The Top iOS App Development Trends to watch out for 2022!

iOS App development Trends


The mobile sector is booming as a result of recent technological advancements. As a result, many business owners (regardless of sector specialization) gravitate more and more towards mobile application development.

Nowadays, mobile phones are not equipped with the necessary functionality. However, they are currently viewed as a group of cutting-edge technologies, including wearable technology, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

The top 5 iOS app development trends you must adhere to stand out in the cutthroat business world are given below to make things easier. Before going any further, though, let’s discuss the significance of iOS app development.

So, let’s go!

Around 1.4 billion smartphones have been sold yearly over the previous five years, suggesting a recent stagnation in the smartphone market. However, the smartphone industry still has a significant amount of room for development because the penetration rate of smartphones is still below 70% in many densely populated nations, including China and India.

In the Americas, consumers spent 17.5 billion dollars on mobile apps in 2017. Consumers in this area will spend over 34 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps through app stores in 2022.

Global App Store Revenues 2014-2023

Over 365 billion dollars in revenue were generated by mobile apps globally in 2018. The expected income from paid downloads and in-app advertising for mobile applications in 2023 is more than 935 billion dollars.

2022 Trends for iOS App Development

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • 5G Network
  • Internet of Things
  • Apple Pay
  • CloudKit
  • Foldable Devices
  • Swift 5
  • Chatbots

Let’s discuss them in detail below:

In modern business, smartphones are beneficial for a variety of research tasks. Using a smartphone, you may quickly purchase some of the most well-liked consumer goods or conduct recent market research. Mobile app development companies are always in demand from both small and large organizations. They assist in creating modern, user-friendly software.

You may prepare your business for the future by carefully examining app development trends. The most recent tools must be used by organizations promptly. You can only continue to lead this year by doing that.

The three leading players in the mobile application market are Google, social networking, and gaming applications. To support branding, direct marketing, and enhanced consumer interactions, the major players in the business are recruiting the top mobile app development company. In 2022, they will be looking for more than just a website that works on mobile devices. Technology developments fuel iOS and Android app development; therefore, the company should have an original strategy for the next two years.

In the market for mobile apps, iOS has established a commanding position. Let’s examine trends in mobile app development that will dominate in 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has drastically altered how we use mobile devices recently and will do so. Voice assistants on mobile devices that speak like people are where it all started. Two such instances are Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple. They respond to questions and follow simple directions.

2. Augmented Reality

It is a widely used technology that works with smartphones. Its crucial function is the ability to see virtual items in their virtual environments. It significantly improves applications in jewelry, apparel, and photography. Using this, one may play video games or experiment with clothing. The likelihood that augmented reality will use increasing by creating applications that enable it.

3. 5G Network

Applications must be 5G-compatible to be helpful in the future. The number of 5G connections has dramatically increased during the past year. It is anticipated to rise by more than four shortly.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart homes and other intelligent things are still a recent idea, but they will develop further in the future. The newest technology allows various home appliances to be connected to electronic devices. It is possible to manage household habits by using smartphones. One touch may be used to watch T.V., unlock doors, adjust temperature settings, open windows, or switch on the light.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that is becoming more popular every day. IoT-related investments, income, and profits are all increasing rapidly. IOS app developers are currently creating programmes that can interface with devices with Internet access.

IoT firms will continue to provide worldly goods on the market, and iOS app developers will strive to make value-adding apps to help consumers.

5. Apple Pay

Online purchases have significantly grown. Mobile commerce is the most widely used mobile application that interfaces with various payment methods. It is simpler to integrate with Apple Pay. Suppose is renowned for its one-click payment options, ease, and security features. Using the device’s built-in NFC function is one of the advancements of the payment gateway and accepts payments. You are not required to save your card information. As a result, clients may receive their money more quickly than usual. The number of users has dramatically increased.

When it was first introduced, only 3% of U.S. shops accepted Apple Pay. Today, 5o% of the store carries it. It is currently among the world’s most widely used contactless payment methods.

The number indicated that Apple Pay transactions have increased by an astounding 500%. Apple Pay may be integrated into iOS applications by developers. Because Apple Pay doesn’t need you to keep your debit or credit card information, the security is considered solid.

6. CloudKit

The top iOS app development trends for 2022 should include a dedicated category for cloud applications. Without sacrificing the user experience, they can handle, store, and organize massive volumes of data. A data transport and storage mechanism called CloudKit presents fresh possibilities for iOS app development. Limits for completing challenging activities are lowered, and application users’ expectations are met.

