Things To Know About Emerald Gemstone (Panna Stone)

Emerald Gem

Emerald Gemstone which is popular with the title of Panna Stone is a green-colored highly precious gemstone that belongs to the Beryl mineral family. This gemstone is governed by the planet Mercury which is a highly powerful planet of the solar system. Due to its association with planet Mercury, this stunning gemstone is also named Budh Ratna. According to Vedic astrology, the Emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones and this healing gemstone is worn to get success in businesses and jobs, intellectual pursuits, creative and knowledge-seeking ventures.

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, Emerald or Panna Ratna is believed to denote planet Mercury (Budh). This gemstone is recommended to the wearer of those who are undergoing the adverse consequences caused by the weaker placement of planet Mercury in the birth chart of the wearer. This gemstone is mainly assigned to Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) Rashi wearers according to Indian astrology. Emerald stone is also signified as the birthstone of May and as per Western astrology, this gemstone is recommended as the birthstone for Cancer.

Gemstone of Love And Passion

The glorious green color of Emerald gemstone comes due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. The finest quality Emerald Gemstones are rare to find and generally found flawless, therefore the clarity of these gemstones is often sweetened by oiling the gemstone so that the imperfections can be hidden. The most popular step-cut (or emerald cut) is mainly used to maximize the gemstone.

Ancient mythology says that the Emerald gemstone was linked with the planet mercury and was considered as the messengers of the gods, and travel. Thus, this makes great sense that the Emerald Gemstone is commonly symbolized as the Stone for Travelers Protection.

There is a lesser-known “odd” fact related to Emerald is that when it comes to heat, this will actually sweat or expel water. Ancient writings state this remarkable phenomenon.

Chemical Properties Of Emerald Gemstone

When we talk about the chemical properties of Panna stone, this stone belongs to beryllium-aluminum silicate and the color of the stone varies due to the presence of chromium compounds. The Emerald gemstone for Budh stone is the green constituent of the Beryl Clan; also known as a sibling to Aquamarine (teal), Golden Beryl (yellow), Morganite (pink), and Heliodor (yellow-green) as well as Bixbite (red) which is considered to be rarer than the other gemstone.

Emerald Gemstones have been mined over the ages. The finest quality emerald gemstones are mainly found in South America and Colombia, where these gemstones have been excavated for over more than 400 years. It was the favorite gemstone in pre-Columbian Mexico and Peru, where this gemstone was shaped in intricate designs. The treasure taken back to Spain by early adventurers included Emerald Gemstone.

Great quality Emerald gemstones are the most highly cherished gemstones for people. There is some minor source of Natural emerald gemstone including India, Zimbabwe, and Australia. Some finest Synthetic emerald stones are also found in Germany, France, and the United States. The Oriental emerald gemstone, a different gemstone variety, is the translucent green sort of Corundum mineral.

The Hardness of the stone on the moh scale can range between 7 -8 with a hexagonal crystal structure. 

Metaphysical Gemstone Properties

Emerald gemstone, being a stone of passion and romance, can bring happiness, faith, enhanced feelings, and clairvoyance. This gemstone is known to profit one’s intuition, encouraging communication through honesty.

This Sacred stone is related to the goddess Venus and is supposed to be associated with the Heart Chakra, it is implied to preserve love, as well as a sign of longing.

Many people consider this great gemstone of prophecy, which can bring insight and motivation to the wearer. For many, Emerald gemstone works as a tranquilizer for an individual’s troubled mind.

In numerous cultures, this Emerald gemstone is represented as the symbol of love and romance. This stone can improve joy, cleansing, clairvoyance, remembering, and faith. This gemstone can also benefit intuition and communication and inspires truthfulness. Emerald or Panna stone is linked with the heart chakra and can assist in bringing rain.

Healing Properties of Emerald Gemstone 

Emeralds Gemstone or Panna Stone will help an individual in the recovery after a contagious disease, treating the sinuses, lungs, and muscles. This amazing gemstone is Said to enhance one’s vision and to deliver a detoxifying effect on one’s liver.

This gemstone is used to both encourage one’s mental ability as well as enhance one’s wisdom, the Emerald gemstone allows to connect one’s intellect with discernment, allowing for the only option to be open to being the correct choice. Emerald Gemstone is learned to cure both inspirational love and the physical heart. It is a decisive energy gemstone, bolstering the eyes, heart, and immune system as well as the anxious system. Thought to be a stone of rebirth and healing, helping one with healing negative feelings.

A Gemstone of knowledge, love, and great balance, an Emerald Gemstone will work as a bridge between two individuals when the gemstone is offered in love. This stone is said to help an individual and appreciate life to its fullest.

Magical Gemstone Properties

Energy: Receptive

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Deities: Diana, Venus & Freyja, Artemis 

Powers: Money, Protection & Love

Candle Color: Green

Emerald Gemstone is used to deliver love into an individual’s life, worn in magic to improve psychic abilities, opening prophecy allowing stimulation of knowledge gathering from other planes. Traditionally this gemstone is recognized to guard against enchantments, as well as ploys from those rehearsing the dark arts.

Emerald Gemstone or Panna Stones have often been employed in practices and spells to improve businesses by boosting sales and raising public awareness of the chosen company. This gemstone is said to sensitize the wearer to instinctive ideas, creativity, and psychic aid particularity within the inventive arts.

Zodiac Gemstone Properties

Zodiac Sign: This gemstone is best recommended to the Zodiac sign of Taurus, Gemini, Aries.

Associations: Planet Venus

Birthstone: The stone is regarded as the Modern & Traditional Birthstone for the month of May. It is also a mystical Birthstone for January, Anniversary Gemstone for the 20th and 35th Years, and also used as Planetary Birthstone for Taurus, Talisman for Gemini. People also considered it as an Ancient Birthstone for the Month of June.

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