Things to Consider When Visiting a Boarding School Campus For Your Child

Things to Consider When Visiting a Boarding School Campus For Your Child

You must be aware of the concept of the Boarding schools or simply what type of schooling it is all about. It’s an educational place that is well known to provide holistic education to its students.

Now when it comes to choosing the best for your child, it can be difficult. But if you have a couple of best boarding schools already there on your list, then you should know how to decide whether a boarding school is right for your child or not. One of the best ways would be to visit the residential school visiting some of the schools as a family. Now to help you locate the best boarding school option, you can use some more points mentioned below. Therefore read on and keep these points in your mind when you happen to visit the school campuses.

School tour hosted by a student currently studying there

Generally, when the parents visit the boarding school campus, they are offered campus tours by the school authorities usually led by any of the school staff members. However, to see the school from a different perspective you can request the school authority to arrange a campus tour led by any of the current students of the school. Since when a student will take you around the campus, it will help you see the institution by their eyes. It will help you know what current students enjoy and other aspects of the school. It will also help you to understand the school management and the resources it provides to its students. You can also get a chance to know their personal experiences. Additionally, this may help your child feel connected to the school campus, thus making the transition from home to a boarding school easier for your child.

Visit the Boarding School Campuses in Advance

Plan your visit to these boarding school campuses in advance, probably before the beginning of the starting of the next academic session. Since once the new academic session begins the admission counselor will get busy with counseling new students and their parents. But if you will visit the campus in advance then it will help you grab enough time with the admission counselor. This way, you and your family can look through the admissions process in its every minute aspects. It will help you get the answers to all of your questions, and get satisfied before enrolling your child there. Ample of time will allow you to learn about the resources the school can offer to ease the transition for international students.

Talk to a teacher or faculty member

You should speak to a teacher or a faculty member of the residential school which you are visiting. It will bring you a sense of the academics and the style of learning that your kind will go through. These faculties can also help you get actual insights into the way the school functions. It may also help you get key information like the class size and methodologies used to cater to your child’s needs. For instance, Career Point Gurukul is a world-class boarding school in Kota, Rajasthan which keeps small class sizes of around 30 to ensure individual attention to every student. The school also uses a scientifically designed SMART PREP Teaching Methodology for its students and helps their senior students with their college preparations as well as college application processes.

Try to evaluate campus life

Many boarding schools don’t let the visitors stay at night within the boarding school campus. However, if the school that you are visiting allows you to stay in the boarding school campus, you should utilize it as a chance to evaluate the campus life. Also, try to interact with the students while you are there. You may also ask the authority to get the meal in the school dining hall, as it will help you to get an idea of the kind of food and its quality that they serve to the boarders. Additionally, you can interact with the mess staff to know about food options available throughout the week.

Most importantly, talk to your child during your visit to a boarding school to get an idea of how your child feels about the school. There may be other aspects of the school that will help you select the best boarding school for your child. If you know someone there among your colleagues, friend relatives or within your social circle, who have experience of boarding school life as a parent or as a student themselves, then you should ask them about their experiences. It will also help you in selecting the best boarding school option.


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