Things you should definitely pack into your summer suitcase.


The summer holidays have started and the closer the days get, the more we start thinking about packing our valixhe udhetimi. The latter always puts us in front of dilemmas about what to take and what to leave at home because it seems to us that everything is necessary.

But there’s one basic rule you should follow when traveling on vacation: focus on the basics and essentials first.

1- Body swimwear

A list of beach essentials can never be complete without swimwear. Body swimwear can be worn not only for the sea but also as a bodysuit combined with jeans or skirts. So, they have multiple uses and are worth having with you.

2- Sunglasses

Not only do sunglasses look cool, they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Because, you know, safety first. The great thing about shades is they always look good, regardless of which brand you’re wearing. Don’t burden yourself with syze origjinale models that make you struggle with combinations. You only need two basic and simple glasses models that are sure to go with everything.

3- Leather slippers

When traveling, everyone knows that the most comfortable shoes are definitely flats. First, they take up much less space in suitcases, and secondly, they can be worn from morning to night and are many times more chic than flip flops.

4- Medium length dresses

Such a dress is the absolute favorite of many girls because it is the outfit that you can wear both in the morning and in the evening. Be sure to pack some versions of comfortable materials for the days off.

5- GoPro

If you’ve got a GoPro or underwater camera, make sure to pack it – and have the most amazing photos of the summer. Sure you can just invest in a really good phone with a great camera. If you are planning on having an adventurous summer we recommend buying a GoPro ne shitje.

6- Funky SunHat

This stylish, protective hat with embroidery is a great way to tell others to respect your time in the sun. The interior of the hat has a drawstring closure for a better fit and to keep it in place all day.



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