The Ultimate Guide to Deep Clean Your Commercial building


With the upcoming winter season, simple cleaning of your home and offices will not be enough. To make sure that your office remains germ and dirt-free, commercial cleaning is your only option. When you acquire the services of a commercial cleaning company Dallas TX, select the company that provides deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning is different from simple cleaning so that it not only cleans your space but also makes sure to disinfect it. When the flu season hits in this pandemic, make sure to get your office clean and disinfected regularly through professionals. 

Aside from precautions during this pandemic, deep cleaning also creates the first impression on your clients your business needs. We will try to make you understand how you can get the office deep cleaned. 

Deep Clean VS Regular Clean

You need to understand that regular and deep cleaning is not the same; they are different based on their services. Both are different when it comes to the services you want. When we think of regular cleaning, it means removing dirt and any other impurities from your space. When you clean any surface with commercial cleaning detergents, you will clean the surface from all the filth, you will also kill some germs in the process, but many will be left behind. In contrast, disinfecting means using chemicals to disinfect your place, which kills all germs but does not remove any filth. 

If you do only cleaning or disinfection your business, you are doing half the work you should. Cleaning and disinfecting your offices are essential for your business to thrive in this COVID situation. Keeping your office clean is a stressful task, but it is not as challenging if you have a schedule of commercial cleaning Dallas TX. It is where the commercial cleaning businesses excel because they offer a mix of both, which is Deep Cleaning. 

Ways to Disinfect

When disinfecting a space, make sure that the professionals are using the right equipment. Disinfection is different for different kinds of surfaces, and to get the best services from these professionals, you should know about these disinfectants. 

  • Disinfectant: when it comes to killing bacteria, germs, viruses, and other microbes from surfaces, cleaning companies use disinfectants of any kind. 
  • Antiseptic: When it comes to the cleaning of bodily tissues, professionals recommend using Antiseptic. 
  • Antibacterial Product: These products kill all bacteria but not other germs and microbes on any surface and bodily tissues. 
  • Sanitizer: you can say that sanitizer is a less effective disinfector; it reduces the number of germs on any surface but does not entirely get rid of them. 

Disinfection of Toilets 

Most businesses want to keep a hygienic and healthy environment, but they do not prioritize cleaning toilets to achieve that. When you ask any professional commercial cleaning company Dallas TX, they will tell you how important it is for your business to clean your toilet. Your toilet is the highest traffic area of your office where all of your employees go, so it should be that clean. While cleaning a toilet, make sure that the professionals deep clean the taps, handles, doors, and any other equipment in the toilet people usually touch. 

It becomes even more necessary for any office to clean its washroom if it is a shared space. It will help if you clean the toilets of your offices several times a day to make sure that this area is well cleaned.

Sanitization of Kitchen  

Your kitchen in your office is a shared space, so keep it clean every time. If you do not clean the kitchen space regularly, then it will be home to many viruses in no time. 

look at these tips to keep your kitchen clean:

  • Every time your employees go to the kitchen, they should clean the space after them. That way you won’t need the help of cleaning companies that much. 
  • Do not keep any surface dirty.
  • Keep your stove clean.
  • Keep sink and cupboards clean and germ-free.

You can also make your employees go in a training routine to maintain the cleanliness in that particular area. 

Cleaning System

Many businesses acquire the services of professional cleaners when they need to get their offices clean thoroughly, and they should. Every office should keep a checklist for itself to assess any risk. They need to make sure that every piece of equipment and material in their office is appropriately clean and germ-free. They should give responsibilities to key personnel to better take care of the office environment. If the personnel see any area which needs cleaning, they should report it.

They can also hire companies for their appraisal services of cleanliness of the office.

Green Products

When you hire any company to clean your office, make little effort and look for that company that uses green products. In this way, you are cleaning the environment with your business place. It also promotes a healthier work environment for all of your workers. When an employee comes in contact with any cleaning product, if the company is using eco-friendly products, it won’t harm anyone. Try to use as many natural procedures and developments as you can to clean your surroundings. 

Ventilation of Your Office

The most necessary equipment for your office in this pandemic is your ventilation system. Try to ventilate your office as much as possible. By air circulation, you will get clean air every time and rid old air of pollutants. The clean air will ensure that your employees remain in the best of health and give your office a lively feeling. 

Keep Air Fresh

Other than the ventilation system, you can also adopt many ways to ensure that the air in your office remains fresh and healthy. You can plant trees and plants around your office building to keep your office filled with fresh air all the time. These plantations will provide you with plenty of air and keep off many germs and pollutants outside. You can also install intelligent humidifiers in your office to keep the humidity level in your office at the optimal level. 

Clean from Top to Bottom

Try to clean from top to bottom when getting your office rid of all the filth and germs. Commercial cleaners use this approach always to clean more efficiently. Not only will it save you plenty of time but your cleaning will also be more efficient. 

Apply A “No Food” Policy

When any client enters your office, the first thing he looks at is how clean your company’s desks and floors are of your company, and this first impression can prove to be a make or breakpoint. No one in any company is busy enough to take the lunch break away from their workstation. 

When you eat at your desk, you can leave food crumbs and stains on your workstation. Food particles stuck in your table and equipment can lead to germ growth. You should apply the policy of not eating food on your desk in your office to keep the working space neat and clean. This policy needs to be strictly followed; make sure of that. When your employees return from their break and find a clean desk, it will boost their mood and motivate them to work harder. If you do not have any other space where your employee can have lunch, you can ask them to clean up after eating. 

Pay Attention to High Touching Areas

All offices have that space which receives more contact than others. From the keyboard of your laptops to handles on your doors, all should be deep cleaned. These are the area where germs and viruses got the highest exposure. To ensure the safety of your employees and your clients, keep these high touching areas clean all the time. 

When you schedule an appointment with a company for commercial cleaning Dallas TX, make sure they clean all corners and spaces of your office. 

Hire Professional Services

No matter how well a cleaner you are or how strictly you follow cleaning guides, you can never be as good a cleaner as a professional. There is a reason that they are called professionals because to them cleaning is a profession. Cleaning is the thing they excel at; with the latest technology in their hands, they will make sure that not a single corner of your building is left uncleaned. They know all the deep cleaning methods, and they will apply them all to ensure that your office will be germ-free. The thing you can do is to decide which cleaning company to hire. Before hiring any cleaning company, make sure to look for these things:

  • They have a cleaning license or not.
  • What kind of products are they using for cleaning?
  • What are their customers saying about them?

 DBM Inc. has been taking care of your cleaning needs since 1975, with the highest quality of services. Cleaning is an art to us, and we are proud that we have the best artists in the cleaning business. We take this craft very seriously and make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services.


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