Things To Consider Purchasing Solar Panels

solar panels

Solar Panel Efficiency:

Solar panel efficiency means how much electricity a solar panel produces. Normally 1 kilowatt of sun’s ray falls on a 1 square meter panel. That is to say, the more electricity the solar generates in less space, the higher will be its efficiency. Generally, there are 2 types of solar panels available in Pakistan – monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels:

Monocrystalline solar panels are innovative or latest technology solar panels that work in less sunlight and cloudy weather. The monocrystalline panel is black in color. Their efficiency is 18% – 22 %.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels: Polycrystalline solar panels are seen in more quantity in Pakistan as their cost is less than monocrystalline panels.  Polycrystalline cells are blue in color, their efficiency is 15% – 17%.

We cannot find out the efficiency or efficiency of the solar panel by hand, we will need a clamp meter or multimeter to measure it. With the help of a clamp meter, we can easily measure the voltage and current of the solar panel

The durability of Solar Panels

The durability of a solar panel depends on the small things used inside it. Many things are used to make the best solar panels in Pakistan, including Solar cells, Aluminum frames, Junction boxes, Wire wires, MC4 Connector, Technical Level (Technical Level), Backseat, Tempered Glass, etc. things are used.

Solar cells are very delicate, on which even the slightest pressure or pressure can easily break them. Foldable solar cells have not yet come to Pakistan, due to which tempered glass is applied on top to protect them. Tempered glass is much stronger than normal glass. Inside homes, there is usually a tray of tempered glass inside the fridge, which is very strong and no matter how much weight you can put on it, it does not break. That is why it’s used on solar panels. This is done so that the solar panels can be protected from sunlight, water, stones, and many other things.

Second, aluminum structures are used for protection. You must have seen that the aluminum utensils used indoors are very strong and even after using many years of use, they do not have any kind of rust, etc. For this reason, aluminum is also used inside the solar panel so that nothing gets spoiled.

The third thing that is used in solar panels is the junction box

At present, both IP68 and IP67  junction boxes are available in the market. Which IP68 is completely waterproof while the other IP67 can be saved from water for a while. There is a diode inside the junction box which hinders. The current to go in only one direction so that current cannot flow from the battery to the solar panel.

There are DC wires and MC4 connectors attached at the end. Normally 4 mm and 6 mm DC wires are used in solar panels. DC wires are more electrical conductors than normal cadence, in which the loss of current is very small.  There are very small wires in this wire, along with it there is an MC4 connector which is used to connect the wire to another wire. MC4 connector prevents short circuits. MC4 connector is very easy to install.

If all these things are present in the solar panel, then we can say that the solar will be easily saved. It has to be saved from strong sunlight, rain, stone, and any heavyweight.

Solar Panel Warranty

The warranty of the solar panel depends on its quality, most of the solar companies give a warranty of 25 years, but in the solar panel there are two types of warranty:

First solar panel warranty and second performance or performance warranty.

In the warranty of the solar panel, if there is any problem or defect inside the solar panel, then the company will correct it. In the performance warranty, the company promises the amount of electricity that the solar generates, in the beginning. It will be almost the same in the coming time will generate electricity.

The warranty should always be known while buying solar panels as well as by whom the warranty will be given i.e. warranty is by the company or the distributor or dealer who is selling the item to us will give the warranty because it has been seen many times that The company does not provide proper service to the consumers after the item is damaged, due to which no solution is found even after a lot of running, then always buy solar panels from authorized distributor or dealer only.

Solar Temperature Coefficient

The temperature coefficient in a solar panel means that the solar power output decreases when the temperature rises or falls. When a solar panel is made inside the company, it is tested at 25 degrees to see how much electricity it is generating.

But in the summer season, the temperature of the atmosphere goes up to 40 to 50 degrees. In such a situation the temperature of the solar panel reaches 60 to 70 degrees and less electricity is generated by the solar and in the cold season the temperature of the atmosphere is 15 to 15 degrees. It becomes 17 degrees and the temperature of solar goes up to 10 degrees, due to which solar generates less electricity.

Also, keep in mind what is the actual solar panel price in Pakistan in the market? We have the best load calculating system and we rate the solar companies in Pakistan on their actual performance.

Consumer Reviews for solar panels

Consumer reviews have become a very strong and powerful identity in Digital Pakistan. Before buying any new item, the consumer will first go to the reviews given by other consumers of that item. Accordingly, make an image for that item in his mind. But this thing is quite wrong because companies take the wrong advantage of this thing and false reviews are written on the goods of their company. So that, whenever a consumer finds them, he reads the date written there and buys that item. Along with this, consumers also take reviews as a threat, if the goods are not delivered to them on time. Then they take the wrong advantage of this thing, then on the website of the company of whichever company you are going to buy. Go and read the information given there completely once.

Why it’s important

In review, we can see this thing that how was the item, how was the service, how was the behavior? Also, how was the work completed, all these things we can see inside the customer review. By which you will get complete information about that item and you can easily avoid any kind of fraud.

We tell you five important things about efficiency,  durability,  warranty,  temperature coefficient, and consumer reviews. Installing solar panels in the house is the decision of the whole family.

Installing solar panels is also a way of investment if we start doing solar in our house. So every year we can get about 20% of the original rupee and get the total rupee back within 4 to 5 years and can use electricity without electricity bill for the coming 25 years.

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