issues related to your organization.

Remember, people are relieved to read what other patients who have experienced a treatment, condition, or surgery they are dealing with before. Incorporating previous patients’ experiences and opinions can help increase your blog’s readership. While providing references throughout your website, your blog is a great place to get detailed information about another patient’s experience. Rather than brief descriptions, blogs focus on highlighting complex stories of patients’ entire journeys, from diagnosis to recovery.

Create a constant stream of content covering a variety of health issues. Organizing the navigation by health categories such as men’s or heart health makes browsing easy. In addition, displaying the blog posts with the most comments to readers facilitates the discovery of blog subscriptions and enhances interactivity.

Solution Manufacturer Emails

Patients search for information, but email is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Imagine if people could find the information they wanted in their inbox without searching. In addition, by sending out an email newsletter at least monthly, you can continue to educate patients by providing new content that people can apply to their health.

The best way to engage your audience is to fill your email database with various information. Email personalization and segmentation are based on a recipient’s interests and needs, so they have relevant information. For example, you can post a video or an existing blog post or share industry news to inform readers about various topics. It’s better to plan these based on what’s happening in your organization or the healthcare digital marketing agency.

For example, if you’re going to email parents concerned about the problems their children going to kindergarten will face, doing so before school opens in August will help parents find answers to their questions in advance.

Educational and Inspiring Videos

Viewers are increasingly turning to visual content. According to Word Stream, one-third of online activity is spent watching videos. Filming your doctors talking about their specialties will inevitably add to their credibility and capture audiences looking for the expertise your doctors have. Watching a doctor talk passionately about their area of ​​expertise, explaining their views on caring for patients, or presenting a condition or procedure, in a video can make the patient feel more comfortable with what they’re going through, especially when they see this doctor for treatment. Video can make the patient feel like they’ve met the doctor and can increase their comfort level by hearing their facial expressions, demeanor, and even voice.

Like the blog, a good place for references is video resources. The only thing better than reading another patient’s experience is seeing the experience through video and hearing the doctors, patients, and family members describe the experience from beginning to end. A video is a powerful tool; Light, music, and story structure work together to bring out emotions while telling the story in ways a blog post can’t. These elements can evoke passion, hope, courage, fear, and feelings that the written expressions of others cannot capture.

Powerful SEO Features

What does it matter if you have the most attractive and informative website, blog posts, emails, and videos in the world if no one can find them? Thanks to the search engine optimization (SEO) process, you can increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic when you create your content based on the keywords people use. If you have a hospital with several service lines, do keyword research with a tool like SEMrush or the HubSpot keyword tool to determine the best keywords to use on each page; It’s a good idea to research which keywords are currently driving traffic to your website and your competitors.

When searching SEMrush for healthcare, you’ll see the top keywords, search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost-per-click (CPC):

Using these results, choose a keyword with a high search volume and a lower difficulty rating (i.e., not hard to rank for). Develop your content based on this keyword and use it in your text. To optimize a page around a particular service, you need to include the page in the page title, H1, meta description, URL, alt image tags, and body copy of the page. You can create content around the same keyword and related subtopics and give backlinks to this page.

Keywords are important, but they must appear natural throughout the text. Avoid overusing the keyword group on the page; Unfortunately, Google will penalize you for “(keyword stuffing) keyword stuffing” if your phrase appears too often.

Using Social Media Strategically

If your healthcare marketing agency isn’t on social media, you miss out on a great opportunity to connect with your audience. Utilized properly, social media is an effective marketing tool.

According to the Infographics Archive, 60 percent of social media users are likely to trust social media posts and activities shared by doctors in a group. Plan your messages wisely; make sure the news is information written by doctors before and offer a variety of content on your page. Social media enable you to communicate with your patients.

A hospital uses social media successfully, sharing videos and blog posts highlighting its staff caring for patients, upcoming events, and dozens of positive patient reviews. In addition, you can enable patients to easily find a document for their needs by using the “Book Now” button, which takes patients to the hospital’s doctor page.

Use All Together

A strong healthcare digital marketing agency is effective when each component is in sync with the other. Connect these elements to a content management platform, and meet regularly with your team about your marketing strategy to discuss changes or updates. This allows you to monitor your work’s overall performance and identify areas for improvement. Digital marketing in healthcare organizations already manages their efforts on similar platforms. Doing so helps them review their previous work and makes it easier to plan their future strategies.

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