Things to do in Saint Lucia

Things to do in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a Caribbean island country on the eastern coast with a couple of significantly tightened hills, the Pitons, on the western shoreline. Its coast is an abode to volcanic seashores, reef-plunging destinations, extravagance accommodations, and fishing towns. The treks in the country’s interior, especially the rainforests, are a pathway to beautiful cascades like the 60-feet Toraille waterfall. Apart from that, you got the capital of St. Lucia, Castries, a popular cruising spot.

The island has gallons of things to offer. The capital offers a vibrant look at Saint Lucia’s lifestyle. One of the better ways to go about the island is to shop from its high-end yet bohemians shopping streets. The national parks present here are not just nature preservers but time capsules that store the iconic history of tufts between the English and french for the ownership of Lucia. To name a few, there is Morne Fortune National park and Pigeon Island National Park.

Experience searchers will discover a lot of activities in Saint Lucia. River crossing, the trails of Pitons, climbing the many checked walks and strolls, horse riding, touring travels, and investigating the island’s dynamic well of lava are famous island exercises. Plunging is great fun on the western edge of St. Lucia, along with multiple species of all its corals, wipes, and reef fish.

If you are one of those who want to plan a trip to The island country, we recommend you go through our article. This article is a comprehensive analysis of all the things to do in Saint Lucia. We hope that this article proves helpful to you, as it may save you a lot of time and be much lighter on your wallet. Go over it once you have the time for it. 

Let us not waste time any further and get back to our list of the best things to do in Saint Lucia.

Trek to peaks of The Pitons

The Pitons mountains are a pair of dramatically tapered mountains in the center of Saint Lucia. The mountains and the area around them have been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site a long while back. The uncanny thing about this whole situation is that the peaks appear out of nowhere and rise to incredible heights. Amongst some of the highest mountain peaks globally, its climb should be on your list of things to do in Saint Lucia. The Large piton mountain, Gros Piton, is about 798 meters, while the smaller Piton is located in the north. Petit Piton is more or less about 750 meters high.

The Piton Mountains, arguably one of the most challenging mountains climbs in the world. Formed by volcanic eruptions in the prehistoric era, it is advisable to see the mountains just as another scenic landscape rather than mounting it if you are not a professional. However, if swimming is one of your strong suits, you can dive into the Atlantic ocean and explore the pitons as cliffs underwater.

Marigot Bay

Considered by many as the most beautiful and serene city in the landmass of Saint Lucia, it is a city with a lush lifestyle. The best spot to grab a bird’s eye view of the city is from Vista Point, located on the route between Panama bay and the Caribbean seashore crossway. There Enormous hills that end with extremely calm and serene beaches. A quick look at the bay makes you wonder how it manages to accumulate so many yachts at the same place.

During the times of war between the English and French, the English soldiers used to hide in the shade of the palm trees on the coast of Marigot Bay. It was owing to the massive depth of the shores.

Shopping in Marigot Bay can be a bit heavy for your wallet. If you want to save money during your trip to Marigot, you can look out for Airlines that offer tourist packages to this location. You can make British Airways reservations to the city and shop non-stop. Every dollar you spend here will be converted to an Airline mile for future travels. If not for airline miles, you may at least get discounted pricing of mostly all the items.

Dive into the Anse Chastanet Coral reef

The coral reef is an abode to a million different species of iconic aquamarine lifeforms. Just about on a plateau of 5 meters, you find a plethora of lifeforms like robust corals, sensitive corals, vibrant sponges, and even brained jellyfishes. In Terms of fishes, you can witness a shoal of Frogfish, with their habitats being the nearby caves. The divers can also look at other exotic fishes like parrotfish, Chromis, barracuda, wrasse, and goat dish. 

At the base of the coral plateau, at a depth of 46 meters down, you find a whole lace coral environmental habitat. The habitat is an abode to Lobsters, eels, and crabs. Further down 30 meters is another coral system called the Plate coral.

Trekking the Tet Paul Nature Trail

Are you already tired of the sunny breeze and the sea? Are you already regretting your trip to Lucia? Don’t worry. Saint Lucia offers you a chance to hike around one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island. The Tet Paul Nature Trail, situated near Soufriere, is one such hiking track that offers some of the most incredible scenic views along its path.

The trek is a part of the largest UNESCO World Heritage site-listed Pitons Management Area in Saint Lucia. To trek this comparatively easy trail of about fifty minutes, you must pass through a tropical forest cutting through the Pitons area. On the off chance that the day is clear and without clouds, you will be able to catch a glimpse of Martinique and Saint Vincent.

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Visit the Soufriere

Soufriere, a small st. Lucia village embodying the true spirit of Lucia can be reached easily, just by an Hour’s drive from the capital city of Castries. This is a great vacation spot if you want to have a chill weekend in the lap of mother nature, without the hassle of the real-life world. The main attraction of this village is its fishing culture wrapped around the adjacent bay. The city of Soufriere is one not to be missed if you are coming to Saint Lucia.

Established in 1745, the city has emerged as one the most beautiful tourist locations in Saint Lucia. The town of Soufriere got its breakthrough when the wife of the great conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte, Lady Josephine, was born here in 1763. Apart from all the fairytale stuff, Soufriere has a rather gruesome history. In 1780, while the french revolution was at its peak, the city was converted into a bloodbath. When many plantation landlords and their families were brutally executed here.

Take a visit to Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park.

Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park is a famous spot on the traveler circuit. Sitting above Soufriere Bay, Consistent with its terminology, this eighteenth-century domain offers a blend of culture, history, and experience. 

Cocoa trees, coconut orchards, and manioc all are naturally available here. A tour is available for anyone who wants to know better about the tropical gardens and enormous plantations. The time takes you to the journey of how coconut is manufactured and used in different food products. There is also a guided tour to show the working of Sugarcane syrup, coffee, and cocoa plantations.

If you want to visit this iconic park and don’t want to spend a lot, we suggest you look out for airline bookings. The airline might help you in getting great tour packages that include accessible accommodations and cheaper rental services. You make an Alaska Airlines Reservations and avail all the offers they have in store for you.


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