Things You Did Not Know About Microscopes


When mentioning the microscopes, the thing that comes to the mind of most people is about big laboratories, a number of researchers, and examinations that occur with the help of microscopes. But microscopes are not made for these purposes only. There are a number of ways we can use microscopes in real life and there are a number of unknown facts that are fun to read as well as educate us in mysterious ways.

I bet most of the fun facts that I am about to tell you in this blog post will amaze you and you will learn some great facts which you can share with your friends and become the knowledgeable person in front of others to impress everyone.

So without any delay let’s start the blog.

#1. Flea Glasses – This was the name given to the very first microscopes. The basic purpose of using these types of microscope was to study small insects.

#2. The first invented microscope was made by Zacharias in 1590 but some other historians claim that the microscope was made by Han Jansen. Some claim they were a father-son duo but others reject the fact.

#3. The most powerful lenses were made by Anton van Leeuwenhoek that were able to see the swarm of bacteria inside a drop of water.

#4. The very first microscope was available with only one lens but at the present time, in microscopes, many lenses are being used.

#5. Before the invention of the microscope, people would blame the evil spirits for an illness or disease but after the invention of microscopes, people were able to see the small bacteria and viruses.

#6. Micrographia is a book written by a man named Robert Hooke that included the hand made images of samples that he saw under the lens of a microscope.

#7. Antony van Leeuwenhoek was the first to invent the single-lens microscope and that microscope was so powerful that it could magnify the sample by 200 times.

#8. Compound microscopes are too advanced and powerful in modern times and this microscope can observe any sample or object with the power of 1000 times.

#9. The highest magnification that is observed until now was the 2000 times.

#10. Marcello Marpighi was the first person to find the blood cells and taste buds with the help of a microscope.

#11. Microscopes were first used by Romans and they named them glass lenses.

#12. The very smallest object that was observed in a light microscope was 500 nanometers long.

#13. The quality of the lenses was revolutionized by Carl Zeiss who was a German engineer.

#14. An object can be seen millions of times when using the electron microscope.

#15. The largest microscopes importer countries include United States, China, Germany, Japan, and Hong Kong according to the report of 2018.

#16. The top exporter countries of microscopes in 2018 were Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, and United States.

#17. India was the top country that exported the microscope to the United States on a very large scale.

Let’s Learn About the Microscopes In India

Microscopes are being produced in India on the large scale and India was one of the top microscopes exporters in 2019. The United States was the top country that imported the microscope in a huge number from India. India is a country with a large number of doctors and medical researchers and this fact suggests that the microscope has been produced at a high scale in India.

Ambala Cantt, one of the cities in India is famous for the manufacture of microscopes. There are many microscopes manufacturer in India but the best, top, and leading microscope manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India is the name that is trusted by millions of researchers.

Micron Optik was established in 1966 and till now, they have produced microscopes that are being used for many different purposes such as medical, biological, education, and industrial purpose.

Even if you ask Google for “What is the Best Brand of Microscopes in India”, then the result that might come will suggest you “Micron Optik” because it is a trusted brand. In India, Microscopes can cost you from thousands to lakhs and it totally depends on the features and their uses.

So in this post, I have shared all the things that you did not know about microscopes and in addition, I have shared the information on microscopes in India.


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