7. Foldable Device

Only a few smartphones are now foldable, but that is expected to change over the next several years. Fifty million gadgets will be sold by 2022, according to Statista. It is now time to consider foldable devices as you prepare your mobile app development approach. Make sure your apps function correctly on foldable devices, which will be a troubling trend for mobile app development in 2022.

8. Swift 5

Apple Swift is one of the most significant top programming languages and is still overgrowing. More than a thousand apps are now being developed in Swift and available on the App Store. The main reasons developers adore the Swift programming language are its built-n advantages, including security, scalability, and simplicity. Its future is unquestionably promising.

9. Chatbot

Users will experience a discussion with Chatbots using natural language as they would with real people. Even bots are capable of responding to people right away.

Because Siri can comprehend what people are saying and searching for, it has become increasingly popular globally. It has significantly changed contextual learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.). Siri introduces consumers to intelligent search.

2021 Trends in iOS Development

  • Secure Apps
  • iBeacon
  • ‘Big Data
  • Siri
  • Cloud-Based Applications
  • Machine Learning
  • ArKit

iOS Development Trends in 2021

The following are trends in iOS mobile app development for 2021 that all iPhone app development companies should adhere to:

1. Secure Apps

In 2021, it will become increasingly popular to use secure iOS-based apps. Apple engineers have incorporated advanced security methods into the operating system to improve security characteristics.

Apple has, however, launched Touch ID and Face ID as personal identification sensors to offer secure apps. Additionally, it provides a biometric I.D. and six digital passcodes to unlock the screen and save data privately.

These days, Apple products also provide encrypted capabilities to protect consumer data. In the most recent edition, developers have concentrated on consumers’ critical privacy and security features.

iOS apps may now detect dangers, safeguard networks, and perform data backups. It provides a number of services, like Apple ID, iCloud, and Sign in with Apple, to developers so they may offer sophisticated security functions. Apart from this, iOS also provides several cutting-edge methods and technologies to make the apps more effective and safe.

2. iBeacon

iBeacon offers new prospects for company expansion and improves operations for firms. Users can obtain services and product information thanks to the notification function on cell phones.

However, iBeacon technology makes it easier to communicate data and broadcast ads and messages to people.

This technology has revolutionized company marketing techniques and has become popular in iOS apps.

Why you should use iBeacon technology in your iOS applications

  • Notifies neighboring customers of new products, discounts, and promotions
  • Delivers enlightening stuff
  • Draws in dependable clients
  • Assists companies in utilizing the newest technologies
  • Link the brand and its customers.
  • Enhance sales
  • Time Savvy
  • Constant communication

3. Big Data’s Introduction

Big data technology aids developers in creating robust, powerful, and scalable iOS apps for users. With this contemporary technology, app makers may provide users with tools for managing and storing data accurately and securely.

It aids in enhancing the business and efficient data collection and management. With the use of this technology, data may be secured, examined, and managed effectively.

4. Siri and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Advancement

Contextual learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.) have undergone a significant transformation with the rise in popularity of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. It is because Siri can comprehend what users are saying and seeking.

The use of A.I. has now made bots sophisticated and contemporary. Users’ questions are sorted out by chatbots, which also take on the role of a human. They support voice or text communication.

Innovative bots aid in consumer engagement and improve user experience. Modern technology allows for the dialogue of bots using either text or audio. A.I. specialists are developing chatbots to make them more sophisticated and engaging.

5. Cloud-based Applications

IOS app developers are creating mobile cloud-driven applications. It has never been easier to access data without affecting internal phone memory because of the rising demand for cloud computing. Many mobile apps will soon be cloud-driven with cloud-based apps like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Cloud-based applications in the BYOD environment resolve the issue with data security.

When it comes to staff devices, which aren’t entirely safe and secure, the issue of securing sensitive data is recurring. With the cloud, businesses can be sure that their information is protected.

6. A.R. and ArKit Framework

Recently, with iOS 11 and 11.3, the attention has switched to ARKit. A.R. will enable the creation of 3D and virtual reality-based mobile applications for iOS developers. Amazon’s Sumerian application framework will offer ARKit a lot more assistance.

And many companies are looking into the same possibility now that Amazon has partnered with Apple’s ARKit. As a result, 2021 will e productive for A.R. and V.R. apps.


The aforementioned iOS app development trends are here to stay. Businesses are eager to employ the best mobile app development firm in the USA to create their own iOS app since Apple has devoted fans, and these trends will only increase that number.


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