The Ultimate Guide to Product Distribution Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Product Distribution Strategy


No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that your customer base is only as large as your distribution channels allow you to be. With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, an increasing number of people are choosing to purchase their products online rather than going to the store and buying it directly from you. Knowing how to distribute your product and how to use the various sales channels available can help you reach more customers than ever before and make your business grow. This guide will walk you through each step of the process, so your next product distribution strategy the ultimate guide can be as successful as possible.

Competition Analysis

Before you start looking at where you’re going to distribute your product, it’s important that you do some research on your competition. With a market as big as selling stuff, there will be someone out there selling a similar product and for less money. Don’t lose money by not doing proper research! Do your homework. Know what people are paying for products like yours in your industry and what they expect in terms of quality.

Promotion Strategies

Assuming you’ve made a quality product, in order to create demand for it, you need to figure out how you can reach as many people as possible. The more customers who know about your product, and trust your brand, the better chance you have of securing sales.

Ecommerce Vs. Brick and Mortar

If you’re looking at opening a brick-and-mortar store, distribution is an important consideration. But how do you choose between two seemingly opposite options? Ecommerce is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down. These days, if a consumer wants something that your physical store doesn’t carry, they can easily click a button and order it online. And as long as consumers have devices with internet access, there’s no stopping ecommerce from spreading.

Finding a Distributor

In order to find a distributor, your best bet is to ask around. You can start by talking with people in your network, searching online for distributors and trying out a few until you find one that meets your standards. Once you’ve made initial contact, always be sure to follow up with a clear explanation of what it is you want them to do for you. This will ensure no one will get lost in translation, and there won’t be any confusion over who should provide what services.


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