Things you should know about Sony home theatres

5.1 Home Theatre

Sony is an undisputed industry leader in the domain of home theatres. With vast experience behind it, Sony has created a loyal fanbase. Sony home theatres continue to garner positive ratings from customers. By investing in these great appliances, families have altered the very quality of home entertainment. 

A home theatre system replicates and imitates the very setting, the aura and the experience of a cinema hall. It usually comprises a set of robust speakers, which have been engineered to deliver a surround-sound experience.

Depending upon the budget and the room size, people flock to purchase a 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 channel setups, home theatre system. Even the Sony 7.1ch configuration is rising the ranks, especially among those with no budget constraints. While on the one hand, they furnish impeccable audio quality which envelops the users, transporting them directly to a cinema hall.

A home theatre system consists of a receiver/decoder and several speakers placed around the room to create a rich soundscape. The decoder is responsible for splitting the original signal from the source (for example, your TV) and sending feedback to the various speakers. 

talk about the 5.1 system has two main front speakers, one center speaker and two rear speakers, plus a subwoofer for low-frequency bass. The 7.1 system has two extra rear speakers.

On the other hand, these sturdily built devices also flaunt slick designs, which appear upscale. If you want to purchase a home theatre, Sony will be a safe choice. But before you make your purchase, learn more about the Sony home theatre ecosystem. This article will give you a fair idea of what you can expect from a Sony home theatre. 

Features and benefits of home theatres

  • A home theatre system emits top-notch sound and acoustics– in a manner the director would have intended. With the power of technologies such as Dolby Digital, a breathtaking experience becomes available at your doorstep. 
  • Besides movies, live sporting events, gaming sessions, or even a simple musical evening receive a complete transformation. For instance, the Sony 5.1 home theatre (HT-RT5) boasts an exclusive Football Mode. The optimized algorithm allows you to become a part of the passionate crowd right from your couch.
  • They enhance the home decor and rank up your tech quotient. 

Types of Sony home theatres

  • Soundbar-based home theatre systems: Sony’s soundbar based home theatres    can be 2.1, 5.1 and even 7.1 channel systems. Here, the soundbar comprises the central channel and makes way for a compact setup. The rear speakers are usually wireless and can be positioned at the back for a picture-perfect surround-sound experience. And the subwoofer remains responsible for producing punchy bass.
  • All in one system: All-in-one home theatres comprise an expansive setup, consisting of numerous speakers, subwoofer and even a Blu-ray player. There is a lot of variety you can find with speakers – bookshelf, satellite and tallboy are the most common ones. 

Best features of Sony home theatres

  • High-Resolution Audio: Some Sony home theatre models, such as the Blu-ray home theatre system (BDV-N9200W), feature the power of High-Resolution Audio. With this facility at your disposal, you can have access to studio-quality audio. 

The expertise of the musicians gets reflected sincerely with this feature. Compared to a CD, it can convert analogue signals to digital ones at a much higher rate. As a result, its ability to capture the nuances is much more refined. 

  • 4K video upscaling: Another popular attribute of the best Sony home theatres is that of 4K video upscaling. It upgrades the standard video signals to present on-screen – life-like and organic images, whose quality is four times as presented by Full HD resolution. 

Thus, both audio and video quality receives a boost with Sony home theatres. You can savor a wholesome cinematic adventure featuring brilliant visuals and immersive sounds with these devices.

  • S-Master Digital Amplifier: Some of the DVD-based Sony home theatres boast the facility of S-Master Digital Amplifier. This new-age technology incorporated in the amplifier abandons the multiple analogue stages to reproduce digital signals. With a simplistic method, it gives effect to digital signals and thereby saves time and energy. 

Because of its power-efficient characteristic, it leads to less heat build-up. Consequently, distortion also becomes negligible. All you will get to hear is pure and pristine audio, with no apparent disturbances.

  • Dolby Digital: With the integration of top-notch technologies such as Dolby Digital, the surround-sound experience reaches new heights. The 360° sound effect will keep you engaged throughout. You will find yourself to be an integral part of the fictional world streaming on the screen. 
  • Wireless streaming: Most of the Sony home theatres are wireless appliances. They do not come with multiple cables, which only alters the face of the living room. Because of the cluttering caused by wired appliances, the house appears untidy and disarranged. 

These wireless devices feature other methods of streaming, such as Bluetooth, NFC one-touch and even built-in Wi-Fi. USB playback is also a common facility, allowing you to stream your favorite musical numbers using a USB stick. Even those with cables feature a simple setup and do not ruin the ambience. 


Sony home theatres present an array of options, and each of these come at various price points. You are sure to find a model that not only is in line with your budget but also complements the house’s furniture. 

Sony home theatres blend in beautifully with the surroundings. And no stone is left unturned in replicating the ambience of a cinema hall right in your house. Sony integrates a ton of cutting-edge technologies to give home entertainment a significant boost.


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