The Vital Link Between PEMF Devices for Sale Health Water and Pulsed

pemf devices for sale

PEMF Devices for Sale

When you use a pemf devices for sale, such as the MRS 2000, QRS Quantron, or BEMER 3000, your body tends to become dehydrated. Your body is made of more than 80 trillion cells. All cells require water. Your cells need water to revitalize and fill them up like grapes. This process will dehydrate you. Always replenish the body with water after each session using an MRS 2000, QRS Quantron or BEMER 3000 applicator. The water enters the system immediately. The more chemicals, minerals, and positive ions in the water you drink, the less likely you are to rehydrate your body. Your body is primarily water, so it is very important to drink plenty of water and make sure it is clean and fresh.

Most of the H2O you buy in stores contains what’s called fully dissolved solvents, or TDS. Some of the most popular commercial water drinks carry up to 500 TDS. This means that chemicals like fluorine, chlorine, minerals and free radical ions dissolve in the water.

“I can’t see it in the water, it looks clear, it tastes great. I thought I was drinking the good stuff.”

Trust me when I tell you that commercial water companies are counting on this. There are many methods of analyzing water. One pemf devices for sale easy way is with a TDS meter. My water expert recently checked. I thought the water was clean because I used a 4-filter system. My water contains 235 TDS or the equivalent tap water. I said, “Good hydrated, even tastes good. Your TDS scale is bad.”

What I saw next scared me

He placed the precipitator, a device that placed a low conduction charge in a cup of “235 TDS water” and within a minute the water began to change before my eyes turned black and heated up. Meanwhile, the distilled water has not changed at all. My water has changed from black to brown to white, and it still amazes me even today when I think about it. I have changed my water since that day.

Get to know your water and your body. You will get the best results from the MRS 2000, QRS Quantron and BEMER 3000 by completely hydrating your body after each session with the purest water possible.

We Are Active Beings!

Our body is made up of chemical and electrical fields and at any moment we are as healthy as our cells. Our cells have electrochemical potentials in the cell membrane that affect the permeability of the cell membrane; Cells are like an electric battery, and are susceptible to states of charge or depletion. In the depleted state, when the electrochemical potentials in the cell membrane diminish, the processes of chemical ion transport in and out of cells are affected. The cells will not easily recharge or eliminate waste properly, making them strongly depleted.

In homeopathy, we see disease as a battle of vibrations between pathogenic microorganisms and the body’s cells. To develop disease, the cells of the body react strongly to the pathogen, and then the invading microorganism infects the cell. In fact, our immune system is determined by how well our body’s cells are strongly functioning and healthy. We now know that the cell membrane vibrates with a certain fundamental frequency and a certain amplitude. Although diseased cells have different oscillation amplitudes due to their lower potential, their frequency remains the same. Through the phenomenon of resonance, which can be put into effect by magnetic field or active homeopathic remedies, the amplitude of oscillation can be enhanced by resonance.

Before a chronic disease develops, the body can be functionally stressed for years. Slowly, the body’s cells can no longer function at their maximum capacity and their poorly performing and energy-depleting functions. The body strives to maintain relative balance and consumes large amounts of constitutional energy to maintain relative health. To heal, we need two things: sufficient energy and “healing information”.

Three methods can be mentioned that fulfill these requirements in the field of alternative medicine and are considered energy medicine (Dr. B. Klaus Konert, in Introduction to the “Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy” by Dr. C. Thuel, MD1998):

Homeopathy: Here the therapeutic information for plants, minerals, animals, etc. is improved through a process of medicinal empowerment, and thus is presented in a form that people can use, at an energy level. If the drug is applied according to the law of similarity, it provides information and energy to the sick person.

Acupuncture: A person’s energy state is determined on the basis of their history as well as a physical examination; Then needles are placed at control points (acupuncture points) to alter the flow of vital energy (qi). Additionally, herbs and organizational exercises may be prescribed.

Magnetic field therapy: Earth’s magnetic field is essential for us for life. Since we live in homes full of noise and many technical electromagnetic fields (radio, cordless, cell phones, etc. – electrosmog), people can no longer adequately absorb this energy. Therefore, the curative use of appropriate EMF is an essential primary treatment for acute and chronic diseases. If a person has enough nonspecific energy, many disorders can be managed simply through self-regulation (the immune system).

“The future of medicine will unfold in the fields of energy and information, and this future has already begun.” (Dr. B. Klaus Konert)

Today we have entered an era when, through machines that use therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic fields, we can strengthen the energy field of each cell and thus strengthen ourselves and protect ourselves from disease. The designo MRS2000 + is a well researched pulsed electromagnetic therapy device with numerous clinical studies.

How it works?

The term electromagnetic interaction is understood to refer to the mutual effect of magnetic fields and electric current. This not only means that a magnetic field can be produced by an electric current flowing in a coil (the principle of these therapeutic devices), but that magnetic fields can induce a current in a conductor like the human body (the principle of magnetic fields acting on the human body). Under appropriate conditions, magnetic fields can affect the ionic current in the cell membrane (a current in the form of ions that flow due to an electrochemical voltage).

To explain this phenomenon better, we have to talk a little bit about our body’s cells. Despite the variety of shapes and functions, all cells have a uniform structure (nucleus, fluid or cellular membrane). There are important proteins embedded in the cell membrane that act as a communication medium for the cell. The most important function here is the pumping function of some proteins (sodium-potassium pump), whereby ions are transported from a highly concentrated site pemf devices for sale to a low concentration site. Cell membrane potential is built with energy consumption, and is a prerequisite for cellular metabolism and communication. Electrochemical vessel: The enzyme set by membrane pumps (negative charge inside the cell and positive charge carriers outside) causes the charged particles to move in and out of the cell through the cell membrane. In simple terms, the electric current flows.

This fact plays an important role in the effect of magnetic field therapy, as it has a positive effect on the flow of ions across the cell membrane. A diseased cell has a low capacity, which means there is very little mass exchange in the cell (nutrients, inside, or waste, outside). In parts of the organs where circulation is poor, cells no longer receive enough oxygen to be able to provide sufficient energy to operate the pumps in the cell membrane. As a result, some pumps stop working and the cellular potential decreases. The energy source in the cell can reverse this situation. Through the magnetic field therapy, the ion flux and the oxygen utilization in the cell are greatly improved; The stressed cells are activated so that the organs with restricted function can perform their functions better. This is one of the reasons why magnetic field therapy is so successful. The main point of action is the cell membrane, which holds.


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