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 Your apartment looks more like a small hole than a huge loft. Because you’ll be moving out again soon anyway, the green palm leaf wallpaper in the entrance probably won’t be worth it either. And who actually has so much expensive liquor at home that they have to afford an open, golden bar table? Or more if you want to buy luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad then here we have a great opportunity for you.

In magazines, blogs and books, there is an endless supply of desirable interior design ideas . And we love looking at them. But what we actually need is not more unrealistic furnishing tips, but simple ideas that really work in every apartment – whether loft or hole

10 furnishing tips that work everywhere

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Group session

The home-made vase hangs there, a single candle flickers there, a picture frame hangs in the corner. Decoration based on the watering can principle – a little bit everywhere – often seems random and therefore chaotic. Our furnishing tip: Decorative pieces don’t like to stand alone, but work best when they are arranged in groups.

Off to the middle!

That a sofa has to have its back against the wall is a dusty habit. Get rid of it, mostly because it instantly makes any room look more stylish. Try it out: just move your sofa to the middle of the room. Incidentally, with a nicely decorated console in the back of the sofa, it also acts as a beautiful room divider.

Stack lower

When the bookshelves are full to the ceiling, we are not only overwhelmed by the apparent intelligence. They also make a room appear smaller. Rather rely on deep sideboards and TV consoles than large wall units. This also leaves room for beautiful decorative elements.

Let colors do the talking

When it comes to choosing the right color, there is actually a very simple rule: dark colors make the room smaller, but also cozier and more comfortable. Light colors open up the look and make the room appear more spacious, but often also cooler.

Our furnishing tip is therefore: first think about what your four walls need. More comfort or more generosity?

More originality, please!

art prints or sayings that we see over and over again can quickly make an apartment look boring. Opt for images that mean something to you personally or art that is original yet affordable.

Stay on the carpet

Carpets are often underestimated in their effect. Literally. Because one of the most common furnishing mistakes is carpets that are too small. Don’t be so stingy: In the living room, all large seating furniture should at least have space with the front legs on the carpet. In the dining room, the carpet under the dining table should be about half a meter higher than the chairs. Furnishing tip: You can also layer the rugs for a modern look.

Clean up!

Regardless of whether it is a one-room shack or a three-storey house: Order creates a visual structure and brings harmony to the rooms. That’s why one of the most important furnishing tips is: Create enough storage space for your things. Especially in the entrance, office, bathroom or kitchen, small pieces of furniture are worth their weight in gold.

Constant exchange

There are no infallible institutions. Why it is like that? Quite simply: because our taste changes every now and then. If last year we still found the romantic country house chic enchanting, it may be that this summer we have fallen in love with the casual Ibiza hippie style. It is therefore best to ensure that the large and expensive furniture in your apartment is rather timeless. The details, on the other hand, can be eye-catching, fashionable and, above all, interchangeable (e.g. cushions, carpets, pictures, vases or curtains). Incidentally, this means that the apartment can be redesigned again and again, even with a small budget.

Residential stories

You come to a friend’s new apartment: freshly furnished, everything new, everything perfect. And yet you just can’t really warm to it? Why it is like that? Quite simply: because every home furnishing must radiate its very own personality in order to charm. It should be able to tell the story of its inhabitants. And this is not only possible with off-the-shelf furniture bought virginally and furnishings from the catalogue, but also individual memorabilia or used favorite furniture such as grandma’s old sewing machine as decoration, the lamp from the flea market or the stolen candlestick from the romantic candlelight dinner the loved one.

Let there be indirect light!

Light creates atmosphere. It decides how we perceive a room as soon as we enter it for the first time. A simple basic rule applies when setting up: the more indirect the light, the better. Although you shouldn’t do without the installation of practical ceiling lights, in everyday life it is more atmospheric and absolutely sufficient if floor, wall and table lamps are distributed throughout the luxury apartments for sale in Islamabad and thus provide different, subtle lighting influences. And of course candles also create a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

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