Things You Need to Know About Catholic Religion

Source; Prying Patriarchy Off Christianity
Source; Prying Patriarchy Off Christianity

In Catholic faith believing in God is essential and if you don’t belief in God then you can’t believe in the Catholic faith to its fullest. The foundational argument of Catholic religion is that you believe in God and if you don’t believe in God, you are not a part of Catholic Religion.

Most people ask who God is and where did he come from? These are the questions that the followers of Catholic religion explore by understanding the profession of the faith. Followers of Catholic religion recite profession of faith when they are at Mass.

If you are a follower of Catholic religion you might know about the profession of faith, but a great chance is that you don’t understand its meaning. Moreover, there are chances that you might try to say every word of the profession so that you don’t sound stupid during the Mass.

Therefore, the first step of understanding the Catholic Religion is to understand the meaning of profession of faith.

Meaning of Nicene Creed

Let’s look at the meaning of profession of faith so that you can understand every line next time you are reading it in the Mass.

The first line that we read in Nicene Creed is “we believe in one God.” It means that God is only one and we believe in him and follow him as a Christian. Moreover, it demonstrates that there is no other god beside one. We might sometimes fail to recognize him, but God is the ruler of our lives.

Another important thing that this line demonstrates is that we only have faith in one God, and we only worship him. It shows that God is the Center of our faith.

The Nicene Creed continues and tells us that the God is Divine and has created everything that we see and cannot see. It shows that the things that we know exist and don’t know about are all creation of one God.

God has made everything including heavens, earth, angles, human bodies, souls, and everything present. This line of creed informs us that there are two realms. One is the physical realm that we can see, and the other is the spiritual realm that we cannot see.

However, it is essential to know that Good Has created everything as he is our Heavenly Father and has created everything. It shows that we are of part of all his creations as we have a body as well as a soul. These are only the first four lines of the Creed, and they include a lot of information about our creation. It shows in great depth that people of Catholic religion believe in God.

However, one question that you still be asking is where did God Come from? Well, the answer to this question according to our belief is that God always existed and hasn’t come from anything. All that exists is what came from God.

Our belief states that God is the creator of heaven and earth. Moreover, he is the creator of everything seen and unseen. However, this isn’t only the Catholic believe about God as it is much more.

Difference between Christians and Catholics

Christianity is the largest religion in this world and has various denominations. These denominations include Orthodox, Catholics. Mormons, Protestants, and Gnostics, among others. Catholicism is the oldest and the largest Christian institution with more than 1.3 billion baptized adherents.

One thing you must know is that all christens present on this planet are not Catholics, but all Catholics are Christians. Catholics have a faith that they have the truth revealed by Jesus. However, Catholics don’t doubt Protestants to be the followers of Jesus Christ, but they think that the correct way to heaven is Catholicism.

Catholics and numerous similarities to Christians. However, they differ in interpretations of laws, scriptures, and rules. Let’s look at the main difference in detail.

Traditions and Scripture

Catholics and Protestants both believe that Bible is the message from God. Moreover, Catholics believe that the revelations from God come in two ways. One is sacred tradition while the other is sacred scripture.

However, Protestants believe that source of getting revelations from God depend upon the morals and faith in the Bible. One thing that the Christians do is to not follow additional teachings coming from their pastors. The reason is that they believe that the religious leaders are only there for advice and guidance.

However, in Catholic religion the Church can interpret the scriptures and can decide when the interpretations are true or false.


Protestants don’t believe in the idea of papal supremacy. However, according to the evangelical views it contradicts with the teachings of the Bible. If we talk about Catholics, they consider the pope as Apostle Peter’s successor.

Jesus appointed Apostle Peter and he was the first head of Catholic Church. According to Catholic religion, the pope has the authority over the interpretations of the bible. The rules of pope are the laws that the Church follows. Moreover, these laws are necessary to follow even if you are against the law of land.

Believe About Mary

According to Catholic religion, Virgin Mary holds the highest ranks, and she is the leader of all saints. However, Christians believe that Mary was a sinner. The believe of Catholics is that Virgin Mary didn’t do any sin and her body went to heaven after getting resurrected. However, the believe of the Christians is that after dying people buried her.

Pictures and Statues

Catholics depict Mary, Christ, and other saints in the form of their statues and pictures in the church. Moreover, Catholics also display these images in their homes and wear the statues as jewelry. However, Christians might depict the display of images and statues in the church. Still there are some denominations that completely forbid the display of pictures and statues. It is the reason why they use wooden cross.

Going to Mass

Numerous Christians go to Church on Sunday and Catholics go to Mass numerous times a day. Similarly, Christians also go to the Church for praying on various religious days. One more thing to know about the Catholics is that they can only worship in the Chapel, Church, and Cathedral. However, Christians can meet anywhere and can worship at home as well.


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