The Top 9 WordPress Plugins for Business in 2021

Top 9 Wordpress Plugins For Business in 2021

Success in any work includes the right tools to achieve objectives and goals. If you are starting a blog or creating a website, then, WordPress is the word to rely on!! WordPress is the Content management system which is empowering 35% of the web. It holds the best tools that help you create what you have designed it to create. If you own a business website on the Content Management System then, assuredly, you must know about the power of WordPress plugins for Business. And, generally, Non-Skilled users hire the service of WordPress plugin developer as they are unclear about the selection of plugins for their business website.

So, if you are looking for improving the overall features of the website without any cost, then, below 9 best WordPress plugins are of great help. Hence, if you are willing to improve your WordPress website, then read further!!

Best WordPress Plugins for Business in 2021


WooCommerce is the first one in the list of best WordPress plugins. It is mostly used and is popular for handling online stores and is open-source, adaptable, and is leveraged to manage the online store. 

WooCommerce allows you to build the online store of your choice and hence, you can start selling soon. This plugin is most useful for those who like to make amendments to existing online stores or wants to make the new one.  It enables you to make the new eCommerce website by applying checkouts,  product pages, different rates, payment gateways, baskets, automated tax calculation,  checkouts,  etc.


HubSpot WordPress Plugin

As the all-in-one, customer service, marketing, sales WordPress plugin, HubSpot includes has 300+ product integrations.  It is a free WordPress plugin and makes it seamless to expand your business by engaging, attracting, helping and pleasing the customers and the contacts. 

This WordPress plugin brings the forms, ad management, live chats and bots, reports and analytics, etc. You can also check every contact’s interactions, like, forms, page views, email engagements, live chat conversations, etc. from its comprehensive timeline.


Yoast SEO

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is essential for generating more traffic from leading search engines. The Yoast SEO is also in the list of the best WordPress Plugins in 2021. It allows you to integrate the targetted keyword when you are posting content and then assures that you are properly on that web page. 

This is how you can assure that you are intending your focus on the suitable keywords which send your visitors and convert to leads.  Yoast has the SEO snippet for web page optimization and for making the content SEO-friendly.  In addition, it includes the robots control, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs, automatic internal linking, multiple focus keywords, etc.


WP Forms

Contact forms are vital for the business WordPress website. With WPForms, you can interact with the website visitors, provide feedback, receive messages, solving queries, etc. This plugin is also one of the influential ways to make forms on the website. WP Forms includes the drag and drops form builder and let you build the WordPress forms on the business website easily. 

The WP Forms insists you build the forms, like, order forms, email subscription forms, donation forms, survey forms, etc. Also, it has several pre-designed form templates to create professional forms quickly.



At any time of handling or managing your website, you or your customers can experience the spams. This could damage your business website. Hence, there is a need to use the plugin that can eliminate such serious issues. 

Here, the anti-spam plugin, such as Akismet works as a problem solver. Above all, it saves your time and effort and processes the customer’s comment on the website seamlessly. It:

  • Filters the comments automatically that are spams.
  • Keep the status history for the filtered comments. This approach makes you instantly scan and find those comments that may not be spam.
  • URLs for revealing the spams that are either hidden or implies misleading links.
  • Moderators can check the statistics of the approved comments by every user.
  • Remove feature for eliminating the outright spam and permits you for saving the disk space and spending more time on the website.

From the anti-spam filtering, you can, definitely, save yours and your staff time and money. Also, enable them to assist the genuine and potential customers quickly.  


WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is also one of the useful WordPress plugins to use. The main aim of this WordPress plugin is to lessen the workload on the hosting and provide the website content promptly to the browser.

It offers the fixed HTML files form the WordPress blog and exchanges the huge WP PHP scripts on the webserver. The best part-it takes some time to load the web page and therefore, the users receive the data faster. 

The on-time cached file serves approximately thousand of times to 99% of visitors. Every information related to the logging in and comments will be provided to the users and cached.


Web Push Notifications

For retaining and growing your potential customers, the web push notification plugin is best. It allows you to send several web push notifications at once while assuring the full GDPR compliant.  

From this tool, the readers who subscribe to the web notifications will receive an immediate reminder every time you post a post, also if they leave your website. It provides the default interfaces to allow the users to subscribe, from bell widget to browser prompt on the bottom of the web page. 

It, also, offers WooCommerce website owners the “Abandoned Cart reminder” to engage the customers again. And, send the web push notifications instantly and make them buy.

The Web Push Notification, the automating web push notification according to user behaviour is simple. All you have to do is to link the Web Push dashboard and then, make the campaign triggered when the customers fulfil specific segmentation criteria. Setting up this plugin is easy, it only takes some minutes and no technical skills are required.


Easy Social Share Buttons

The social media network is popular and is used by many these days. Considering that, it is vital to use this to promote your website and stay connected with potential customers. Using the easy social share button plugin, you can build the customized buttons that improve the visibility of your products.

This plugin allows you to share the content from almost 50 social networks and other mobile messengers. The easy social share button plugin is the necessity of a business website as it displays the visitor’s varied business aspects.


Google Maps Builder

The businesses with the physical location must use the Google Map Builder plugin. The reason behind is that it makes it simple for the customers to reach you after visiting the website.

By integrating this plugin to your WordPress website, you are increasing the chances of your easy finding. Below are the advantages that you can experience with this plugin: 

  • Ease of use
  • Better user experience
  • Precise and authentic information for locating the business
  • Several customization options
  • High- level customer support

The wide range of features and options of Google Map Builder makes it the best WordPress plugin. By using it, you can make your business location easy to find and assure their conversion into customers.


Concluding Remarks

From this article, you must have examined that WordPress has an extensive and useful plugin range. Every plugin has its purpose, now what WordPress plugins for the business you will choose from the list, it all up to you.

We hope that you liked this article. If you own a small business then read out another article on the best marketing tools every small business should have.

Thanks for reading!!



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