The Ultimate Moving Checklist Needed to Make Moving Better

Ultimate Moving Checklist Needed to Make Moving Better

So, you went on hunting for the best house in your city and you found exactly the one you were looking for. But what next? Here comes the hardest part – moving into a new house.

House shifting can be a stressful and daunting event. But there are some significant steps you can take to reduce relocation stress.

Just stay relaxed and plan your move ahead of time to have a safe and smooth relocation experience with the best professional packers and movers. Yes, no matter whether you are relocating within a city or to another state, you will have to take the assistance of professional movers and packers to cope up with the stress of house shifting.

We have prepared an ultimate moving guide for you to make the process of household shifting painless as possible.

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Home Moving Guide and Checklist

Undoubtedly relocation is one of the biggest life events of one’s life. This ultimate moving checklist is prepared to let you know what all you will be needed for the big move from 8 weeks to the big day itself.

But, what we have observed with our years of experience in the moving industry is that every move is different or unique. So, the steps you will take to simplify your moving experience are likely to vary based on your circumstances and requirements.

Have a look at this moving guide and ultimate moving checklist. Add the things that you think are related to your move and simply skip the ones that are not.

8 Weeks before Moving Day

Start planning your move 8 weeks before the scheduled moving day. This will give you plenty of time to find reliable packers and movers service providers and also the doing other things like transferring your bank accounts and changing address, etc.

Here are the important things that you must complete from 8 weeks to the moving day: –

Draft your moving plan and organize it

House shifting requires a ton of paperwork. Hence, you will have to make a folder physically or digitally where you can store all the required documents, research, and photos related to your move. You can save the documents in Google drive and if you have hard copies of the documents then scan them and keep them in the same folder.

Set Your Moving Budget and Stick To It

Before you spend money on purchasing anything to move during the 8 weeks out, you need to have a budget first. This will help you to relocate within your budget without spending too much on unnecessary things. You will have to buy packaging materials to book packers and movers services. So, first, decide how much you can spend on your entire move and then decide what services you will need.

If you have a larger budget then you can get furniture and appliances dismantling and reinstalling services, etc. And if you are moving on a tighter budget then these services are not needed.

Notify Your Landlord

If you live in a rental property then you will have to notify your landlord. Most landlords in India require one or two month’s prior notice for moving out of the rental property. So, inform your landlord that you are relocating.

Explore Your New Locality and Neighborhood

If possible then visit the place where you are going to shift. This will help you to get acquainted with your new area. You will see the nearby grocery stores, parks, hospitals, etc. in your new neighborhood.

Find schools for your children

Search for the best schools for your children in the new neighborhood.

7 Weeks Before the Moving Day

Sort your possessions

Before the big day sort your possessions to remove the useless items that will do nothing but increasing the moving expenses and blocking space in your new house. So, throw, sell, or donate the goods that you think are of no use anymore.

Compare Charges and Hire Moving Service

Get quotes and compare packers’ and movers’ charges to hire the best affordable relocation service provider in your city. Also, do your research by checking online reviews, ratings, interview at least three moving companies to hire the right and reliable service provider. For this, you can get references from friends or relatives also check online directories, where you will get the list of professional moving companies along with their moving quotes.

Buy Transit Insurance

While hiring a moving agency, inquire about insurance. Ask them whether they will provide the insurance or not. And if not then buy transit insurance separately from an insurance company.

Ask friends for Help

If you are going to pack your stuff by yourself then you can ask your friends for help. They can help you to pack and move heavy items.

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6 Week Before The Moving Day

Schedule the Movers

Now you have chosen a moving company then schedule your move with them. Let them know about your schedule when you want to move and also inform them about any other services that you want like unpacking.

Arrange Boxes

Try to arrange the boxes or cartons for free if possible. Some local vendors can provide carton boxes free of cost.

Buy Packing Supplies

Not all the packaging materials can be arranged for free. So, buy the ones that are required to pack different household items. Buy the packing supplies like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, packing tape, masking tape, scissors, etc.

Book Flight or Train Tickets

If you are moving to a long-distance place then plan how your family will transport you from the source to the destination. Book a car rental and if not then you will have to book train or flight tickets. Booking the tickets at the last minute either cost you a lot or you may not get the bookings on the specified date.

4 Weeks Before the Moving Day

Setup New Banking Accounts

As this step takes a few weeks so do it at least one month before the scheduled moving day. Either transfer your bank’s branch, personal account or transfer the money into the new account.

Change Address

Update your address before moving into a new place.

Update or cancel the subscriptions

If you have internet and cable connection, or any other subscriptions like newspapers, magazines then get in touch with the service provider to cancel the subscription, or if they have the same service in your new locality then ask them to update the service and notify the moving date to them.

2 Weeks Before the Moving Day

Provide Your New Address To Everyone

As you are shifting to a new place let everyone in your friends and relatives know where you are moving. Provide them your new address, especially to those whom you want to help you to unpack your goods.

Begin Packing

You have already decluttered your home and have your inventory list so it’s now the time to start packing all your stuff.

Confirm The Moving Date With Your Mover

Remind your mover about your schedule. Ask them to be present on the scheduled moving day with all the required resources and manpower.

1 Week Before the Moving Day

Set utilities at new home

Before shifting into the new house set up the utilities. Contact the utility companies to ensure everything is turned on. Check water, electricity, gas, and garbage services.

Disassemble Big Furniture Items

Now, you can dismantle the furniture like bed, sofa, dining table, etc. This will make the packing task easier for you.

Pack your suitcase

Pack your personal stuff and goods like clothes, jewelry, and other important goods in your suitcase. All the things that cannot be moved with other items in the moving truck should be packed in your bag or suitcase that take along with you.

Get Your New House Thoroughly Cleaned Or Disinfect

You have a few days so you can appoint a cleaning agent to disinfect or deep clean your new house. This way you can ensure a safe and healthy environment before moving into a new house.

Moving Day Checklist

Here comes the final moving day checklist

  • Have an inventory list to check your boxes while loading them onto the truck.
  • Coordinate with your mover and get a helpline number as well as a tracking id to track your shipment during transit.
  • Do a final walk-through of your old home before leaving.
  • Take pictures and videos of your old home just in case your landlord will ask for repair fees for the damages that you are not responsible for.
  • Fill your car with the boxes or baggage that you want to move with you.
  • After reaching your new locality get the keys from the new homeowner.

Final Words

Relocation can be a chaotic or stressful event for you if you are doing it in the right way and approaching the right packers and movers. Having this ultimate moving checklist will make your move as painless as possible. In fact, you can make your new home ready precisely before the moving day.


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