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what is bigo live

Live video streaming platforms have not been this crucial as more outdoor activity migrate to the virtual realm. The popularity of video material has resulted in a significant growth in the number of streaming platforms accessible.

One illustration is TikTok. Irrespective of the greater amount of video streaming options available, only a fraction of them are worthwhile. BIGO Live is among the most stunning live video streaming systems. This has become a popular streaming application for several people for a variety of reasons.

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a live-streaming network which enables customers to blog regarding their life, stream video gameplay experience, create their own programs, and communicate with other users. BIGO LIVE is available for free download and use for adolescents aged seventeen and above, although it does have in-app transactions for program cash.

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What is the Purpose Behind Bigo Live Stream?

BIGO’s goal is to enable users to build a platform for a fanbase while also getting profit. The desire to engage with individual customers becomes a feature that distinguishes BIGO LIVE from those other video streaming applications.

Although BIGO is free to use, devoted customers and those wishing to advance in the network’s ranks would want to spend the in-app money, or beans.

Main Feature of the Bigo Application

  • Awesome Gifts 

Flowers, jewelry, fairies, super automobiles, luxurious vacations, fantasy castles, and many other types of virtual presents are available. Delivering virtual presents to your preferred presenters can help you rise up rapidly.

  • Game Streaming 

PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, CSGO, DOTA2, FIFA, RoV, Rules of Survival, and more are just a few of the games you can watch the live broadcast or exhibit your skills in.

  • Match & PK

BIGO connects you with new friends and people in your area and across the globe with only a few clicks. You may talk to one another and start a PK to have a lot of fun.

  • Join Multi-Guest Live

In addition to 1:1 chat session, you may join a multi-guest session to visual or voice conversation with your colleagues in a group environment. You may also have a picnic or play online games with your friends there.

  • Video Chat & Video Call

BIGO allows you to video communicate with thousands of people from across the world and allow individual videoconferencing to strangers and friends.

  • Watch Live Shows

When you launch BIGO, you’ll be able to explore the globe through hundreds of incredible live broadcasts and movies. Thousands of excellent presenters, enthusiastic performers and singers, large eaters, entertainers, and other entertainers provide you with a visual spectacle. It’s a whole new way of seeing the globe and meeting individuals you’ve never met before.

  • Go Live

Music, performing, dining, traveling, and playing games are all activities that we enjoy. It only takes one touch to go live! BIGO is the platform where you may showcase your most memorable moments.

How Can You Become a Host in Bigo?

You must consult an authoritative organization for becoming an authorized host.

  • To schedule a live interview, the organization will need your Bigo User ID.
  • With the help of the recruiter, set up an interview time and date.
  • When it’s the moment for the question and answer session, go live and stand in line for the interviewer to come out on the street (It hardly take 10 minutes).
  • On the guest live, interact with the interviewer (Video Call).
  • A basic question will be asked during the interview.
  • Please begin by introducing yourself. Why do you want to be a part of Bigo? How would you interact with a live crowd? Are you informed of the goal and the wage?
  • Once the interviewer has chosen you and written ‘Selected’ in the remark field, you must click ‘OK’ and then snap a picture to send to your recruiter.
  • Once you’ve been chosen, you’ll need to provide your government ID evidence as well as a selfie with your ID card in hand.

Is Bigo Live Appropriate for Children?

The program, which is mostly used by gamers, wannabe performers, and vloggers, demands an age limit of 16 to create an account. Young folks, on the other hand, can fool the AI system into letting them access, particularly if they have a strong drive for recognition and celebrity.

Bigo Live poses a considerable risk since some user-generated material may contain offensive language, aggression, or sexual themes, such as seductive discourse and attire. Furthermore, many users’ remarks are predatory, graphic, and abusive. 

The application’s gaming structure (tiers and rankings, rewards for logging in every day) might cause addiction, and the ongoing struggle for “beans” could skew a user’s perception of what skill and worth are.

The program also allows kids to communicate with strangers, including pedophiles and harassers, who may urge them to meet face to face.

For younger teenagers, sharing personal information (such as age, ethnicity, and region) on an application is not secure.

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What are the Different Content Kinds in Bigo?

On the application, customers may opt to sift through the main sorts of content:

  • Showbiz

Nobody dislikes a nice dose of quality entertainment material, and that is why the Bigo Live app has a showbiz area. The application offers a wide range of entertaining content, including games, food, music, and humor.

Although education is not a section on the application, it has shown considerable attention in the areas since launching its education network in India some few years previously. Their choice to give education broadcasting sparked a surge in the app’s educational tendency.

  • Gaming

Gaming has become an important element of the lives of today’s youth. Bigo Live is taking the lead in providing proper assistance for this important group of artists. The majority of games available are available to users, and new units are frequently introduced as new designers participate.

The Takeaway

In summary, Bigo App users never have to worry about missing out because the app is available in numerous regions and on all systems. Visitors may choose from a variety of content kinds on the site, depending on their tastes.

The live streaming application’s social connections make the application’s engagements even more important for consumers. Users may upgrade their experience by purchasing in-app payments, which provide them access to additional features.


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