The trend of investment wave to coastal cities in Vietnam

The trend of investment wave to coastal cities in Vietnam
The trend of investment wave to coastal cities in Vietnam

With the advantage of a coastline stretching across the country, the trend of investment waves to coastal cities in Vietnam considers an inevitable trend.

With a coastline of 3,260 km and over 4,000 large and small islands. Vietnam is considered one of the countries with the world’s leading advantages. Potential for developing marine tourism. The outstanding growth of the tourism industry in the period 2015 – 2019 at a rate of more than 22%. the number of domestic tourists increased by 28 million, and international visitors increased by 10 times has led to the sublime development of the market.

The attractiveness of the pristine

Majestic sea and island landscapes have been exploited. Utilized by a series of real estate businesses through the investment in trillions of billions of dollars in investment complexes, resorts, and entertainment complexes. The ability to become a dominant strength. This has created a whole new look for coastal cities with favorable natural conditions such as Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Ha Long, Quy Nhon, Hai Phong. Vung Tau… becoming the focus of the city.

With the rapid development of coastal resort real estate projects. With the increasing demand for a high-class resort space by the elite, the coastal land area is increasingly limited. Accordingly, the opportunity to own a luxury resort space adjacent to the sea is only counted on the fingers.

In fact, real estate in urban areas or coastal real estate has a general rule that when the demand is increasing, the value of use and exploitation is increasing. For example, in coastal roads, specifically, roads in famous tourist cities such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, etc., the coastal land fund is currently not much.

The coastal gold land fund is gradually depleted, making the supply of resort real estate increasingly scarce.

And in developed resort real estate markets. Having the opportunity to own coastal land funds for project development is always a difficult problem to find a solution for investors. Especially in cities. The city has both the cultural values ​​of the heritage land and the advantage of rich marine resources to develop beach resort tourism like Hoi An.

Located in a coastal urban chain with a length of more than 500km of the Central Coast, the beaches in Hoi An – Quang Nam praised by the world press and ranked at the top of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Owning beautiful beaches is a springboar for Hoi An to develop resort real estate and attract the attention of investors.

Therefore, in the past few years

Hundreds of tourist resorts and resorts have been formed and covered along the coasts. Making the land fund to develop the coastal resort real estate product line in Hoi An increasingly expensive. narrow. In particular, in recent years. The beautiful beaches in Cua Dai have been affected by strong sea erosion. So visitors to Hoi An often tend to choose resorts with beautiful beaches, adjacent locations. sea.

This is the reason why rare beautiful beaches like Ha My or An Bang (about 7km from Cua Dai beach) are in the “sight” of real estate investors to anticipate the potential development of the market in the near future.

In the coming time, the supply of coastal real estate in general and Hoi An – Quang Nam. In particular, forecast to be even more scarce due to the limited land fund while the demand and trend of real estate owners tend to increase. The sea is rising in line with the expansion of the upper class. Customers in addition to buying coastal real estate as an accumulation. Investment products are also considered as a product in the “collection” and to serve the family’s resort needs.

Moreover, owning coastal real estate

the property value will easily increase over time thanks to the development of the tourism industry in the future, especially when Hoi An has the potential for combined development. sea resort tourism and tourism to experience local culture.

According to experts, the reason real estate on the coastal roads is popular with investors is because of the great value of the mining factor, which is likened to the “chicken that lays golden eggs”. already owned, no need to resell. In fact, most people who own prime coastal real estate know-how seize opportunities in advance.

As noted by investors, to own a coastal real estate product

Buyers have to spend an average of 15 – 30% more. Because the product value that the coastal area brings continuously improv. high, especially in high-end resort projects with synchronous utilities, methodical planning, and legal assurance.

As in Ha Long (Quang Ninh), the price of land around the bay and large resorts increased 5 times in the period from 2015 to 2019. The most impressive is the segment of villas, urban land for both residential. The resort increased to 70 – 80% compared to the end of 2020 – early 2021 and expects to continue to increase steadily in the near future due to the increasingly scarce land fund in the city center.

In Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh), the a rapid increase in demand for accommodation. Tourism services push up the land price of some projects such as FLC Lux City Quy Nhon from 11 million VND in 2016 to nearly 30 million VND. Or in the south, the coastal land of Ba Ria – Vung Tau also recorded a relatively high price increase in recent years, from 15 – 30 million/m2 in 2018 to nearly 40 – 50 million/m2.

According to the report of the 3rd quarter of 2021 of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association

Despite the prolonged distance, the transaction of tourism and resort projects still shows positive signs. The number of products offered for sale in the quarter reached 7,206 products. Transactions reached 2,280 products. Equivalent to an absorption rate of 31.6%.

Compared to other channels, marine real estate is still considered a potential long-term investment segment. Coastal real estate products are well-invested. High-class mainly aimed at service Due to the demand for tourism and relaxation when the vaccine passport appl and the tourism industry restore. This segment will quickly bounce back.

While many traditional markets such as Nha Trang

Da Nang… can consider as already saturated. This will be an opportunity for the remaining coastal localities. Especially the unexplored new areas that are holding. It keeps advantages in the land fund. Infrastructure, and investment policy.

One of the considered as the leading potential in the Central region today can mention as Quang Binh. Which owns a unique natural landscape. A large coastal land bank, attractive land prices. And many incentives. The policy to encourage the construction of large-scale projects to attract tourists is becoming. A new destination attracting a large number of businesses and investors.

Quang Binh is gathering many reputable investors with large-scale and high-class projects

At a recent real estate seminar, economists assessed that if the disadvantages such as sunshine, wind, sand, forests. And caves were once a barrier to the development of the real estate. If QuangBinh follows the traditional agricultural development model, it is now becoming a local advantage.

In particular, a system of more than 1,000 caves. Along the deserted coastline consider a special advantage of Quang Binh to develop attractive types of resort tourism to attract tourists. Especially the stream. High-class guests. International guests have high spending needs.

Especially, Quang Binh tourism has developed rapidly in recent years. Confirm as a key economic sector of the province. The total number of tourists to Quang Binh in the 2016-2020 period will reach 19.7 million. With an average revenue increase of 9 – 10% per year.

Currently, Quang Binh is the gathering place of many leading prestigious investors in the country with high-class projects such as a large resort complex combining golf courses. FLC Quang Binh beach town with an area of ​​nearly 2,000 hectares of many investors. By the end of 2030. Quang Binh expects to have about 100 real estate projects, mainly focusing on the service urban segment, Resort.

It forecast that the wave of sea tourism will quickly increase again when the epidemic is under control

The selection of real estate products in a potential tourist area such as Quang Binh for investment is seen by investors. This is reasonable because this will be a highly profitable segment when Vietnam determines. Recover the economy as soon as possible. Expect to achieve the target of herd immunity with 70% of the population being vaccinated with 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. -19 in late 2021, early 2022.

Experts believe that the resort real estate market will have a strong boom in the near future when international tourist traffic stabilizes. Because the demand for tourism is always present. Will further promote after a long time of being suppressed due to the influence of the epidemic.

Especially, localities with beautiful beaches. Bringing new and unique experiences like Hoi An – Quang Nam promises to the destination chosen by many tourists. This is an opportunity for smart investors who want. Join early in these markets to catch the rebound of beach resort real estate.

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